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Thursday, 31 December 2015

The cheapest hotel Gili Trawangan

For low budget no worry, Gili Trawangan has multi hotel class that possible for you to stay longer and enjoy the Gili island natural view, here some of the accomodation with low budget need ;

1. Permata Bungalow 

This hotel has a standard room offer with fan and queen sized bed offer, it located behind the Gili Trawangan harbour around 5 minutes walk, the price start from 100.000 to 300.000,- the location right behind the central area make the best choice to stay.

2. Salsabila bungalow 

The new homestay that location on the central area, the price start at 50.000 to 100.000 with standard fan room, it has upstair room to sell including breakfast during your stay.

3. Twin Garden

A medium class bungalows, it located on the backside of main road Gili T, they have room separate with other room to block noises voices from other room, the price start on 200.000,- to 500.000,- it has air conditioner facility.

4. Banana leafs

The location was so easy to find around a minutes from the public mosque of Gili Trawangan or 10 minutes from Gili T harbour, the price start from 150.000 to 400.000 depend to the term and conditions.

5. Gili castle

The old name is Gili backpacker was so popular homestay with more people really recommend it actually for the diving students, the price was depend to bed it means they sell the room by bed from 100.000,- in a night to 200.000,- a night per bed. 

With some of cases they have got, Gili backpacker was changed the name to Gili Castle due to the rule to not sell the room by the quantity of the bed, the room just can provide maximum 3 bed in one room, the rule was so strong that we call awik awik gili trawangan, one of the very best facility is a big swimming pool to swim.

6. Broken compass

It has the same facility as Gili castle and the location right infront of Gili backpacker, they have any exercises  to do like table tennis, it serve food and drink to get fully guest services.

It has a room on second floor well equipped with facility and good service, however the location make it change, most of the gueat choose this accomodation due to easy access to central area for food and drink.

7. Woodstock

It located quite far from main road but this accomodation offer the very nice  hotel with Eco friendly system, all materials was made from wood that was inspired from the name. 

The location around 10 minutes from central area and far from the noise atea and island activities, a swimming pool was offer infront of the hotel stay, it look so natural overall kind of hotel.

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