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PRICE: 700.000, - for 2 people 

The southern coast does have a legend that is sufficiently memorial for the island of Lombok, the legend of Princess nyale is the legend of the history of the most pleasing to the Gumi Sasak, this legend has been named as a celebration of the regional which is always celebrated each entered the month of March or the rainy season, the legend that is inherent The head of the Central Lombok residents can now be enjoyed in a festival Bau Nyale. 
The southern coast is a favorite tourist attraction because many coastal attractions that can be visited, are in a line of travel cause it takes a very short time on the way, some sites that had fairly promising beauty and excellent natural beauty. The following sort order our journey towards the South Coast Tour: 

We will do a pick-up in your hotel around 9am after you are finished with your morning breakfast dishes, the trip will start shortly after you finish, provides all the equipment you need, make sure you bring some equipment as follows: 
  • Beach towels desperately need when you visit and try to swim by beach 
  • Meal allowance is you need, the way we will pass the coast with an average air temperature of 27 degrees will make hunger and thirst will quickly feel is why we will bring to the restaurant that has been famous for its cuisine but economical 
  • Cameras, is you need to capture every moment of your best with your family.
After the pick-up is done, we will move toward a place where we beach Kuta Lombok is located.

Hearing his name a lot of tourists think this is Bali's Kuta Beach but it is not, the place and the atmosphere will be very different, Kuta Beach is very crowded with tourists and is surrounded by a wide variety of homestay on the edge of the road, but Kuta Lombok is vastly different, the atmosphere beach calm and filled with a rustic feel. 
Kuta Beach Lombok has been in great demand by investors since the first, proved to have been built Novotel Lombok which has stood for more than ten years, the atmosphere and the form of grain shoreline of Lombok caused identical different from the other shore across Lombok Beach,  here you will find inscriptions that indicate historical phenomenon Nyale daughter who immersed himself into Seger Kuta Beach for feeling confused in choosing a life partner (Legend of princess Nyale)
This beach is the pioneer beach or the first beach became icons of southern Lombok in promoting tourism until now, it has been a phenomenal beaches in West Nusa Tenggara.
Shortly after the Kuta beach enjoying the beautiful beach Lombok, now is the time to proceed to Selung Belanak Beach.  

3. Visit Selung Belanak Beach
Selung Belanak beach is a beautiful beach oval under the hills with calm water conditions and clear, shallow waters allows you to swim with the family without having to worry about the ebb tide and sea water.

Pantai seal pups Belanak
Sparkling beauty of this beach will look so beautiful when you are in the hills heading toward the coast, beautiful beaches hit by sunlight and radiating beautifully into the lap of the tourists, sometimes we found many tourists feel amazed at the beauty, the reason why we recommend you bring a camera to see the most beautiful moments with your family in this Selung Belanak beach.

Moving a while of the hills towards the Lower Coastal beaches and buffalo cow farmers are Mawun beach.
4. Mawun Beach
The beach of the breeder, that's the nickname of this beach, the beach is located in the southern coastal region is inhabited by cattle ranchers and buffalo that live in the wild but well preserved, at dusk you'll find a bunch of buffalo back through the coastal wonderful to return to cage has been provided.
New atmosphere has available and that long has been changed, now towering coastal area attractions has become a very beautiful and charming and extremely suitable for your longer honeymoon, the beaches which have been and away from the bustle of everyday life,
Mawun Beach Lombok
This beach has tidal currents ramps for unbroken by walls beach so the current is only the remainder the rest of waves of the sea, the beach is fairly clean and the virgin, the absence of the inn was built up in 2015 makes it still became public beaches that can be visited by anyone. move to the next beach
Tanjung Ann or Tanjung Aan Beach is already very popular among visitors to the regional that Lombok people has often visit these places, mostly residents of capsicum call PANTAIAN without mentioning the word doble AA, the beach is presenting a tourist place suitable for tourists who want to bathe beach and linger there.
Batu Payung
After that moment we will witness the beauty of Batu Payung ( Umbrella Stone ) are often used as background in the photo shoot, this natural phenomenon provides a special attraction for tourists, stone chips beaches formed as the umbrella is fairly rare and phenomenal, it's time we will move on to visit the closing end of the day to watch the sunset. 
Bukit merese is a hill at an altitude of approximately 50 meters above sea level that is synonymous with a view of the blue sea water, a rare the situation you'll find in the hill, the charm of the sunset combined with a reddish glow will give you the best moments as a cover visits you.
Bukit Merese Lombok
We recommend going to bring a tripod to get his best moment of sunset on the altitude, every detail shift sunset will be formed along the beautiful sea of ​​the south coast, after a moment of sunset ended, it was time for us to go back to hotel accommodation.


