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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tips to choose a fastboat as your transport

The growing up of the hospitallity business in Bali and Lombok influence for require the best and the fastest facility for transportation, one of the best choice for fastest transportation from Bali island to Gili island still handle by fastboat, but some of trouble i founded during the operational time and low of dedication. 

Dedication and professionality of staff still out of standard, you need to choose the better fastboat for your transport, here the tips for fastboat service :

1. Make sure that you choose classified fastboat and do not lose your ticket, i have bad experience for this service, i choose one of the fastboat operator to serve me to gili island, i have booked the fastboat by phone and we make agreement that i will pay on the time i arrived but the boat refuse me and leaves me from harbour.

Do not book any fastboat by phone without ticket on your hand and do not lose your ticket cause you can not reconfirm back to the fastboat company.
Although your name have been write down on database but the man can erase it change with other passengers, look strange. 

Actually we very recommended blue water express and gili gateway as your fastboat operator to sailing to Gili island, the price was expensive but they have great service and professional staff, it prove when they have a problem with water conditions which forbidden to sailing the they will catch a group flight for their clients immediately and drop off to destination is. And other thing this fastboat will bring all of your stuff or luggage to the fastboat deck without your order.

2. Make sure about your pick up service, unexpected trouble i have got when i arrange pick up for my clients on a week ago, everything was confirm about it, but on the day of the service should be done, my clients call me that no body pick up them on hotel lobby in Bali, suddenly i got information that the schedule was changed without any confirmation before.

Make sure that fastboat operator work professional as reservation details, this service will be much trouble to you and partner. 

3. Reconfirm your ticket before you go, reconfirm your fastboat that most important thing to do for one day before departing to make sure that the sit still available or not, in some experience this tips work super. Although you have a specific time, day and date of departure, this tips to avoid any change schedule due to weather or condition through the fastboat programs.

4. If you have open ticket. Reconfirm your open 48 hours before departure, this a great ways marketing of the fasboat to make a good package for return and the guest will stay using this fastboat service,
Confirm your open ticket must be sone to checked the sit still available or not for the time required.

Some of fastboat come has 2 or 3 times running in a day, if you reconfirm this one can help you to find the best time to go and avoid fully book conditions.

5. Make sure that your additional services was writting down on your ticket, this maybe a small pieces of manner but this will be a specific thing, the fastboat operator will never give any service if there is not writing on your ticket.

The operation staff they work under the office staff command, if you have any complaints or something wrong cone to the office for additional information through your fastboat service, one of my hotel client complaining about the pick up service why not doing properly and the fastboat staff say that the agency not write any additional services than we work as same like what on your ticket said about. Be carefully about this kind of service.

6. Make sure that in your have a contact like phone number, this a natural booking, we need some contact to call for any question or emergency call, this will help you to reconfirm your open ticket or return ticket. 

I hope this kind of my tips can help you when you take a fastboat to Bali or Lombok and this truly my experience in hospitallity job.

eni sulistiani

Author & Editor

I am an Hotelier who worked for hotel and travel agent, now i arrange my business site to help the people find the best online ticketing and trip during their vacation in Lombok.

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