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Kayu Cafe Gili Trawangan is one of the best and most recommendation cafe to find the best breakfast menu with organic ingredients.  Fomerly Kayu Cafe was established to put a small coffe shop in Gili trawangan to fully the guest request for coffe quality with a little slice of cake for the complimentary, but now most of the people in Gili Trawangan put them to best the best coffe shop well favorites. 

Basically the name of "Kayu" come from Indonesian language which mean "wooden"  Those are transform to design interior fully with wooden architecture, from the table, the roof and upstairs restaurant was influence to the motto of the name Kayu. 

The View of Kayu Cafe 

The Cake Frezzer

Indoor Restaurant

Beach View Restaurant

Black Board Menu
Table Menu
All the design was managed so natural to boost the eyes view marching with the motto for the organic food with organic design. most of the guest who visited the gili island really car about the environment situation from the rubbish condition till the empower the world under water by Gili Eco Trust Community. 

Kayu Cafe located on the Central Area of Gili Trawangan around 100 meters from Gili Trawangan  to the south or 100 meters from Night Market of Gili Trawangan, the location was so easy to find it without scroll for long time. 

There are some reason why you should visit this kind of Restaurant : 
  • The Healthy food offer, all the ingredients serve with the fresh one for vegetable, fruit and another food which combined to be a great menu ever
  • The drinking water to make it a juice used the water in the bottle, most healthy as we know that Gili Island was hard to find the good water to drink, it should sailing the water from Lombok or make the system water desalinization as we see now. 
  • The Restaurant location on central area of Gili Trawangan then very easy for us to find it cause central area where the hotel location is.
  • It has restaurant on the beach, if you require to order healthy breakfast you can take the seat by the beach side to see a beautiful sunrise combine with a slim water with a little voice of the waves. 
  • It has an illy coffe machine to make Espresso, Capuccino, Machiato or Black Coffe, if require indonesian coffe, that available for you too
  • Another cake you may find for special celebration, Anniversary, Birthday or Honeymoon you may order in advance, another option for cake on Coffe and Tea, a slice of cake available for coffe time 
  • The organic food will be the general reason why you choose this restaurant as the best choice then other. 
Hope those all reason we enclose will change your mind to choose this restaurant during your holiday in Gili Trawangan.

The healthy food was made by Kayu Cafe Gili Trawangan which good enough for diet and healthy life, for more information about the menu and details you can see below : 

Dragon Fruits, Strawbery, Banana and Coconut

English Breakfast

Cappuccino, Fresh Juice and Black Coffe

Mixed Fruit

Fresh Salad
Finally this is a little information about Kayu Cafe Gili Trawangan well the best restaurant for organic food and fresh food for holiday budget. if you have any more information share with us by write a comment

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