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The moslem majority population in overall of Lombok, the lombok ethnic we call sasak they actually the origin lombok people that have residents hereditary, the lombok people has occupied some a potential land that very productive to plant and grow the agriculture products.

Lombok has the total population around 3.166.686 people based on census 2010, 85% of that come from the indigenous people and several of them come from other land like java, bali or sumbawa but they stay for long time and getting married with sasak people.

Wedding Ceremony

Lombok has rich and indigenous culture that can you show in common lombok culture for wedding ceremony. The popular wedding style with unexpected name here the ceremony process is it :

1. Visit the lady "Midang"

The familiar approach of the man to the woman in the night time to enclose one to each other, the sasak people set the strong rule that midang will have to finish at 10.00 pm if more the girl parents will be bring you out of the home.

2. Kidnapped the girl

This an extremely wedding process, when the girl agree to married and the man will kidnap the girl from her parent, the girl should stay on parent home no exceptional. The the man will bring the girl out from home and stay in the man friend or closest but not in the man house or man parents, this believes to avoid any accidents will be happen by other man to grab the girl.

3. Main ceremony

The couple will be pick them up by the man family and bring to his home to continue the process, the leader of the village we call pelingsir will discuss about the wedding process from the gift to the girl Mas Kawin and the gift to girl family after the all has been submitted and time to celebrate the akad nikah that will shown by villagers. It prove that the couple bridge was allowed to be husband and wife based on government rule or religion attitude.

Finally the main ceremony is to celebrate the ceremony we call Nyongkolan, in this time you can see the truly lombok costumes and classical music "gamelan" the kind of ceremony not much different with balinese culture from the kind of costumes and typically of the music.

Bau nyale festival

Another ceremony that you will see just in central lombok that we call bau nyale that celebrate on the middle of march when rainy season, every central Lombok people will visit seger beach to catch the worms by the nighy even the people make a tent to save from night wind.
From the short story that Putri Mandalika was so beautiful and some of the princes of the kingdom in Lombok interest to marriage with her, putri Mandalika has authority to choose the best prince that better for her, finally she deeply think that if she choose one of them that will create a big war between the kingdoms and she decided to jump to the seger beach and fastly she transformed to be colorful worm we call "nyale".

Peresean festival

The truly fighting will blow up your adrenaline, this habitual action show you the great stick fighting, this games between two fighters with stick that made from rattan.

This games running for 3 rounds which lead with the referee that call pekembar, there are two thing that prepared about stick and tameng and also your psychology to ready for get strong hit landing through your body, bleeding, hurt and tired will come and embrace you.

This festival was made as a part of kingdom history from long times ago, it happen when the people wanna go for war, trick if fighting will be practical before they go for battle of war and for respect from the hero the Lombok people keep this moment as part of Lombok Culture.

Lombok has lot of place for tourism objects overall the lombok side from beach, waterfall and the better place to stay. Lombok culture was influenced by Bali culture and Lombok culture, the both created acculturation one to each other, the culture still embedded in Lombok culture from costumes, religion ceremony, culture ceremony and many more.

Traditional Home

A traditional lombok home is one of the remains of history and culture of Lombok, a very hard to find a traditional Lombok home cause the strong modernity pressure make it out of the culture.

Lombok has traditional home that we call Lumbung that the whole wooden made, a traditional Lumbung home that can we see in sade village Kuta Lombok, well the people live in a community that live together in a land area.

Live together, help want to each other that is a primitive life. The man still use agriculture products to fully the live necessary and the wonan stay at hone to weaving songket that a manual handicrafts for sarongs on of the traditional Lombok products.

Traditional Handicrafts

Traditional handicrafts is a part of the historical culture of Lombok that a thousand of unique product that be influence by balinese culture, sasak cultures, arabic or China.

Sukarara is a central of weaving songket handicrafts that located in central Lombok actually 10 minutes from the capital city of central Lombok Praya.

Banyumulek is a central ceramic and pottery it located on west Lombok.

Most of the Lombok people has harvesting the agriculture as the main income and products more than 75% lombok people work as farmer and others remain work for government departments but still have agriculture as secondary income and the rest do selling business.

The balinese people still hold the fertile land in Lombok as narmada, one of the best source of water irrigation, the main of bali culture in Lombok has to be apart of torism object in Lombok, narmada is locates on the feet of Rinjani Mountain, this locations much influence the weather in this region.

The all of somekind Lombok culture that hold strongly to keep the the indigenous and the original Lombok culture with all potential meaning.

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