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Monday, 4 January 2016

Cat Clinic in Gili Trawangan

Gili island is a three small island which located on the north side of Lombok West Nusa Tenggara province, in few years the three gilis are booming to be a biggest travel destination in indonesia after Bali island and now it time for as a local people especially and indonesian people generally, a something that move up need to keep stay longer as same as Gili Island. 

Gilis has donated the highest income through taxes and entrance fee to the government and now it time for us to keep and save the island by caring and keeping the nature especially for animal even underwater or inland of Gili Trawangan, cat and horse that one of the biggest population in Gili Island need to care about, keeping the health, supplies the nutrition and food.

Uncontrolled cats gili from over population that be a big problem on gili island, cat gilis out of control running on the main road, crashed over by horse cart, low of nutrition, eating on the mashed rubbish this a pathetic condition for animal, it needs any people to care about, they stay wild clost to the restaurant, climbing the trees, stealing any food, begging a little pieces of meat this make my eyes over flow.

Most of the cat has long tails, short tails, blended tails that look strange and no worries about that no body treat the cat come to be but they are like that when they born, based on that situation blue marlin dive and Lutwala Dive has inspired about how to protect the cats of gili from over population and low nutrition consumption.

This project was planned by the both company with a people who a cat lover, here the project is : 
1. the first project that to stop the cat population on Gili Island by stopping the cat reproduction, a few cat population but healthier and controlled from food, nutrition and disease 
2. Established the complex clinic for cat on Gili Island then when we got any trouble about cat treatment every medicine and medical team ready to action
3. Medical checkup for the cat every few days to control the health and nutrition and other some planning was written on the project.

Enthusiasts and appreciated of the tourist and employers should get a reward for their action but this the truly honest guys, actually now the cat of gilis still make a new professional blog for shortly connection between cat lover and donator as the biggest investment.

Now the cats of Gili community generated the cat shop to supply food, drink, suplement for kitten, it located on egoiste restaurant. 

And the other thing that some diving company shown the contributions by created the cat clinik and hospital as same as lutwala dive and blue marlin dive bit one that most important that the contribution need to created most perfect that what we wish about like to supply some nurse or professional doctor to hold the emergency call, this the thing that we wish about.

The cat caring contributions need to be supported by advice, donation, action or treatment, we will say thank for all of your support to keep the life ecosystem and keep our environment, the small pieces of your action will be change the whole world. Cats of Gili Lover.

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