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PRICE USD 40 , - PER PERSON Minimum 4 people
Include Pick Return Hotel
Lombok travel packages Rafting or whitewater rafting is a travel package to push your adrenaline with very high challenge levels, some of our appreciation of the guests who feel very proud and enthusiastic to keep doing with the flow of water filled with tough challenges.
This tourist location is in the suburbs Mataram precisely in the village of Lingsar District of Narmada, the location of travel packages are in place that are still beautiful and natural, footprints you'll step trail walkway filled with much tree spikes that around like a forest, this tourist spot never touched by human hands.
Lombok Rafting or white water rafting has its base camp in the village of Batu Mekar, Lingsar, West Lombok, along with the location of Karang Bayan durian sales center.
This Basecamp are planted in the end of the rafting traversed so you need time to get to the start rafting located upstream, its own river called Sungai Jangkok which empties into Ampenan Beach.
Pick-up with a jeep as a means of transportation to the upstream start rafting where the track quite stressful, winding track which will provide its own tensions when driving off-road, we pass the farm to harvest durian and rambutan already famous  in lombok.

It is heading in from rafting Lombok, here is where we will do the registration and administration to start the tour tense, you will be greeted with hot coffee or hot tea as body warmers of the cold weather Desa Lingsar, we will spend a moment as a sign introductions at the same briefing.

This place is as a home to start using vehicle for transportation and approach to the guests, sometimes hilarious jokes and jokes will accompany you here, we will set foot and continue  toward the start location using pickup vehicles with challenging terrain, prepare yourself to shout out loud.
Challenge 1 is the challenge you'll find when you are already 1/3 of the way, the challenge of this one brings you and inflatable boats dived as deep as 180 degrees, grip tightly and shout aloud to add to the spooky atmosphere.
Challenge 2 is a challenge that makes your welcome momentary shock, this is because these challenges present themselves as starters that gives you a thrilling sensation. prepare yourself with the initial challenge because these sensations are different from other challenges.
Challenge 3 is the most horrific challenge, steep downhill path of 100 meters so far this sounds of water crash, heavy water decreases, prepare your paddles so the rubber boat goes well in accordance with the specified direction, the direction of the appropriate path of the river, paddle faster and also as hard.
This is the off-road vehicle that will take you to get to Top Start with the terrain was quite stressful but the present view of dense orchards.

And there are so many challenges that can be found but there is one the most stressful challenges still do not dare to open with a high level of risk, if you are an expert you can try.

Track traversed there are various names of Welcome Rafting which is the initial challenge that makes you get a salutation that will make you scream out loud stressful.
Some important factors and draw from these attractions:
  • Has a very intriguing challenge with swift currents twisting and distance as far as 6.5 kilometers from upstream to downstream  (Rafting Areas of water flow)
  • Lunch is included in the price of package tours
  • You will pass through the road filled with fruit plantations that would be a sight not to be forgotten
  • The distance is not so far from the city center will make it easier and save energy for use when rafting running
  • You will be equipped with a tool that has become a standard part of the rafting (helmet, Life jacket and punting)
  • To know more about the watercourse, the guide will give a briefing before the start and will participate in the trip as a driver.
  • Free pick-up by jeep upstream to commence white water rafting
  • Free Mineral and Snack
  • Free Hot drink coffee and tea
  • Professional Guide
  • Safety insurance
Here are step-step journey to follow the trip is as follows:
  1. Doing a shuttle to the hotel where you stay either at Senggigi or Mataram even down to Kuta Lombok
  2. Towards sights takes about 30 minutes from the city of Mataram and 50 minutes from Lombok International Airport
  3. After arriving at the Post Lingsar you will be served a snack and a drink then you will be picked up by shuttle jeep upstream launch
  4. Before skiing, the tour guide will give a briefing on safety procedures and the use of safety devices
  5. The launch will be carried out after all the fleet and facilities in top shape and ready for launch 
Shortly after the trip is completed, you will be served with lunch is included in the package price, cool atmosphere of the mountains and plantations accompanied with typical food spicy chili will taste delicious, spicy mixed cold.
To make reservations please do one day earlier
Not allowed for children
For people with heart and respiratory illnesses are not allowed
Strictly forbidden to open a security tool travel when performed even in a state of panic
Follow all guidelines which leading by our tour guide
The price includes pick-up at hotel

