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Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Fantastic Reason to choose Blue Water Fastboat Service as transportto Gili

The huge competition through fastboat company to assist the guest transfer from bali to gili and contrary, the competition was crowded from the price and the service also the spacious place. 

Although the other company boost their promotion by online and offline but they actually forgot about reputation and service quality although they have bigger fastboat than Blue Water Express, here we embedded the fantastic teason to choose BWS : 

1. The pioneer of fastboat Company 

as the pioneers they will now more about the condition and environmental also what the guest needed during sailing by boat, professionalism come through this company.

Starting on 2009 this company was operated where there is no one fastboat provide direct transfer from Bali to Gili Trawangan, they build a connection and sales marketing from zero to hero, presented the new service, benefits and build a trust from the client to believe that the fastboat work safe and comfortable, the entire all of struggle have been paid bay now the people most chosen this company as trusted fastboat company.

2. Best service 

One of the best fastboat that provide the helpful porter to bring your luggage to ship, actually in Serangan or Padangbai they have a waiting hall to make registration and take complement like coffe and tea as a part of their service.

On sailing process we will be accompanied by the music and professional staff to explain the route and weather conditions also a cool water and fresh towel well provide it.

3. Hard to find a sit

A limited product has better quality this a motto of marketing, as we know that very hard to find a sit through this company due to the people most booking this fastboat as the best choice.

Most of travel agents trust this company to bring their clients with safe and comfortable sailing even low season this boat hard to book cause of fully booked.

4. A solid database

It has a great database to sort the booking from one years ago or other period, why database has an effect to the guest ? Some of other company forget the oldest booking and usually release it from their reports.

You may find some of the guest complain abou the transfer or miss pick up, this an usual problem that the fastboat doing but not with blue water express.

5. On time 

This fastboat well orgenized through departure and pick up service, they alway has on time duty and if has any delay , the fastboat company inform in advance. This a helpful information for the client to get right information through sailing servic

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