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Fastboat to Gili Island is one of the best transportation through Gili Island Lombok which most of people reach this seat everyday to buy the better seat and the best fastboat service to Gili Island.

Belong to the popularity of no motorzed island ( iGili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air ) have been established strong opportunity to create new business for Bali and Lombok Transport which faster way to reach gili island then by Lombok International Airport. 

Fastboat to Gili Island is one of the best transportation choice from Bali to Gili Island with approximately take 90 minutes ride from Padangbai Harbour to Gili Trawangan, they offer 30 until 90 seat passenger  in a boat. 

A thousand of tourist visit the small Gili by fastboat with low cost and fastest way, there are a number of fastboat  company serve the transportation through Gili Island, Here the fastboat company and live schedule :


Price : 650.000,-Rupiah /Person

The pioneer Gili Fastboat to Gili Island was established by  british owner as the first one, there are no competitor on that time before made this company grow fast and the seat well-chose by the tourist, as the first time and the only one service for fastboat make it the service will be number one.

The first fast boat service leaves from Serangan Harbour which is close to Kuta. The crossing time for this boat to the Gili Islands is longer than with the Gili Cat but the total journey time is about the same. The boat departs from Serangan at 08:00am.

Blue Water also has a second service that departs at 11:15am from Padang Bai.
A one way ticket from Serangan currently costs of IDR 700,000. From Padang Bai it costs approximately IDR 650,000.

They two time running every day :
  1. Serangan at 08.00 in the morning then continue arriving in trawangan at 11.00, after drop the guest to Gili Island they will take back other guest from Gili trawangan to Bali including drop off to south bali ( Serangan, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Airport, Sanur, Ubud and Nusa Dua )
  2. Padangbai  Starting @ 12.10 continue to Gili Trawangan then take it back other guest from Gili Trawangan to Bali Area including drop off to hotel in South Bali ( Serangan, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Airport, Sanur, Ubud and Nusa Dua )


Price : 650.000,- Rupiahs/one way/person

The Gili Gateway Fastboat to Gili Island always survive from the competitor and force to update the service to the client by new method, fast boat services that will transport you from Bali to Lombok and the Gili Islands, Gili Getaway II is the ONLY fast boat that offers a direct transport service to and from Bali and Gili Trawangan without stopping in Padang Bai, Nusa Lembongan or Sengiggi.

The Fastboat Never Stop in any port in Lombok or Bali to save the time journey and more comfortable time expend, as almost the client complaining about the time and stopping area.

Our first Gili Getaway boat of our two daily trips travels DIRECTLY from Bali to Gili Trawangan leaving Serangan at 9am without stopping at any other port or location. This trip will take between 2 – 2hr 15mins depending on Sea conditions. We will stop in Gili Air and Lombok after we drop off Trawangan guests.

Our first of two daily return trips from Gili T, departs from Gili Trawangan at approximately 11:30am stopping at Gili Air & Bangsal before then continuing on to Serangan, Bali.
Our second daily trip departing Bali at approximately 10:30am may go via Gili Gede before travelling onto Trawangan and Gili Air, Lombok etc. This should only add 20 minutes onto the usual trip but will give a glimpse of the NEW Kokomo Resort and  the Beautiful island of Gili Gede in the South west of Lombok.

Our second daily trip returning from Gili Trawangan which departs at approximately 1:30pm will go via Gili Air, Lombok and may also stop via Gili Gede before returning to Bali.

Boasting four high powered 250hp engines, Our speed boats are able to transfer you to your island getaway quickly and comfortably. As a result of being at least 45 minutes faster than our closest competitor, we offer a reasonable hour of pick up to get you to Serangan harbour for your Gili Island speed boat transfer at a holiday friendly time.

We also supply chilled towels, refreshments on board, Sun Block cream, restaurant facilities on check in, clean air conditioned cars, friendly knowledgeable drivers and sun baking roof access so that you can enjoy the beautiful archipelago sun during your island getaway to the Gili’s.

The Lombok strait at times, can be treacherous for any and all fast boat services operating between Bali and the Islands and on the rare occasion that our boats cannot run due to safety reasons, you can rest assured that Gili Getaway will try to make this inconvenience as painless as possible. We will help by either rescheduling your departure or by finding an alternative means of transport to and from Gili Trawangan,  Air, Meno or Lombok as reasonably and efficiently as possible.

