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Lombok is a small island was famous with the best beach and other travel destination to visit, the natural beach and other hidden paradise not find yet and never touch by human, it need to explore to add to the travel destination in the world generally and Lombok Especially. 

The place that i will describe may have been explained before as the best travel destination object but in here i will describe a unique factor of destination that will be a reason why we go there : 

1. Pink Beach

The beautiful beach with incredible color cover all the beach side, usually we saw the white sandy beach all around lombok but here the pink beach shine like a rainbow, walk on the beach side reach the smallest side to explore, the unique pink beach was call by local people as " pantai tangsi" but the popular name is pink beach based on the beach color.

It located on Jerowaru regency on east lombok about 1,5 hours from Lombok international airport passing the stone road to the east side even there the heaven waiting for us, no hotel and accomodation it means this beach untouched by human or media to expose.

2. Pura Batu Bolong

There is a temple was established on the top hole stone, this was a great picture to catch, this place was so great with the location on the corners of the beact and create a beach curve, absolutely the greatest spot for sunset point by gathering the place with sunset moment.

It located not far from senggigi beach around 5 minutes, the best time to viat this place in the afternoon while aunset time.

3. RINJANI Mountain 

It was declared as the third highest mountain in Indonesia with about 3.726 meter from surface of the water, this place was exposed as the best trekking area in indonesia with 3 other mountain in another island. 

The unique thing that this mountain has a small mountain on the lake of segara anak with same conditions as the active volcano as like the smoked ashes activity recently on 2 month ago, the other unique thing is about the fresh water lake on the top of rinjani mountain was created by the big eruption on long tome ago. 

Aa same like other mountain in Indonesia, some of the people believe that RINJANI mountain is a place where the Queen Anjani live and guard the Rinjani mountain, believe or not this something that the people believe about.

4. Gili Island

This an amazing island that lombok has , it located on the north Lombok, this place was so popular especially ine of the biggest Gili Trawangan, this island as same like maldive but the gili island bigger than it.

What truly a unique factor of this island, the island no pollution although around 300 hectare wides square but this island keep the natural as a unique product to differ with other destination.

Other unique is world under water between 3 gilis, more than 20 diving spot ready to explore with different view one to each other, you can reach this island by boat or speed boat.

5. Gerupuk Beach

It located on The south beach area around 30 minutes from Kuta Beach, this beach not popular because of the white sandy beach but the waves action, the young surf man call lombok hawaii, the waves was so amazing up to 2 meters every 10 or twenty minutes.

Most of young japan and Australia vome to visit this place just to try the harm and strong of the waves, the young still explore how to defeat the waves action on Gerupuk Beach and how van they survive on the surf board without falling down when the action running.

This the unique Lombok place to visit, we hope can be inspired to explore Lombok Tourism Objects.

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I am an Hotelier who worked for hotel and travel agent, now i arrange my business site to help the people find the best online ticketing and trip during their vacation in Lombok.

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