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Bangsal Harbour is first place which established to serve the trip across Lombok to Gili Island, it located on the north side of North Lombok Pemenang, this place was so popular for tourist due to daily trip to Gili Island

Bangsal Harbour is a place where you can purchase tickets for the crossing by boat wood from Lombok to three dyke dimensions (Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan), harbors Ward has a very strategic location which is right on track intersections to accommodate the guests well of forest moneky pusuk road or highway Senggigi.

How far bangsal from Lombok Airport ?

Lombok airport to Bangsal it take2 hours ride with motorcycle or car from Lombok International Airport straight to the North Lombok by the senggigi rute. 
Bangsal is the only one the economic place to buy the ticket to Gili Island while in other place offer you a higher price then expected,

Map Location Bangsal
With the geographical conditions that support will greatly facilitate the guests to visit the island dyke through the port wards.

Conditions are right disebuah bay that allows all the wooden boat could have landed right on the lip panta without worry with haris and low-tide and low water volume conditions.
Thus all alan wooden boat capable of operating all the time without knowing the time and conditions of the water, while a wide range of prices offered In making the crossing to the island of Gili dimension with a wide range of applicable rates in 2016 as follows:

How much the Public boat ticket we should pay ?

Boat to Gili Air: Rp. 12,000 per person
Boat to Gili Meno: Rp. 13,000 per person
Boat to Gili Trawangan: Rp. 15,000 per person
To speed boat or fastboat imposed Rp. 85.000, - per person to Gili Trawangan.

As for the long journey by boat rich quite fast only takes 20 minutes to Gili Trawangan, 10 minutes to Gili Air and 15 minutes to Gili minute, this can be the town is understandable, as indeed all the amenities machine is equipped with an engine 85 to 100 PK With a passenger capacity of 40 people per boat each way.

What Time  the Public Boat Running Everyday ?

We can not book this public boat ticket by online, you should visit the place where we call Bangsal Boat Ticket to buy the ticket directly from the office then you must wait until all passenger enough 40 people then the boat running 
The office open starting 08.00 AM and will close at 04.30 PM

All wooden boat that operates under the auspices of a company that already owns a concession shipping and insurance holding raharja services as a reference traffic safety.
The situation in Port Ward, full of passengers waiting Boat parking
Take shelter in a shipping company by applying periodically make guests served well, as for the type of services that are owned as follows:

Purchase Tickets Boat counter to the 3 Gili (Trawangan and Meno)
  1. The ticket counters are ready to serve Passenger from seven in the morning till 5 pm
  2. The porter as part of the service but you Have to spend more money to enlist the services of a porter to carry your luggage, keep in mind that the cost of the boat was not included in the services of a porter, so before the porter carry your luggage's then negotiate the price beforehand to avoid misunderstanding later.
  3.  Life jackets which are already available on the boat with the number of passengers exceeds the number available.
Bangsal has been established on the basis provide good services to tourists and well as supporting the local economy, especially the fishermen-turned as the owner of a passenger ship, indirectly harbor ward has absorbed a lot of manpower to put certain people as the holder operational.
Cooperative GILI BAHARI  is the largest shareholder or as of shelter all timber ships in operation, the force of law and is able to make solid elect-ability defended well until today.

Until now Koperasi Karya Bahari has been donated in the form of income tax, which indirectly helps in increasing local autonomy to a better direction.
To reach the Bangsal from Mataram city center only takes one hour Using a taxi or private car but if you come out of your chili BIL International Airport takes 2 hours journey by taxi.

Should We Pay Entrance Fee ?

Domestic Tourist : 3.000,- Rupiah ( 0,3 Dollar )
International Tourist : 5.000,- ( 0,5 Dollar )

Note : Please bring the luggage itself without using porters port because they will charge far above the price, avoid using a porter to carry your luggage.

