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Sunrise is the best time when the world will say good morning to the all human, animal and the all in the earth.

To get the best sunrise in Gili Trawangan need a struggle to wake up in early morning, the usual time for sunrise around 05.30 until 06.00 am in the morning, the time more different than other mainland in Lombok due to the position on the middle of the sea, the sun light come straight to the gili without anything block the sunlight.

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Actually the best side for sunrise on the east side of Gili Trawangan but we need the best spot to see sunrise without closing up by other gili like Gili meno, here the best place to see beatiful sunrise in Gili Trawangan :

Infront of Villa Grasia Resort 

This location most favorites for the guest to see sunrise with great location on the north aide of Gili Trawangan, sunrise strikes through this place instantly.

this place most visit by the guests who are reach the lonely place in planet and far from central area which make your holiday perfect.

To save the memorable sunrise you need a camera with most focus on one spot then you take a video from the first step of sun until rise on the top of Rinjani Mountain.

A tripod very need to set the video stop in one place then the sunrise will record very detail slowly.

Infront of coral beach restaurant 

Coral Beach is the best place to see sunset which the location on the corner of the northeast of Gili Trawangan.

The restaurant location right facing with the beach view and the beach has no trees stand infront just berugak as a place where the people can spend the time for diner or lunch.

Just a few minutes from central area which possible to reach by walk or bike ride and stop on this place.

These are the best place to see sunrise in Gili Trawangan, reach this place and find the best sunrise.

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