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Night Market is one of the small restoran which located in art market Gili Trawangan right infront of Trawangan Jetty.

Formerly night market was built to serve food products for local people like nasi bungkus, nasi campur, sate lombok and other products to sell.

Many local people own the stall which only open at night starting 7 PM till 11 PM in the mid night, cause of time starting we call "night market".

There are some product you can buy in this place with local price :
- Nasi Bungkus
- Nasi Campur
- Nasi Rawon
- Fish Barbeque
- Seafood ( shrimp, tuna, lobster, prawn, calamari, etc )
- Chicken Satae
- Beef Satae
- Corn BBQ
- Meat Bowl
- Fried Noddles 
- French Fries
- Fried Rice
- and other

There are many tourists come through this place to try new food serve, every tourist will interest to see the customer waiting for order.

The are some reason why tourists want to try this place for dinner :

1. The price was so economic then another restaurant in Trawangan with the same dish offer

2. For the guest who want to try indonesian real food from truly indonesian people from the classical life

3. Various options to selected, there are many kind of food products, simple food for a simple price.

4. All the main dish serve and cook right Infront of you then you will know all the process, you will be a witness of your food to eat.

5. The tips to get chepest price, when the seller give you a price try to negotiate before deal, be a friendly customer to engage better offer coz a local people will be very respectable.

6. Before take any seafood try to check the quality of food before choose it, like a seafood you may differ for fresh or non fresh by see the eyes sign, you can ask direct to seller to get further information.

7. Many people decide that the price was overpriced then other resto, please check more details, some of restaurants has many staff actually this will affect to increase the price up. As my experience the price was cheaper then other.

Night Market was serve to manage new small business for local people, actually the price under the quality and ability of local people, try it and prove it

How can reach this place from Lombok, this place was so easy to find cause the location on the central area of Gili Trawangan, right infront of Trawangan Jetty.

From Bangsal Harbour in Lombok you may take a Public Boat to Gili Island then continue sailing for around 20 minutes long.

Several the time over, the boat will landing on Trawangan Harbour which located around 200 meters from Art Market Gili Trawangan, take a little wake to the left side the in 5 Minutes you will find the place where is.

Share this information to other traveller to help people found the place.

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