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PRICE: 700.000, - for 2 persons 
City Tour Lombok is part of a tour which so special for the tourists because we focused on the introduction of the tribe and culture of Lombok, which is still giving it the potential of tourism to the island of Lombok, The Park, Temple and Souvenir will be the best product to show off.
As for this tour package we will try to introduce some of the inscriptions and historical heritage are the living proof the triumph of empire in the past, a lot of culture on the island of Lombok is still influenced by the culture of Bali in the kingdom of Karangasem. 
The introduction of a wide variety of unique handicrafts Lombok also be part of this Lombok city tour including woven handicrafts, bamboo and pottery, it can provide a valuable experience for your classic and the tourists who visit various tourist destinations. 
The following step-step in doing an introduction to the cultural sights of Lombok 
Our driver will do a shuttle to your hotel once you're finished with breakfast at 9 am, bring a variety of equipment that you need to support cultural attractions, such as a camera to document everything that you meet along our journey.
First we will visit Narmada Park which is a testament history of the park where the great king Anak Agung bathhouse, Narmada park locatied right in suburbs adjacent to Market Narmada, besides bathing pool you can also see the order of the garden neat and quite beautiful. 
This park was fully architecture by Balinese People with design fully with Balinese symbol, a temple on the top of the park to be a real witness that the was established by Balinese people.
Taman Narmada
Surrounding the garden area you can enjoy the beautiful breeze of fresh, because the region Lombok Narmada is the central irrigation Lombok island is never short of water capacity, it can be said that Narmada is part of the lungs of the city of Mataram  is overgrown with millions of green trees and is a source of of water for the water company on the island of Lombok.
Narmada is a relic of King Anak Gde Agung neatly with a plot of stairs resemble beautiful mountains,  surrounded by greenery with 3 pools that are under the bottom of the stairs that are at the lake in Mount Rinjani, people believe that Narmada is the center fountain young sourced from Mount Rinjani, 
Besides narmada park is also used as a place of worship for the Hindu people celebrate Pakelem ceremony and for local people they came during week end to fill the time and relax with family, although the facility not supported to family holiday but the young man still visit this place as romantic moment to have.
While doing the documentation in various corners of the garden you can also taste the culinary specialties of Lombok ingrained in Narmada namely Sate Bulayak.
Moving on to the history of Lingsar which is a relic of history that was built in 1741 by Anak Agung Karangasem Bali at the time of the government, the temple is built on a land area of ​​26 hectares, the Hindus believe that Lingsar Temple is the most sacred temple on the island of Lombok.
Pura Lingsar is evidence of inter-religious harmony has existed since the first until now, was not far from the Narmada Park will give a sense of immediacy in itself between this historic place overall was part of the kingdom of the foregoing, as historical evidence that the kingdom already know the fertility of a place to be used as a residence and should layover.
Visit Sukarara Village ( Central Weaving Songket )
Next we will rotate the steering wheel to the Central Lombok where you will find unique handicrafts Lombok is ready to use, you can also try to make a woven fabric with your own hands, a wide variety of unique handicrafts Lombok can be found, not only woven fabrics alone, there are also assorted handicraft are also available with a neat ready-try.
Village Sukarara
Located in the suburbs Praya and as a symbol of handicrafts typical of  Lombok, as participation in this place you can use a variety of ornaments in the form of woven fabric completely and use it as a keepsake for a moment when you take photos of,   see yourself now part of the culture of Lombok ,
Closing event was a visit to different places by the center-by and souvenirs Lombok Sasaku, souvenir shopping can be a Shirt, Ceramics,  Snacks and other option, Lombok island which is famous for its handicraftss and the saltwater pearl, Lombok had been hunted by many tourists to buy pearl products that deserve to be as high quality jewelery with the world's best value.
Mutiara Lombok
So much the center of pearl cultivation you can see and find that will give you information about the manufacturing process so that it becomes a beautiful jewelry on the hands and fingers, as time has moved the evening it was time we returned to the hotel where you stay and it is enough for a city tour today
Tour includes:
  • Pick up dan drop hotel
  • Air-conditioned car
  • Guiding 
  • Fuel and driver


eni sulistiani

PRICE 1.400.000, - for 2 persons 
Duration: 10 Hours

Pink Beach is the beach of Lombok which located at the eastern end of Lombok absolutely in the Village Sekaroh District of Jerowaru East Lombok, this location is often used as a place for fishing, the location is in the Far East are already very familiar place for local people of Lombok, because Gawah Sekaroh has become a designation that meant as far east location. 