Disadvantages ward may harbor less of a tourist choice:
  1. Bangsal is a public harbor which is the entrance to Gili from Lombok, so all the activity and bustle you'll find with very dense, hawkers, construction material until the luggage be fused in a single wooden boat and set off simultaneously
  2. Bangsal  can not be booked ahead of time to sit passengers, so you come to buy a ticket and wait until the full passenger up to 40 people 
  3. Crossing schedule from 8 am to 4 pm, so for those of you who have a late afternoon flight, you will use private speedboat facilities, we recommend using LOMBOK SOCIETY TRAVEL facilities with a record of experience in handle over hundreds of thousands of guests and is ready to serve you 24 hours 
  4. When the state of the off-season, for up to 40 passengers you have to wait until 1 to 2 hours so that your vacation time will be taken in the port of the island is not geared toward your travel dyke
Well, you decide it's time transportation alternative which is most suitable for you in accompanying during the holidays in the island of Lombok.

How to Go to Gili Island From Bali

This the fastest way to find Gili Island from use the Fastboat service which can landed direct to Gili Island, without spend much time to Lombok Airport.

Transportation from Bangsal to Gili Island you can take a Public boat from Bangsal to Gili Trawangan, but if you are in a big group around 10 - 40 Persons you may book one boat by private then they will not waiting to fully the passenger till 40 persons.

Is it Fast ?

Yes, the fastboat campany offer you 90 minutes accros from Bali to Gili Island including pick up service in Bali Area.

How can I Booked ?

Send us an email then we will process the booking with  fastboat voucher to your email

What Kind of service in Bangsal Harbour ?

A. Public Boat 

This service is a regular service that you can take in Bangsal Harbour, Local and Tourist come through the small island ( Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno ).

You can buy the ticket on ticketing office and wait for fully 40 passenger then the boat ready to sailing on  water to small island.

This public boat made from wooden and completely supported by 80 Horse Power machine to push the boat running quickly as the people expected

The public open from 07.00 AM  till 16.00 PM, this valid for daily activities not including special holiday like Idul Fitri or Lebaran.

B. Private Boat

The Private boat was same like the public one, but you can book by your group then they running without waiting coz you booked for one boat not one seat.

This can be done when the group people need to running fast without any people share the seat on. the price exactly lower then the total seat price.

To Remember : You will take the boat with your friend group only and no body can step to your boat except boat man and ancre man.

C. Public Speedboat

Now, Bangsal harbour try to update their service come better, the new speedboat was landing in the harbour to manage and serve the people who need fast and quick service.

The price 85K per person with 10 till 15 passenger on the boat. they have time schedule everyday, there two time running every day,
  • 09.00 AM 
  • 15.00 PM
You need the time schedule to have this kind of service, if you have any flight or urgent condition we do not recommend this kind of service, you may use the LOMBOK SOCIETY service to work quicek without schedule but depend to order.

E. Material Boat

Some of the hotel owner use bangsal harbour as a place to land the material for ready bring to Gili Island, they use the porter service when bring in to the boat and bring down from the boat.

The boar they use are public boat with high capacity and just bring material only without share with human being.

F. Fastboat to Bali

If you stay in Lombok Island and require to use fastboat service for transportation from Lombok to Bali Island, you may use Bangsal Harbour as place to land the big fastboat to Bali.

You need to book the service the day before to get seat available. The bangsal harbour was set to be the harbour you can take for fastboat, this the solution after long time the guest really hard to get fastboat service from Lombok.

Note !!!!!!
Come on time checkin cause the fastboat will never waiting to run after their schedule managed, the time can be early or late depend to the water condition on recently day.

Contact the fastboat operator to get update information fluently then the seat will never missing without confirmation before. 

G. Land Transport to other destination

There are many place you can visit in Lombok with great view and place with promise it, based on that Bangsal Harbour provide transportation with private car, here the price list under LOMBOK SOCIETY TRANSPORT 

Transport From Lombok Airport to Gili Trawangan/Gili Air/ Gili Meno

Transport from Lombok Airport to Gili Air is the same step like transportation from Gili Trawangan, take 2 hours ride from Lombok Airport to Teluk Kodek continue with speedboat to Gili Air ( approximately take 10 Minutes )
Transport from Lombok Airport to Gili Meno is the same step like transportation from Gili Trawangan, take 2 hours ride from Lombok Airport to Teluk Kodek continue with speedboat to Gili Air ( approximately take 10 Minutes )

Transport From Lombok Airport to Kuta Lombok

It take just 30 minutes ride by car from Lombok International Airport to Kuta Lombok with some hotel destination like :  Novotel Lombok. Hotel Segara Anak, Melati Hotel, Kuta Beach hotel and other hotel Which location on the Kuta Beach Area

Transport From Lombok Airport to Bangsal or Teluk Nare/Kodek

It take 2 Hours by Car to this kind of transport, starting from your landing in Lombok International Airport Continue to some place we passed, Mataram and senggigi beach. on the way the trip you may stop for getting lunch which recommend it.

