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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Lombok Airport to Gili Gede in short time

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Lombok International Airport is one of a way to visit by Lombok flight instead of Bali by Fastboat to Gili Island, there are many service you can found in Lombok International Airport from Public Service and Private Service. 

Transportation from Lombok International Airport to Gili Gede will take approximately 2,5 hours by ground transportation continue with private boat to Gili Gede, all the trip will cross the city of Mataram continue to the west of Lombok we call Sekotong ( a place where the Lombok people seek for Gold under the ground ).

After ground transport with private car under the air conditioner car then continue drop to the harbour where you will take our private boat we call Tawun Harbour, Our boatman will standby wait for your arrival.
Another time for the boat accros to Gili Gede will take 20 Minutes trip from Tawun harbour to Gili Gede where your destination is.

Usually every tourist know about 3 island which located on North East Lombok with three fringe Gili Islands
- Gili Trawangan 
- Gili Meno and
- Gili Air 
The most popular island with huge white sandy beach and no pollution as the best attractive  value that people like. more then a million guest have been visit in a years,

A Short info about Gili Gede 
Gili Gede (in indonesian mean the big gilis) is not part of the same group as the Gili Islands (despite the name), but rather lies in close proximity to the southwest coast of Lombok. The word "Gili" simply means "small island" in Indonesian.

Gede is still very much a desert island, and as a result there are only a few options for accommodation on Gili Gede.  This means that the best hotels on Gili Gede are the only hotels on Gili Gede as there is very little to choose from. 

Accomodation in Gili Gede and Sekotong
- Kokomo Resort 
- Cocotinus Hotel 
- Villa Selalu 
- Bukit Pool Suites
- The Place Bungalows and Restaurant
- Kiyakabin Resort
- Wyndham Sundancer Resort 

The best option, especially if budget is not a concern, is the new luxury resort called Kokomo Gede.  This brand new resort offers fantastic spacious rooms and villas right on the sea front. The resort is fully serviced with a fantastic restaurtant, swimmimg pool, tennis court, spa, watersports and they will soon have a golf putting green. Other activites can also be arranged through the resort and if you book your Fastboat to Gili Gede through our website you can benefit from discounts on most activites at Kokomo.

Gili Gede

Kokomo Gili Gede
Alternatively you could visit Gili Gede directly from the Gili Islands, ideal for an overnight trip from Gili Trawangan to Gili Gede, spending one evening on the island and returning the next day. Of course, a trip the other way around is also an option if you're staying on Gede and wish to see the Gili Islands! This new route has been made possible by the launch of Gili Getaway's newest boat 'The Bullet'. This boat operates from Gede to Gili Trawangan and Gili Air every day. 

Gili Gede Conditions

Gili Gede is free of traffic, with beautiful unspoilt nature, coconut palm trees, white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea. On Gili Gede the small local population still make a traditional living building wooden boats and (pearl) fishing. Hardly any tourist developments have arrived on the island yet. This makes Gili Gede the region's freshest destination, featuring wonderfully secluded beaches and a thoroughly laid back vibe to enjoy at your leisure.

Getting to Gili Gede used to be a long trip but this is now incredibly simple and can be done in a number of ways. If you are in Bali and plan on going to the Gili Islands or Lombok you now have the option to break up the journey and visit Gili Gede on the way there or on the way back to Bali.  Gili Getaway now have a new fast boat route to Gili Gede and back again.

The island only has a couple of hotels with corresponding restaurants and activities available. Lombok  Society visitors can enjoy a host of special offers at their restaurant and other facilities by making use of our unique discount program.
Gili Gede is the most unspoiled getaway island that the Bali, Lombok, Lembongan and Gili Islands region has to offer, so what are you waiting for? We will be adding more travel tips and discount vouchers for Gili Gede soon, so follow us on facebook to stay up to date with the latest information