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Sunday, 28 February 2016

2 side that much contrary in Gili Trawangan

eni sulistiani
Back to the story, long time a ago Trawangan was a place where you can find a lot of coconut trees, this a place where the captives bring for plant a coconut trees and try the agriculture potentially for Gili Trawangan land this activity was held since the president Soeharto still lead Indonesia in 1985.

Now Trawangan was different than before, the tourism object was so promise it and a beautiful beach absolutely beautiful, this development was not balancing with the road conditions and social class of local people, those are not come together.

One side that infront of Gili Trawangan was fully with hotel and restaurant also infrastructure was built well to serve the guest arrival. 
The view of the beach was so perfect with clear blue water combined with white sandy beach everything was so amazing.

Trawangan was so fabulous island with the huge view from every step you walk, look around the whole island made a memorable experience.
To see the Trawangan from the beach side was so great, fully equipped with facilities and guest information. The only one of Gili has a hillside up to 30 meter where we can see a beautiful sunset.

Inland of Gili Trawangan, the situation was so contrary with beach front, the local people spend the time for cow farming and harvesting coconut trees, these are the indigenous local people activities instead of work for hotel and restaurant.

Let come inside to find the truth, all building need to manage better to attract the people come to see, the road was not manage carefully, you will find the rubbish manner never solve, overall think need to realize about, every people will think about economic and commercial effect then just equipped the beach front only without think about inland.

A natural view like garden view, green grass and coconut trees stay surrounding the inland and this situation generate fresh open air circulation with wind blow freely.

Many cows and lambs stay on the large garden and rice fields inside of Gili Trawangan, everybody will think that Trawangan is a modern land with high class life style but see inside to prove, what is the truth.

The modernization come through the people on the beach area but the local people of Gili Trawangan still keep the indigenous of life style, fishing, catching fish is one of daily activities. 

These are two different thing that most people do not know about that during traveling to Gili Trawangan.

3 Times most beautiful in Gili Trawangan

eni sulistiani
A long of your activity and journey in Gili Trawangan remain the tired body and boring schedule, but do you know what the time that most exciting ? Where the time can be call as exclusive time than other.

Trawangan is a small island just for holiday but what about for you in job or inspection, the time can be the same like in your home if you think always about the job, take rest and push your breath continued to walk out of your room. Here the best time that most spectacular in Gili Trawangan :

1. Morning Time

Some of the guest well very lazy to wake up in the morning time with a reason that they are on holiday not on job, this not all right cause it time to spying the sun rise on the mid of Rinjani Mountain. Step by step the sun born in up to shine the earth, give a light to the human and over all the environment.

Morning time which you can breath the best air with 100% of oxygen from nature as we know this island out of pollution, no car, no motorist system that can influence the air circulation, wake up early not always means wake up for duty but wake up for a bonus from nature.

2. Afternoon Time 

During the day all the people around Gili Trawangan has spend their time for island activities like snorkeling, diving, cycling, kayak, banana boat or fishing time. Now we come to the time for relax and see the beautiful sunset on the west side of Gili Trawangan.

You can spend the time by the hill, some restaurant or bar while taste the beautiful cocktail, sunset come down through agung mountain bali and splash the beautiful red colour on the sky, this a huge natural fenomena. A camera you need to catch the beautiful sunset.

3. The Night 

This is the time for life style, you will be shown the various guest costume die to the night is where the people can spend the time for fun, dating or dinner.

As we know that a lot of restaurant in Gili Trawangan serve anykind of food from western food to oriental food and everything come together on the central area of Gili Trawangan.

Some of the guest spend the time on the bar while watching big match and waiting for party night, the guest always take a party as a time to find a girl or boy to date, spend the time for fun

These are the most exclusive time that more important for you to stay in Gili Trawangan.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Tips while you stay in Gili Trawangan

eni sulistiani
Trawangan is a part of Lombok island with mostly people live under the tourism object income, the village of Gili Trawangan was covered by hotel around it although now the island was fully built with hotel and restaurant. 
During your stay in this island you should now a specific thing about local people how they communicate to the tourist, the quality of service, attitude and other aspect that may influence to your holiday experience.

Most of local people will meet everyday in everystep of the road and they own any tour company.

The people of Gili Trawangan hold the East-Side attitude like respect to older one by young man or pointing a something with right hand not with left hand even the foot.

Here some tips to make any adaptation in a place with indigenous attitude of Gili Trawangan :

First, Find hotel stay, Bargain the room cost if you require for stay longer than two or three days, in economic system this will be much different, if the people stay one night or stay 5 night they will has a different price each day. This system was acknowledged by the local people which familiar with Long Stay Discount, then you can do bargain with the price untill the last budget you have. 

Tell the people honestly how much your budget left, then they will offer a lower cost and consider the budget under hotel revenue but most of this tactic take a long time but better result.

Many of the bungalow owner has graduated in some hotel company then they will know more about cost and income through the hotel system.

