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Lombok has any identity to recognize from nature, culture and religion, from the three kind of aspect created some activities we can explore it while traveling in Lombok Island, beautiful nature give us a chance to train much challenge, experience and any other activity. to visit Lombok island was so easy from  Bali by air, actually most of domestic flight has running from Bali island to Lombok with price around 350.000 per person and you can buy the ticket from any flight counter in Bali area. 

To explore the all activity and lombok attraction  we recommend to hire a car when you arrived in Lombok International airport and bring an international drive licence to allow drive around lombok island, the road condition was good and ready to drive on without a lot of traffic seem in Kuta Bali, you can drive on the closest to the Lombok International Airport the save your time and power, we will do anything step by step from closest area to the far side. 

The main lombok activity serve any panorama, experience, education and media for train our self how hard the life is, overall activities inspired to know more about the beautiful place in lombok should be explore it. Here some of the best lombok activity that we recommend it : 

Explore the beach

Lombok has lot of beach to explore from south lombok to the north lombok, what the best view and panorama the the beach shown, alternatively some of the beach has a nature attractive to get the guest on it, here the beach with unique factor to show :

Kuta beach has a natural beach facing to the australia with great sandy beach like a pepper, it located around 20 minutes from  Lombok international Airport.
Seger beach is a beach where the historical even bau nyale happen, and this a place where the novotel lombok is.
Selung Belanak is a beautiful cal beach it located under the beautiful hill, this place was so amazing for sunset moment by the hill, the beach was shining stright to the hill up there.
Mawun Beach, the hidden beach on the north lombok with calm waves that better for family vacation for swimming and snorkeling. 
Tanjung Aan is a beach that popular with the umbrella stone for the unique place to pre wedding under the stone.
Pink Beach it located on the east lombok and the beach was exotic with pink beach colour blur, sweet and so nice.
Senggigi beach is central lombok tourism object in Lombok, this place was a leader to train the other travel destination to grow up.
Sire beach that a great place facing to Gili island serve with golf lombok close to.


Lombok has some beach like above actually the beach front will generate a liitle bit of the waves, some of them may not possible to generate big waves but some more will the best place for surfing activies depend to location and challenge. The place was explored by young man in the world. 

Gerupuk beach one of the biggest waves to defeat the challenge of wave, this place was fully visit by young surfer around  the world especially australia and japan, it located around 30 minutes or 7 kilometers to the east side from kuta beach it offer the great waves out there.
The waves you can find everyday but you should go by boat to find the best waves break, 

Bangko bangko beach is one of the best beach to see the waves, this place is not much popular for the people who come for holiday, this place was so popular for surfer actually this place was call desert point by some surfer. It located on Batu Putih village sekotong west nusa tenggara barat, the beach around 2 hours from Mataram the capital city of Lombok around 70 kilometers with land cruise with much difficult route to pass.

The world surfer community have declared that bangko bangko beach is a part of 10 the best place in the world for surfing even it just number 6 in the world, the best aspect to be side decision about the longest beach around 30 meters and the waves stronger and hard to break it, the waves roll created a big hole as a challenge for surfer to come inside the hole. 


Diving is an activity to explore world under water with complete equipment, the diving company overall in Lombok has operated under licence from Padi, SSI and scuba pro, however the all kind of diving was offered especially to grab the guest who want to see a different view in each place. 

The most popular place for diving in Gili island with more than 20 diving spot on that place and also more than 15 diving company as your diving operator, diving is a potential income in Gili Island which has anthusiast from the guest. 

Snorkling Trip

Snorkling is a simple way to reach world under water with simple equipment to wear, just to prepare maskers, snorkel and fin then the world under water will shiwn the beautiful view, the gili islang is the highest rank for snorkeling and other some place like in Kuta beach, pink beach and senggigi beach.


Rinjani mountain is the best trekking area in Lombok with high 3.726 meters from surface of the water, the trekking challenge was so fabolous with difficult trekking, the route for entrance from two side trekking place.
From North, we enter from senaru as as route trekking to cover overall the guests coming from senggigi, gili island and bali island. From East, starting from sembalun as entrance place to drop all the guest from South lombok like Kuta Beach in Lombok.

Rinjani mountain is a spiritual place which believe by the local people as a place where the quenn anjani  live, RINJANI mountain has an unique fresh water lake on the top of mountain and has born a new small mountain which call Gunung Baru Jari this an effect of Rinjani mountain eruption from long time ago, it categories as active volcano as seem as Rinjani mountain. Rinjani mountain was categoried as the third highest mountain in Indonesia by department of meteorologist.

Visit central Souveniir 

Lombok has some Souveniir that was made as handicrafts even take a long time to finish a product, the central if Lombok Souveniir you can meet in senggigi artmarket but if you want to find the place where and how the people make a handicrafts here is it : 

Sukarara is a central place for songket, one of the popular lombok handicrafts it located on central lombok around 30 minutes from Lombok international airport or 20 minutes from Mataram capital city of lombok.
Banyumulek is a central of ceramic and Gerabah located in west lombok kediri regency and also penujak where you can find any kind of gerabah it located around 10 minutes from Lombok airport. 

Other activities like fishing, paddle boat, banana boat, kayak that possible to do in gili island, senggigi beach, kuta beach and other lombok beach with calm water condition. 

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