Pink Beach East Lombok
If you want to witness the beauty of the pink beaches is a good idea to make a visit in the morning time, in order to get the sand that radiate pink and smoothly view, radiating beautiful from a distance, the location of which is regarded as a new tourist attractions make the explorer trail adventurers want to feel the beauty of nature that is untouched by pink captivating charm adventures. 


We will pick up in your hotel stay right after you breakfast, it is certainly we arrange for all daily activities can be implemented properly so that what we planned to be part of fundamental importance to our clients:
before we do travel trip helps your self to provide some supplies before the trip begins
  • Towels are needed to dry off your body when you do snorkeling
  • Other clothes need to be brought because you will need it when home or to the next trip, we do not recommend using your wet clothes when traveling for health reasons and comfortable trip factor
  • Bring a little money for food during the trip. 
For pick-up at the Airport we really appreciated to book lombok flights schedule arriving at around 9 or 10 in the morning, the time is  the best moments are not missed simply, if you are somewhat competitive flight we were advised to do after another day or days hereinafter.

Overland trip will spend approximately 2.5 hours to travel past the Highway toward East Lombok and came together on the pink beach, in the beach view you can find the best moment approach, bring a camera to catch the best moment and the best memorable experience.


Shortly after arriving at the Pink Beach, we will see the general view around pink beach and watch the beauty of the pink beaches to charm its beaches, you will be presented with the natural scenery and beautiful. Once you feel satisfied to see the beauty of the beach clear with crystal-clear water, then it was time we will be visiting Gili Maringkik, Gili this one is idolized by fishermen, anglers and hunters of fish, this is due to the diversity of fish that are underneath that will be a list of our visit.

Gili Peter Lombok Timur

We will do the snorkeling in front of the beach maringkik once visited the island, a variety of marine fish and some types of marine ecosystems can be found such as coral and seaweed whose are so fast growing and developing, This location will be the main snorkel spot  to watch thousands of marine fish and shellfish populations.


Gili Pasir was dominated by sand alone, no trees or rocks put it down a lone make it clean and beautiful, as long as you are in this dyke, you are presented with a natural panorama loose, as if you were in your own land and uninhabited.

Gili Pasir East Lombok
This Gili Pasir area  you will find so many starfish that lined the shoreline you can see, ecosystems and habitats starfish was awake at this place without any interference and meddling of delinquency human hands, starfish are part of marine ecosystems into part of the underwater ecosystem itself. 
Gili Pasir has around 10 Meters square which you can find when low tides, high tides will effect to quantity of water will close the top of Gilis.


Visit to the dike that this one was different, to form a hole in the beach cause worthy competitor Pantai Batu Bolong Senggigi, by having the same fonomena and stunning nature, there are some other places that we visit as the place of cultivation lobster and Kampung Bugis.

Tourist attractions will make your journey guaranteed to satisfy, because visiting different places in one full day, different places and the atmosphere produce a memorable experience for your family  

After all the time we would have ended the trip back to the hotel in the evening time, our journey had reached the end of the desired destinations, see you on the next trip The package includes:
  • Air-conditioned car
  • Alat2 Snorkeling for 2 people 
  • Boat to the island of Gili
  • Guide as your guide
  • Pick Hotel or Airport
Some of the advantages of this tour package is as follows: 
  • You can find the phenomenon pink beach comes with some relics of ancient Japanese nation

  • The phenomenon of starfish in Gili Pasir

  • Aquaculture seafood and lobster and you can try culinary seafood

A wide variety of richness and variety of marine ecosystems can find such a diversity of species of marine fish in Gili Maringkik that local people use as a fishing location and is very popular with the growth of coral reefs is very fast due to the absence of chemicals and human contacts within disrupt marine ecosystems.