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Thursday, 7 January 2016

The cheapest fastboat to Gili Island

The season of competition was born for fastboat companies, some of the operator grab the biggest and the highest passengers to reach the big monthly revenue and increase the monthly income from transport service. Many of fastboat service sale their service with lower price around 250.000,- this valid without involved to high season, peak seasons or low season.

Uncontrolled fastboat competition make all operator take speculation to face the competitors, here some of the standard fastboat operator from Bali to Gili island.

Eka jaya

The standard fastboat that has 3 times running everyday from Padangbai, thus the biggest fastboat that suitable to load more than 100 passengers on the boat, the 3 times scheduled was planning for specific time to catch the customers for different aim one to each other. Here the 3 times schedule are : 

1. Leaves trawangan at 09.00 am this time was very good respect from the customers to take early flight or connecting flight in Bali island, this schedule was fully booked by the customers due to their own business. 

2. Leaves trawangan at 12.00 am. This schedule usually take by the customers who change their stay in bali island, the time was planning that when the guest arrived in Bali they will ready to check in wothout spend the time for waiting on Lobby hotel.

3. Leave gili island at 03.00 pm. This time actually for the guest who has late flight in the midnight, they want spend the time  on gili island for a several hours, but one thing that very unregularly the people do not wanna leave Gili Island then stay longer until afternoon time wooww look so sad to leaves the beautiful island so fast. 

The price was published around IDR 250.000 per person, this valid on low season and the price will be up when the peak season around june, july and august every years.

The fastboat contact information 
Eka jaya fastboat office
Jalan setiabusi no. 18 kuta kabupaten badung, bali 80229
Phone : 0361 8496222

Marina srikandi

This boat company is a strongest competitors of Eka Jaya Fastboat they use the same way to grab the guest by three time schedule everyday with asumption that they will get any customer in high season period.

Marina Srikandi fastboat has safety equipment:
1. Life raft with greater than number of passengers on the boat.
2. State of the art GPS system 
3. EPIRB Emergency position indicated radio Beacon tha operate upon contact with the water and it automatically send alerts to the satellite.
4. First Aid kit
5. Fair extinguisher
6. Life rings
7. 3 to 5 emergency exit door 
8. Marine vhf ship to shore radio

Any other facilities to made to passengers most comfortable stay on the boat :
1. Air conditioner 
3. Stereo system 
4. VIP Room on the bridge
5. Elegant interior design
The price starting on 250.000 and you can contact this company 

Marina srikandi fastboat 
Jalan suwung batang kendal no. 8c 
Denpasar Bali
Telp : +62 361 729818
Email : 

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