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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Avoid use fastboat when rainy season

Fastboat is the fastest way to reach Gili Island with direct transfer from Padangbai to Gili Trawangan, they come with hig speed and luxury interior and high class facilities but what happen when rainy season. 

Rainy is a hard season to predict and hard wind to blow also the current unpredictable, on the water transport will find the hardest challenge when rainy season coming and they should anticipate about unpredictable manner during sailing.

Some of the reasons why we should avoid to use fastboat when rainy season ;

1. The water conditions with high waves

The wind and current has combined to make the unpredictable water conditions, this is a natural condition on the water but we should carefully. Raft and bumped will be come through the boat on the middle of the see and absolutely will spread the time to reach Gili Island.
A flight will be a better option when face rainy during your holiday in Gili Island.

2. Viewing 

The rain will block your view through out the other island this a same problem through the boat driver, they will focus not on what they seeing but focus on compass or GPS to recognise the location and the island to visit

3. The body effect 

The bad weather will affected to your body on traveling, the water conditions will force the boat hard work to break the waves and climb the raft, this conditions will decrease your body defensive during your holiday time.

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