Our inter-island boat, ‘The Bullet’, now runs a daily route connecting Gili Gede, Sengiggi, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air with a compulsory stop at Lombok for clearance purposes before returning to Sengiggi and Gili Gede. This route along with our other offerings connects Lombok and it’s Islands to Bali.

A completely new design from our 2 previous boats, “The Bullet” has been built for comfort and relaxation along with living up to its name, speed. Along with the regular scheduled daily times, you can also charter her for day trips snorkeling or fishing.


Price : 500.000,- Rupiahs/one way

The only one Fastboat to Gili Island have been get a certificate as sailing leader with departure from Sanur continue to Lembongan and Gili Island, this fastboat is a good choice for you to travel from Bali to Lembongan or Gili Island to Lembongan.

With Departure time just one time a day make this boat need to book long day before, on peak season you will find this fastboat running two time in a day


Price : 350.000,- Rupiahs/one way/person

There are some fastboat to Gili Island serve to this area of Bali ( Amed )  but the only one has program schedule everyday and always running for daily service, another fastboat like Kuda Hitam fastboat and Pacha Express has the same service to Amed but do not running every day due to quantity of guest booking.

The only one Fastboat to Gili Island serve transfer from Amed to Gili Island which take only 60 minutes ride from Amed to Gili Island, the capacity of passanger only 30 seat, they have only one time departure every day from Amed - Gili Island - Amed


Price : 350.000,- Rupiahs/one way/person

The Fastboat to Gili Island Company is not much different with Marina srikandi and is a heavy competition between each other, applying the same route at certain hours anyway let alone the price is competing not wonder sometimes if there is full booked so the guests will be transferred to fastboat same Marina Fastboat or Eka Jaya Fastboat.

The both schedule much similar between one and other, they offer you 90 passenger seat with the biggest Fastboat ever between Bali to Lombok, you can imagine how this boat break the wave with big sized, you will be do not hesitate for the wave during the journey.

The goal of each cruise itinerary has been a useful clue for those who have a wide range of interests.
With a schedule that has three stages departure will trigger the best choice, such as:
  1. First, schedule the most mornings reserved for those who have an early morning flight so you have to get to your flight on time, especially for the guests who were on Gili Trawangan and for guests who are in Bali, morning schedule to keep watch so that when crossing the ocean does not deal with huge waves that trigger motion sickness and many guests opt for their morning dive or snorkel programs that have been scheduled in Gili Trawangan. the boat will arrive at 09.00 am in Gili Trawangan then continue to take other guest in Gili Island Back to Bali
  2. Second, the departure time is afternoon time at 11.00 am, this time is the most choice taken by the guests however these hours are best seller choice by the passenger, for them who want a relaxed and unhurried.spend more time in gili island and want spend the whole morning time with classical condition by the gili island
  3. Third, the departure of this one was the most late but reserved for guests who want to stay longer in Gili, sometimes guests also chose this schedule due to evening flight schedules at Denpasar Airport.


Price : 350.000,- Rupiahs/one way/person

Boat that have a passenger capacity of 60 people with a distance of 90 minutes from Padangbai to Gili Trawangan is equipped with a 1500 horsepower engine-powered fast will spoil your trip with an interesting interior facilities. Sea travel would indeed give a different experience compared to the sea journey, one can imagine the beauty of the sea of ​​blue flat-nan when you try this transportation

The schedule was not much different with Eka Jaya Fastboat, grab the morning time to get the passenger who are need to take afternoon fight from Bali to other island of other country. 

Please contact us, if you require to use some of the boat company with fast response and online ticketing, contact us by email or whatsaps

Why Should use Fastboat to Gili Island rather than Lombok Airport Transfer ?

  1. Low Cost, the price of Fastboat to Gili Island starting 350k Rupiahs till 700k Rupiah one way for one persons, if you compare with flight from Bali to Lombok much similar then use fastboat coz they will direct go to Gili Island 
  2. Save Time, they take approximately 90 minutes from Publik Harbour Padangbai to Gili Island with 1.000 - 1.500 Horse Power Speed then do not worry about the speed, stay relax by the boat and let yourself arrive in Gili Island 
  3. Free Hotel Transfer, Most of Fastboat Company to Gili Island offer free pick up and drop off service in Bali Area especially South Bali ( Sanur, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Airport, Jimbaran, Kuta ) but if you have no hotel booking in Bali or no flight through Bali that much better you can go to Lombok to take your flight..

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