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Talk about surfing will never finish, a new life style that much favorites activities by young man through out the world, Indonesia has lot of  place in archipelago for surfing beach especially in Lombok, overall the beach in Lombok we just take 2 the best beach for surfing activities in Lombok :


Gerupuk is one of the beach well serve a great surfing beach with huge challenge, it place as a destination for surfers to train their skill to roll the surfing board, the beach which located on the south Lombok West Nusa Tenggara has 5 spot for surfing from beginners to advance continue to the experts.

Gerupuk has a great place for surfing due the kind of the waves that name is reef-coral with right side rolling start based on the high of the waves, combination and the wind direction, there are 3 spot surfing that suitable for surfing activities :

1. Inside waves, it has the highest waves wall and long, the highest waves can reach 10 feet, wow,,, look very excellent, the waves depend to the waves blow from and the power of the waves to push the it and created the water roll up. When the wind blow from the west side that the best time that the surfer waiting ti ride the surf board and break the challenge. 
2. Outside waves, this is the contrary of the right side waves, it generate big and strong wave but the highest wall around 4 till 6 feet. This waves usually explore on october to april 
3. Tatto Point, this spot well suitable for you to do manuver or any surfing style you must shown, it has left long waves and right short waves that will be more easy to train any surfing style. 

Most of visitor come from young japan starting October to November and Europe visit this beach during peak season on June, July and August due to the summer holidays in their country, most if the younh people's like this surfing, the man with the high emotional and sky rocket dream. 

It located on Central Lombok around 7 kilometers from Kuta Beach to east side, and do not give up while you passing the route that we pass, due to the conditions of the road and route are quite difficult and tired but the great places waiting for to grab the favorites waves that acces by the boat trip. 

After arrived on that please we reach is, a beautiful waves with great challenge well running your feet to drive on the surf board. 


Bangko bangko beach is one of the beach that located on sekotong beach, the place was not so popular for traveller that reach vacancy destinaton but not for the surfer even the guest will take a fastboat direct from Bali to Sekotong just to ride the surf board on this beach. 

This place was called desert point where you can find the best place for surfing in Lombok, the waves present the strong waves hard-break, it created a long waves around 300 meters and roll up to make a hole for manuver the time like that the people looking for. The exciting wave will train your skill and adrenaline, do not give up when you see the high waves to embrace you. 

It located on the far west of Lombok around 2 hours from Mataram drive to the south passing the Lembar the lombok public harbour where the ferry from Bali landing, the location was isolated and far from the village but no worry a small restaurant and shop available there. 

The boat of surfing beach was classified and the best choice for surfing activities, those are most favorites place in Lombok west nusa tenggara province.

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