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The extreme lombok fighting festival usually held when celebrating some ceremony even the independent ceremonies, special welcome culture or show up, this has much appreciated and participate from lombok people to capme and join this festival. This moment was popular in a kingdom celebration to prove the quality fighting, survive and defeat the enemy in long times ago. 

Back to history, a mutual story that a kingdom will held a performance to entertain the king and their special guest  as a welcome show by selected fighter to perform the greatest show, stick fighting that popular with name peresean was so usual for sasak ethnic, some of amenities that the Lombok sasak should prepare before fighting start :


A wooden stick that made from rattans with one meter high and covered with black plastics cover to avoid breaking on fighting, it has diameter one centimeter for easy holding. 
The sticks was prepared by the EO (event organisers) when it break they have a new one to change without stop the games. 


As seem like a war, this stick fighting provide a shield to avoid and protect the strikes from the enemy, every fighter should have a shield to protect themselves, blocking the strikes, hides to improve new trick and any kind of fighting metode should put on it, the shield made from strong wood with under a kilogram weight and it has handle place on backside of the shield for easy control it. 


Actually in this event the referee we call pekembar the man that has authority to manage the games or take a decision that not much different like other games sport like boxing, but in this games they wear a traditional Lombok Costume. 
A decision from pekembar should be considered by the judges even it easy or hard decision to take about. 


The music has an important effect to the fighters as a great spirit to start the fighting, the music will be a sign that the game start with a gamelan traditional sasak art music and when the games reach the high spirits the music come through the fighters spirit and made fighters dancing with traditional sasak dancing style. 
To be an independent fighters that should  perform the Lombok dance as order to fight, dancing effect can be decreased the enemy spirit. 

The rules of stick fighting 

This game was running for 10 minutes each round usually but some in other villagers has different time decision of the round but not much different with other.
It has 3 round at all and the referee has authority to stop or continue the fighting depend to the term and condition. 
1. The fighter should be naked breast without any cotton to cover it.
2. The fighters should use the stick and shield and do not use hand or foot as strikes.
3. This fight not allowance to bring other tools exceptionally stick and shield. 

This event is a somekind of the way the Lombok People respect to their hero and memorise overall all struggling to survive Lombok as a great kingdom.
Lombok stick fighting has some the best fighter with name under the greatest indonesian action actor as Kamandanu, Tong Bajil, Ken Arok and other fighting name that mostly popular to call under the name about. 
Every village has a fighter to represent the   Best performance on the battle to be a vice of villagers, bring the greatest village home.

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