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Lombok word come from the word that seem means like pepper it means small but strong, there are many different culinary through out indonesia archipelago, from the all indonesia ethnic and culture born a hundred traditional culinary based on different flavour and natural product. 
Like a simple question we can guess about the culinary of indonesia archipelago based on the culture like Babi Guling come from Bali and many other culinary from other island.

Some of the popular indonesia culinary mie goreng and Nasi goreng are the biggest Indonesia culinare well known in foreign countries and around the world, those are the icon of indonesian culinary.
All flavour and other ingredients take from natural products.
Nasi goreng was made from the original Indonesia rice completely with some eggs and spicy sauce, the portion was measured that enough for an adult portion.
Mie goreng was made by handmade noddle frying for 2 minutes till the colour was change to yellow colour and stir with Indonesia flavour with some slice of fried egg on the top. 

We do not attached Nasi goreng and mie goreng in Lombok culinary due to the name was acknowledged and sell in every small stall in overall Indonesia island. The culinary of Lombok that will we subscribe that truly Lombok culinary; 

Sate Bulayak Narmada

This culinary come from Narmada regency of west lombok, it made from a small slice of beef cutting and collecting on a stick continued to grill by traditional wooden additionally by a cooking rice cover by leafs of coconut trees we call Bulayak and completely with traditional spicy Lombok sauce.
To find this culinary not must to visit narmada but you can find in a small night market or stall overall lombok island.

Sate Bulayak narmada from that name i can share why the people should call light that, lombok has the original people that much understand about trademark although they stay on the small primitive island, they keep the name with narmada on the last to explained about where this product come from, 
sate means some slice of beef that collected by stick and grilled on wooded fire on control. 
Bulayak is a cooked rice that covered with coconut leafs. This process take long time time to get better rice cooking and strong structure.
Narmada is one of the west Lombok regency that located on the east side of 
Mataram and have the potential fertile land that better for agriculture.
The sauce made from some pieces of young pepper cutting and Lombok spicy sweet sauce. 

Sate Rembige

One of the Lombok Culinary that made from young beef, white onion, pepper, soya sauce, this culinary was made in Rembige close to Mataram around 10 minutes to the north.

Sate Rembige has special treatment on the grill process, the flavour should ready first and sink the beef cutting to the bowl that fully mixed with the flavour, wait for 20 minutes. This is a traditional techniques to made the flavour absorbed to the whole beef no exception. 
Sate rembige will serve with the cooking rice that covered with banana leafs the popular name is lontong, the taste will be a crispy and sweet spicy.

Nasi Puyung

This is kind of nasi was popular especially in central where the nasi Puyung come from, nasi Puyung was made from selected rice, chicken meat sliced and very hot sambal, when you eat this culinary you will feel like a fire in your mouth, the portion serve a standard portion that make you not much full but not too small.

Nasi puyung has branches warung in some place overall Lombok like international Lombok airport, Mataram and praya. 

Sate Ikan Lombok Utara

The new Lombok culinary that made from selected fish, this culinary was inspired from the people on North Lombok which has a lot of fish but they do not know how to sell the fish in other kind, typically this culinary same as sate but the fish mixtures with coconut, the sliced young coconut mixed with fish meat together and grilled on wooden fire.

Firstly this culinary was popular in Lombok Utara only but some of the owner of this culinary tried to improve their marketing to Mataram to get better consumer and in fact she is surprising when see the anticipation and attention from the people in Mataram to try and satisfied with the culinary. 
As we now that Mataram is capital of Lombok where the place dully with central medical, central Lombok administration, central of education and central of business based on that reason we can try our fortunes to add new aign of business with new products to sale. 

Finally the all of culinary was from the some place of Lombok that most popular now and easy find where you can get. 

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