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PRICE: 700.000, - for 2 persons 
City Tour Lombok is part of a tour which so special for the tourists because we focused on the introduction of the tribe and culture of Lombok, which is still giving it the potential of tourism to the island of Lombok, The Park, Temple and Souvenir will be the best product to show off.
As for this tour package we will try to introduce some of the inscriptions and historical heritage are the living proof the triumph of empire in the past, a lot of culture on the island of Lombok is still influenced by the culture of Bali in the kingdom of Karangasem. 
The introduction of a wide variety of unique handicrafts Lombok also be part of this Lombok city tour including woven handicrafts, bamboo and pottery, it can provide a valuable experience for your classic and the tourists who visit various tourist destinations. 
The following step-step in doing an introduction to the cultural sights of Lombok 
Our driver will do a shuttle to your hotel once you're finished with breakfast at 9 am, bring a variety of equipment that you need to support cultural attractions, such as a camera to document everything that you meet along our journey.
First we will visit Narmada Park which is a testament history of the park where the great king Anak Agung bathhouse, Narmada park locatied right in suburbs adjacent to Market Narmada, besides bathing pool you can also see the order of the garden neat and quite beautiful. 
This park was fully architecture by Balinese People with design fully with Balinese symbol, a temple on the top of the park to be a real witness that the was established by Balinese people.
Taman Narmada
Surrounding the garden area you can enjoy the beautiful breeze of fresh, because the region Lombok Narmada is the central irrigation Lombok island is never short of water capacity, it can be said that Narmada is part of the lungs of the city of Mataram  is overgrown with millions of green trees and is a source of of water for the water company on the island of Lombok.
Narmada is a relic of King Anak Gde Agung neatly with a plot of stairs resemble beautiful mountains,  surrounded by greenery with 3 pools that are under the bottom of the stairs that are at the lake in Mount Rinjani, people believe that Narmada is the center fountain young sourced from Mount Rinjani, 
Besides narmada park is also used as a place of worship for the Hindu people celebrate Pakelem ceremony and for local people they came during week end to fill the time and relax with family, although the facility not supported to family holiday but the young man still visit this place as romantic moment to have.
While doing the documentation in various corners of the garden you can also taste the culinary specialties of Lombok ingrained in Narmada namely Sate Bulayak.
Moving on to the history of Lingsar which is a relic of history that was built in 1741 by Anak Agung Karangasem Bali at the time of the government, the temple is built on a land area of ​​26 hectares, the Hindus believe that Lingsar Temple is the most sacred temple on the island of Lombok.
Pura Lingsar is evidence of inter-religious harmony has existed since the first until now, was not far from the Narmada Park will give a sense of immediacy in itself between this historic place overall was part of the kingdom of the foregoing, as historical evidence that the kingdom already know the fertility of a place to be used as a residence and should layover.
Visit Sukarara Village ( Central Weaving Songket )
Next we will rotate the steering wheel to the Central Lombok where you will find unique handicrafts Lombok is ready to use, you can also try to make a woven fabric with your own hands, a wide variety of unique handicrafts Lombok can be found, not only woven fabrics alone, there are also assorted handicraft are also available with a neat ready-try.
Village Sukarara
Located in the suburbs Praya and as a symbol of handicrafts typical of  Lombok, as participation in this place you can use a variety of ornaments in the form of woven fabric completely and use it as a keepsake for a moment when you take photos of,   see yourself now part of the culture of Lombok ,
Closing event was a visit to different places by the center-by and souvenirs Lombok Sasaku, souvenir shopping can be a Shirt, Ceramics,  Snacks and other option, Lombok island which is famous for its handicraftss and the saltwater pearl, Lombok had been hunted by many tourists to buy pearl products that deserve to be as high quality jewelery with the world's best value.
Mutiara Lombok
So much the center of pearl cultivation you can see and find that will give you information about the manufacturing process so that it becomes a beautiful jewelry on the hands and fingers, as time has moved the evening it was time we returned to the hotel where you stay and it is enough for a city tour today
Tour includes:
  • Pick up dan drop hotel
  • Air-conditioned car
  • Guiding 
  • Fuel and driver

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