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Trawangan has many excellent thing to explore about, from sunset to sunrise, from land to under water. As we know that trawangan is one of the higher class of tourist destination in Lombok with almost a million people come and visit.

Just 90 minutes across from Bali to Lombok, Trawangan is closest place to reach from Bali Island. Here the best sunset point in Gili Trawangan :

1. Trawangan Hill

Trawangan is the only one of Gili island which has the hill with high around 30 meters, to see a beautiful sunset in high place is one of the best recommendation for you.

The hill located on the south west of Gili Trawangan and it has a stair to climb up to the top. Many kind of trees you will find on it and the japanese cave will be nice to explore it.
The hill was fully by rock on the edge side and being a camera with tripod for more focus, set the camera facing to Agung Mountain and track a better view which no one has before, it will make a new view actually that is your innovation which different with other.

Do not visit this place without use sleeper or shoes due to the place has a lot of little died wood and sharp rock these may hurt your naked feet.

2. Sunset Bar and Restaurant 

This bar located on the bottom of the hill with fully wooden material, actually this place was close due to the owner passed away long times ago then the restaurant was close but free using for visitor.

The location was so nice right on the Trawangan corner then the sunset facing to this restaurant.

The restaurant was made on the coral rock covered with wooden, the combination of the material make most natural then othe place.

You can focus your camera through sunset view with Gunung agung mountain as truly natural background. There are no something will block the sunset view then put your camera stright and push the botton finally keep the result as your great memorable sunset in Gili Trawangan.

You will not able to buy and drink any cocktail and mocktail also soft drink regarding with restaurant was close then bring anykind of drink to this place for easier to enjoy the time.

3. Ombak Sunset Hotel

This a high class hotel which located on the west side of Gili Trawangan right facing to Bali Island.

The music, cocktail and mocktail will accompany your rest time and the bean bed on the beach already serve for better rest.

This sunset point in Gili Trawangan most popular then other and always fully booked for table starting at 4.00 pm till 6.30 pm.

Just spend the time only 20 minutes ride bike from central area or horse cart ride then the place available for you all.

Finally, these are the best place you can catch the best sunset point in Gili Trawangan.

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