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Tuesday, 31 January 2017


eni sulistiani

Lombok International Airport is one of the door to entry the Lombok Island From other land or another island of Indonesian, Lombok island is a part of the island of Sunda Kecil which located on West Nusa Tenggara Province. Bali was very popular from a few years ago and continue Lombok Island well-known as the best destination in the world such as Gili Island (Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno).

Transportation From Lombok Airport to Gili Trawangan is not a something that very hard for tourist during their holiday, there are many transportation can be find with competitive price, we would like to offer anykind of our transport service :
  • Airport Transfer Lombok
  • Car Rental 
  • Snorkeling Trip
  • Speedboat Lombok to Gili Island 
  • One Day Tour
  • Rafting ( Inbound and Outbound )
  • Diving 
  • Water Sport 
  • Parasailing
As we know Gili Trawangan is the biggest Gili which located on the north side of Lombok Island, more than 5 millions guest has visited this Gili Island for 2016, life in the non motorized island made the all back to nature, classical island that much better to escape from your daily life.

To continue your journey to the Island of Gili Trawangan we provide Private transfer from Lombok International Airport to Gili Trawangan with private car with specification like : 

1.       Air Conditioner Room
2.       MPV
3.       Driver (able to speak English)
4.       Including Gasoline 

We will spend approximately 2 hours from Lombok International Airport to Gili Trawangan with private car and continue with private speedboat from Teluk Nare to Gili Trawangan.
We enclose the procedure of airport pick-up service :

Paging in Airport 

Before you book the pick-up service, actually we need your name and your flight details to attached to our job list report and transform to action.
A white board will welcoming you at the Lombok International Airport which written under your name cause that is the best way to find our client in airport.

A Profesional staff welcoming you at the airport then bring all of your luggage through the car, before you leave the airport make sure that all of your stuff, luggage and anything important have been on your hand to avoid anything to worry about.

Drive Car to Teluk Nare 

The MPV car is one of our transportation which allow to load 4 persons with luggage, a big space of interior will accompany your journey through your Gili destination and also air conditioner facility will avoid heat along the trip.

Along the way, we will pass the senggigi beach where you can see the beautiful beach with blue water view although the road come up and come down, to keep relax and enjoy it we can stop any where to take some photo or some lunch in restaurant close to.

Finally, we will spend one and fifty minutes drive car from Lombok International Airport to Teluk Nare where our private speedboat landing for.

Teluk Nare to Gili Trawangan by Speedboat

After long journey we will finish the trip by speedboat to across  from Teluk Nare to Gili Trawangan, 7 kilometers away by 10 minutes.
We have a private harbor in Teluk Nare to welcoming our client with high appreciated and easy managed without feel uncomfortable with the people across the road way.
Normally we drop the clients to Gili Trawangan where the place for speedboat landing for but we always drop the client direct to the beach infront of hotel by speedboat such us :
  • Villa Ombak
  • Villa Almarik
  • Horizontal Hotel
  • Pearl of Gili
  • Kokomo
  • Trawangan Resort
  • Beach House
  • Trawangan Dive
This can be done depend to the weather and the water condition ( high tide and low tide ).
For reservation, please find our service above and select the service you need then continued to finish the all step by step till the trip confirmed.
Today i wanna share about lombok airport transfer, i write this article due to a request from my client how can we reach other travel destination by Lombok Airport Transfer, here we go, the first time how the people organise your pick up service and some tips to do and claim to get comfortable transport,

Our Motto will be expose on the line paragraph below : 

1. Facility

make sure that the car facility as your request like air con, up deck for surf board, garage for the luggage and bag.

2. Capacity

do not make the car over capacity to save the money but lose the comfortable action, all the car have capacity that marching yo the quality machine. If you bring 30 passengers you should use bus, and the people just three or two passengers you can use low MPV and the people up to 5 passengers you can use a minibus.

3. Capabality 
the driver will be able to bring you down to the hotel without any complain that can reduce capability of driver, if the driver has much experience but they not able to drop you on that time due to the term and conditions.

4. Professionality 
even the driver has much experience but the professionalism much different with the experience but the thing is the driver should follow the standard pick up service operational (SOP) by follow the rule that was set up and the driver well so professional.

5. Customers service 
Customer service is one of the biggest aspect that affect to the client, if you have good service the people will use your transport anymore.

