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Pearl Of Trawangan is one of the best hotel choice in Gili Trawangan which offering white sandy beach covered with bamboo restaurant design, it located on south side of Gili Trawangan Beach right after Villa Ombak Sunset.

Pearl of Trawangan Menu has more then 10.000- searching statistic in Google site, it means every people try to looking for the right information which give educate and right information about it, has a long beach area for lounge make every people want enjoy the time by the beach side while enjoying the food and beverage offer.

Offering the Lombok Hotel Design Architecture  "Lumbung Traditional Home" it bring a traditional design transform to five star hotel, there are 300 hotels more established in Gili Trawangan with Natural Design, Millennial Design and Eco Friendly design, those are competitive to win the best hotel choice. 

There are many aspect which a reason why the guest choose the hotel : 

Hotel Design 

Hotel design focus to perform the best looking hotel which much different with another hotel in the same region or island, for example the Pearls of Trawangan hold the Lombok Traditional Home as their branding quality. 

From 2006 until 2010, many hotel was focus to make it the best architecture which booming on the recently year cause the hotel best looking will priority to sell the hotel based on design without think about the service belong to. 

Service Quality

Now the hotel much realize that the service will be one of the best choice why the people choose your hotel, there are mostly somebody will check how your hotel service the continue to drop the mouse click to know how big your hotel for secondly. 


Most of the survey that we see from the whole costumer, they will see the hotel location and will choose hotel by the beach then other all and close to the central activity to minimize the cost for transportation. 

Product ( Restaurant, Breakfast, Yoga )

For another reason the hotel seeker will looking for the hotel with complete facilities like Restaurant, Bar and Yoga class, we have identified cause the people who on holiday park will decrease the move through to other place to find the other service, every people mostly want to stay for lounge relax and enjoy the moment.

Bact to the topic about Pearl of Trawangan Menu, it has a special breakfast menu with mostly cost higher then other hotel this one of the most reason why we should stay there, Here the Breakfast Menu we show :

Look at the Breakfast menu above, we put with big size due to know details about what kind of menu you interested for :

Croissant  + Coffe + Muesli + Watermelon Juice

Scrambled eggs + Chicken Sausage + Tomatoes + Breed

Fried eggs  + Vegetables Garnis

Pearls of Trawangan  Restaurant on the beach

Poached eggs + Breed

Finally that the Pearls of Trawangan Menu that we show for you all, we wish this information will valuable for reference. want to enjoy the Pearl of Trawangan Breakfast menu, stay at The Hotel or Pearls of Trawangan and enjoy the best food and cuisine

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