Second, try to speak with indonesia or sasak language, just know one word the local people will proud to know it.
Based on my survey that take place in Gili Trawangan personally, most of the owner of big hotel able to speak indonesian language, they said that is the way they can understand what the people want and to know more about local people live style, most of the owner learn day to day about the language to approach the local people come close to.
What about we are on traveling, we do not have enough time to learn a language. 

Do not worry about, just to know a little pieces word which mostly using on daily conversation.

You know a little and local people will respect and more familiar to you than before then the price will go down slowly.

Third, where to eat in Gili Trawangan, one thing you should understand about the big hotel is not guarantee that they has a high quality product for food if you see from the hotel level. We recommend to do a little walk around the whole island, find a place where a lot of people reach about and waiting for order or fully booked, this can be a physical prove that the restaurant has nice food. It is a simple mindset that easy to understand.

Do not forget to ask the price before order cause some of the restaurant has additional tax service that not include the price and other was included, make sure about the price before get argument and disappointed.

Fourth, manykind of tour can be held in Gili Trawangan from under water until land cruise, find a tourist information were located on edge of the road, the people will offer you the highest price as welcoming price but do not shocked, there are no fixed price on this island then start bargain and find the last deal, if you think the price far from your budget and try to find other tourist information then you can compare the price which one marching to your cost.

Do not give up immediately before the price get the great reason, a bargain is a part of the travel game that you must win about, but if you lose your budget will not much expensed.

Fifth, hire any product, there are many informal rule was established in this island day by day and strongly hold by other local people, but bargain or negotiation can solve the problem to catch the customer. This most happen in low season.
The business community of Gili Trawangan has standard price that hold by the business man as a standard prive to hire their products to put fair competition but when the costumer lower the rule can break smoothly.

Another option if you hire more that 1 pieces or more than an hour you can do bargain until the last price and the man agree to take the price and this almost close to the target then make it deal.

Sixth, if you are an hoteliers you will be popular with the word compensation, you can set a compensation as your gun to shoot the hotel when they have problem dueing your stay. if you had any problem on your hotel stay especially in 3, 4 or 5 star, you can ask any compensation regarding to the problem happen during your stay like the air conditioner was not cold, the room not clean or other unexpected problem.

Compensation is one of the way the hotel protect their clients to get high rank on online booking to keep the rank on top level.

To day is the years where the traveller most using mobile application and easy internet acces, they will use the hotel or restaurant based on online review by the real man who stay at the same hotel, cause of that the hotel must keep the loyalty to the client.

The Last, horse cart cost this is the biggest problem that my client always ask about when they use this service. 
Before use the horse cart service ask for the price to the driver continue to check the price list infront of driver, it will explain anything.

Horse cart is the only one transport that able to load you and your luggage to the hotel, a driver can free charge the highest price on you although they break the rules price, the driver will not enough care about that. 

They think that the guest will come first and never back, this a strange thinking.

Remember, do not use the horse cart service before you ask the right price even lower then price list, i hope this tips can help you much during your stay in Gili Trawangan.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The best equipment you should bring to Gili Island on rainy season

eni sulistiani
The rainy season was a beautiful season that loved by farmer and other people after heating come through Gili Island, but rainy was blocked te guest activities and stop the beautiful sun shine the beautiful island although the rain was a great gift from the god to the human being. To protect yourself by this season you can prepare a something to cover your body from wet condition :

1. Rain Jacket 

This clothes was designed to cover your or other clothes from wet of rain, it made from plastic which design like a clothing for easy wearing.
This product was combined a jacket with pants also head cover and let the face open, easy, simple and stylish design. This product is suitable for outdoor activities on rainy season.

2. Umbrella 

This kind of products was available in some hotel with specific amenities like 3,4 or 5 star hotel in Gili Trawangan, a simple indonesian umbrella just put up to your head and go walk.

3. Torch or flashlight 

The rain remains a few water on the road and you need to see where you step going to, torch will help you to dind a better step for your dinner time.

Avoid use fastboat when rainy season

eni sulistiani
Fastboat is the fastest way to reach Gili Island with direct transfer from Padangbai to Gili Trawangan, they come with hig speed and luxury interior and high class facilities but what happen when rainy season. 

Rainy is a hard season to predict and hard wind to blow also the current unpredictable, on the water transport will find the hardest challenge when rainy season coming and they should anticipate about unpredictable manner during sailing.

Some of the reasons why we should avoid to use fastboat when rainy season ;

1. The water conditions with high waves

The wind and current has combined to make the unpredictable water conditions, this is a natural condition on the water but we should carefully. Raft and bumped will be come through the boat on the middle of the see and absolutely will spread the time to reach Gili Island.
A flight will be a better option when face rainy during your holiday in Gili Island.

2. Viewing 

The rain will block your view through out the other island this a same problem through the boat driver, they will focus not on what they seeing but focus on compass or GPS to recognise the location and the island to visit

3. The body effect 

The bad weather will affected to your body on traveling, the water conditions will force the boat hard work to break the waves and climb the raft, this conditions will decrease your body defensive during your holiday time.