Transport From Senggigi to Gili Trawangan/Gili Meno/Gili Air

Senggigi to Gili Trawangan
Senggigi is one of the central of tourism object in Lombok.
Much of the tourist still confused how to reach Gili Trawangan from Senggigi area in Lombok, they think that can be tak speedboat direct from senggigi to Gili Trawangan but there was not possible.
We need to take a car ride from Senggigi to Teluk Nare harbour to take private speedboat to Gili Trawangan.

Transport From Teluk Nare/Bangsal/Teluk Kodek to Kuta Lombok

Private Car transfer with approximately take 3 hours time ride passed Senggigi, Mataram and Lombok Airport
to book this service, contact us by phone or email for fast response. every
to book this service, contact us by phone or email for fast response. every trip was managed by our staff the every trip will confirmed before running.

From Bangsal Harbour to Gili Trawangan it about 7 kilometers length, but when you see with your naked eyes, this same like a short place to across.

Please throw away the think like that, the place will seen close to cause of the view up the blue water sea, this make the distance was so close.

If you go with public boat will take 30 minutes but on normal weather and no wave, then the sailing from Bangsal harbour to Gili Trawangan was so easy.

Sailing with public boat will take little much time for you to see the local people activity for sale, bring another material, boat condition, stay together with another persons who you do not know and you may enjoy the slow trip while to see the sea wave and the clear water shown.

The boat will managed by two people we call Ancer man and Boatman : 

Ancer man : This person serve to manage the boat ancer while first sailing ( bring up the ancer from the water and throw the ancer down to stop the boat )

Boat man : This person will be a driver to manage the boat destination, to slip on the wave and show the better way for comfortable sailing way.

One other extra we call Porter who will bring the material from boat to the harbour or harbour to boat stattion.

A problem we always shown that the tourist never deal with the porter for the price cause the tourist think porter is FREE.

Remember this traveling tips :  porter for public boat was not free, try to make deal for the price before the porter hold your bag or suitcase, this will be a big problem cause you never deal and the porter ask for the fee.

Bangsal Harbour to Lombok Airport : 

Bangsal is one of public harbour in Lombok which fully with the people who waiting for passanger to drop of pick up to the hotel destination or tour option.

There are many transportation to offer but especially for Bangsal Harbour to Lombok Airport is one of the main project due to the people come from Lombok Airport and back to the Lombok Airport to take the flight.

Bangsal to Lombok Airport approximately take 2 hours by crossing the Senggigi Road continue to the old city of Ampenan then central city of Mataram, you may order the best vehicle to serve your land service direct to Lombok Airport.

For your flight you need to book in advance dur to your flight, the price will be 350.000,- rupiahs for 2 persons and another extra persons will take another prices.

The price was including drrver and gasoline then you no need to pay another extra price, please hold that the best agent will have some review  to trust. please contact us for more information.

Bangsal Harbour to Kuta Lombok : 

Another service we serve transportation from Bangsal Harbour to Kuta Lombok which the place was so popular with the beach side and the beautiful view of the beach such us :

- Kuta Beach Lombok 
- Seger Beach 
- Tanjung Aan
- Mawun Beach 
- Selung Belanak Beach 
- Merese Hill 
- Gerupuk Beach 

The all beach you can visit if you already stay in Kuta Lombok, the transportation from Bangsal Harbour to Kuta Beach take  two and half hours by land transport with price 400.000,- rupiahs for 2 persons, another extra person you pay extra.

Please book our service to get better service quality, then please inform us if you need some information about lombok or gili island.

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