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Bali island is a biggest and most famous tourism object in Indonesia, it has various culture that we must proud about that and they has many beautiful beach, natural forest and many thing to sell about, many place that has a potential product to offer from the long slow tour, rafting, water sports, biking until hunting a souvenir. Even though the many kind of attractive place to visit but somebody want to try another another land side with a huge panorama this is can be a small island that we call gili island. 
Gili island has a really different environment conditions, stay on the small island without traffic, no pollution, no car, no motorbike and far from daily work activities, how can we reach this island from Bali ? Here we will describe the way you can reach the island from slow enjoy boat ferry until the super duper fastest boat to Gili Island :

How Can We Get to Gili Island From Bali ?

1. Fasboat from Serangan 

South Bali is a main tourism object in Bali with some beautiful place to stay and long beach area, serangan harbour is the closest way to take fastboat actually for the guest staying in Kuta beach, Nusa Dua and Legian Bali, just drive to the east of Bali around half hour and you can reach the Serangan harbour shortly from Kuta Beach area.

There two fastboat operator provide transport from Serangan to Gili Island direct without stop on Lombok or other place that is blue water express with arrival time at 10.30 in Gili Trawangan and Gili Gateway with arrival time at 12.00 in Gili Trawangan island the both boat has popular with name High Class Fastboat with price up to 500.000,- net one way.

2. Fastboat from Sanur

Sanur beach is another option to catch boat to Gili Island, the Fastboat operator wanna find the best place targeting to the guest that stay close to Bali Airport, you just need a half hour from Denpasar airport drive to Sanur Beach. 

To take the option you will find the only one boat will running from sanur to Gili Island but this boat will stop in Lembongan and continue to Gili Island.
Super scoot fast cruise was designed as the catamaran boat and has been declared to be the best fastboat award for 5 years. The greater design than other make it this boat as good choice to sailing to Gili island.

3. Fastboat from Amed

The calmest beach of bali trying to provide fastboat transfer from amed, this the closest beach to Gili Island, actually this place for the trekker who was finished to climb agung mountain in Bali and continue their vacancy to Gili. 

For this place there are two kind of fastboat operator departure from amed that amed sea fastboat and kuda hitam fastboat with estimated time arrival at 10.00 am in Gili Trawangan, the boat can load 30 passengers on board.

4. Fastboat from Padangbai

The public harbour in bali has provide fastboat services for reach gili island not only public slow ferry, as many fastboat operator landing on different time that easier for us to find the better time to cross over the gili, some of the boat we can choose like Marina Srikandi, Eka jaya with three time running everyday, you can choose the time as your necessary. 

To reach this harbour just 2 hours ride from South Bali to the northeast, or you can book this fastboat including pick up service in South Bali, this can save the money although they use public pick up shares with another persons. 

Padangbai as the biggest fastboat landing with more then 5 companies set this place as boarding place but the location quite far from Bali tourism object, using free pick up service will save the money in your pocket.

5. Slow boat Perama

The oldest boat transfer bali to lombok that be the better solution if several of the travellers one to enjoy sea cruising with 4 hours on the boat trip, the time will be twice time by fastboat service.

The oldest boat was designed by wooden boat at look very classic with greater facility and spacious interior, this boat has low of order due to the mostof people's using the fastest boat to reach the gili island by 90 minutes. 

6. Helicopter by Air Bali

This an vip transport that support for the travellers with high budget, as my experience one of my client have been use that service to drive from Bali to Gili Trawangan the korean guys, and also come of indonesian actor have been try this service.

You can see the beautiful view of Gili and Bali by air, Gili Trawangan is the only one gili has helicap, it located on the south side of Gili Trawangan close to Pondok santi Hotel.

Just this one my information about how to teach Gili Island from bali, i hope this can help for your travelling tips. 

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