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The good news, Lombok has found a new travel destination hidden on the North Lombok, no body know about this beach area only the local people know about that beach, it located on the Sambik Bangkol village Gangga regency North Lombok, its about 20 minutes from capital city of North Lombok Tanjung and around an hour from Mataram the capital city of Lombok ride to the north passing Pusuk Monkey Forest with the curve road design and left to the right on Pemenang bangsal 

This place as same to be a hidden paradise, new beach decoration with amazing view, the beach was so clear, no plastic rubbish on the beach and the water was so clear, and the amazing that the hill decoration as a abstrack painting with curve design as same like a dessert on the sahara. 

All the view that we see create by natural, although same like the people make it, the beach was blockes the flow by the hill with up to 10 meters high that so nice to be a picture background. 

This beach is a new discovery beach that easy location to reach, actually the position right behind the school of SMPN 2 Gangga, for easier to find just a remember the school that you can ask to the local people, everybody will know about the public service facility location that very helpful for traveller to find any destination. If you ride a motorbike you can ride direct to the beach side by passing the path way to enter the beach but for car you should park on the close to Main Street due to the road capacity too small. 

This beach has lot of name that local people call but the most popular name is pantai tebing based on design and architecture that cover the beach, the beach was using by local people for fishing and swimming by the beach cause of the location close to the village.

What to do

Swimming is the regular activity that local people use to be, the clear water wothout rubbish make a something different  than other beach like Gili Island or in south lombok.

Snorkelling, the local people use this beach as a place tha catch the fish it means the world underwater living well, where you can find lot of fish that you will see a good coral cause the both is underwater ecosystem one to each other need.

Take a picture, you will be surprise if you never visit the beach, find out the picture well exciting with the abstract painting background embedded and high accompanied with the crowd voices of waves, not much visitor come to and not lot of people knowing and still low of visitor but the natural aspect is the soul of the beach, keep going and the beach present the best views ever.


The beach still natural and just find by the media but the local people use to be a part of their life for daily activities, swimming, fishing and other else.

The road was so small and just motorbikes that able to passing the path way to the beach and the car must be park around 200 meters from the beach area.

The people still primitive, spend the time on agriculture as farmers and sailing as a fisher that the main income of them, although the beach has a beautiful scenery bit the people not really know how to improved and promoting the place as new travel destination.

This beach was open for public without any entrance fee to collect for save and keep the beach front from dangerous effect, everyone can going and leavea without any rule to follows, but we hope the next time this beach should protect from unresponsive people.

One thing that makes little disappointed for the sand, it has black sandy beach not white sandy beach, through the location facing to the ocean and close to Lombok mainland that product the blavk sand.

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