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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Gili Trawangan Weather

Gili Trawangan is a part of Lombok Island which located on North Lombok Regency, the entire all of indonesian archipelago has tropical land with two usual weather rainy season and dry season. 

Even Gili Trawangan is a land with high temperatures but still holding the indonesian territory, the season always change every couple of years due to weather and temperature influence, on 2016 all farmer in Lombok was shocked when they have no rain until last of November to welcoming the rainy season, but the rain come through on middle of January, every each farmer predicted that those are the global warming effect, the seasons will come roll up every each year.

This seasons mostly influence to the quantity of tourists visit Gili Trawangan  sue to weather issue, but this a normally seasons then the guest will easily to predict but some of traveller still stick the planning without check the weather option.

One of the most different weather in Gili Trawangan that the rainy seasons just 3 months and the other is dry seasons, during 3 years shortly the weather always 3:9 this is because of the wind direction and small size of Gilis. And the other thing, mostly the rain come through afternoon and night time when the guest finish the day activities then this a good benefits for a people who stay in hotel, they have time to barking the sun, snorkeling activities, look around the island by bike and see more exciting place in Gilis.

Believe or not this actually happen in this island, for 2016 the rainy was started on the middle of January and let see when the rainy season will stop. 

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