If you require to use our service, please click the button  book online in our menu then will direct you to booking form then please follow the step until the payment done

Other service we accept :

Transport From Lombok Airport to Gili Trawangan/Gili Air/ Gili Meno

Transport from Lombok Airport to Gili Air is the same step like transportation from Gili Trawangan, take 2 hours ride from Lombok Airport to Teluk Kodek continue with speedboat to Gili Air ( approximately take 10 Minutes )
Transport from Lombok Airport to Gili Meno is the same step like transportation from Gili Trawangan, take 2 hours ride from Lombok Airport to Teluk Kodek continue with speedboat to Gili Air ( approximately take 10 Minutes )

Transport From Lombok Airport to Kuta Lombok

It take just 30 minutes ride by car from Lombok International Airport to Kuta Lombok with some hotel destination like :  Novotel Lombok. Hotel Segara Anak, Melati Hotel, Kuta Beach hotel and other hotel Which location on the Kuta Beach Area 


Transport From Lombok Airport to Bangsal or Teluk Nare/Kodek

It take 2 Hours by Car to this kind of transport, starting from your landing in Lombok International Airport Continue to some place we passed, Mataram and senggigi beach. on the way the trip you may stop for getting lunch which recommend it.

Transport From Senggigi to Gili Trawangan/Gili Meno/Gili Air

Senggigi to Gili Trawangan
Senggigi is one of the central of tourism object in Lombok.
Much of the tourist still confused how to reach Gili Trawangan from Senggigi area in Lombok, they think that can be tak speedboat direct from senggigi to Gili Trawangan but there was not possible.
We need to take a car ride from Senggigi to Teluk Nare harbour to take private speedboat to Gili Trawangan.

Why Teluk Nare ?
Teluk Nare Harbour is a second harbour which offer private speedboat to Gili Island with approximately take 10 Minutes from Teluk Nare to Gili Island

30 Minutes ride car need to reach Teluk Nare Harbour, this was not a long time spend but you need to book the speedboat with us to keep the speedboat available for your and family.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


eni sulistiani
Snorkeling trip is a simple trip to  see a beautiful world under water with a simple equipment like a snorkel, mask and fin and focus in the surface of the water. This trip that possible for people which want to see world under water with a swimming skill only.

One of the interesting trip in this island is snorkeling trip 3 island with glass bottom boat, the boat was designed with glass on the bottom to see animal while we across the shoreline and with roof on top to keep us from shiny sun.


Gili island is one of the best travel destination in the world with more than 5 million visitor every years since 2014 until now, there are 3 Gilis was very popular which located on the north side of Lombok Mainland.

Gili Trawangan is the biggest island with 300 hectare land side, the popularity and the best gili destination still hold it, there are many kind of hotel established to served the guest with different mindset, economic and social.

Until the last report of 2017, there are 250 hotel has been established and go online to catch the client from the popular marketplace of hotel. In this island you will find white sandy beach, crystal water and turtle conservation which the guest are very appreciated with this paradise island.

We may call Gili Trawangan is one of perfect island with enough facilities, there are many ATM every step of you walk, riding horse by afternoon, cooking class for Indonesian food, horse cart ride the island, snorkeling trip with glass bottom boat, diving under water and banana boat.

Gili Air is The closest island from mainland now it been the alternative choice for honeymoon couple, the original island we call due the local people still hold the classical ceremony and avoid any building which face to the regulation, this island was so close to just 10 minutes from Bangsal Habor Lombok.

Snorkeling 3 island is the best activity underwater with simple equipment to wear,  must not a be a professional swimmer to do it, here the step by step to do snorkeling trip 3 island :

Before we starting the trip, all the guest need to come to our office right infront of Kelapa Kecil Homestay or 100 meters from Trawangan Dive Restaurant to south area.
Check-in time will be a starting trip as administration to manage anything come on schedule and everything come on time, the time can be change anytime depend to order.

Before we sailing, we need to marching equipment to avoid any problem on the way, there are some equipment which including on the trip :
Life Jacket
Marching all equipment carefully

it is about how the thing can we do during snorkeling trip, our great staff will explain anything you need during your trip from the way you wear the equipment, how can you go down to the water, what can you do if you find something strange on the water.


This the welcoming spot where the location you can find many sea turtles, you can reach this spot by 10 minutes sailing from Trawangan and 20 minutes by Lombok Island.
The population of sea turtle was reduced by human touch to the water ecosystem, but now many of diving company force to work together as a team to reborn new coral to improve the turtle population, nowhere you may found sea turtle snorkeling close to you.
Duration : 1 Hour


This place where you will show the best blue coral with a thousand of population, the coral always regeneration every year to years then the surface of sea bottom was fully by the corals, this situation proven by view on surface of the blue color, keep the coral mean to depend the sea ecosystem.
Duration : 1 Hour


After spend the time under water, we come up and visit the restaurant on the beach for stay relax and calm down for lounge, many kind of restaurant you can visit (Indonesian food, Mexican food, Mediterranean food and Continental food)
Duration : 1 Hour


The last spot it was an amazing place where you can see a thousand of fish with different color, when you came close to spot, all fish will come close to you but do not afraid, bring a little pieces of breed and feeding the wild fish right in front of you.

For another public snorkeling starting at Gili Trawangan, you can book by click the button below then you can choose the timing as schedule