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Mount Rinjani located on Lombok island Indonesia. Mount Rinjani is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, rises up to 3726 meters above sea level. The island of Lombok is Dominated by Mount Rinjani! A semi-active volcano with a huge crater lake and an active volcano (Gunung Baru) inside it. Mt Rinjani is quite a tough mountain and needs an extra level of fitness to pass all of the treks. 

The trekking tour usually consists of viewing the crater’s rim, lake, and summit. Depending on how many days you spend on the tour, at minimum 2 days are required to do the Rinjani tour both for beginner and pro. Look good reputation tour operator which is run the tour by themselves, own good camping gears and knows well about the volcano before booking the tour are worth, as Rinjani known as the hardest trek trail in South East Asia and weather can change suddenly. Best season to climb Rinjani from April – December.

To get better service, you need to choose the best Rinjani Trekking Organizer below  :


One of the best Rinjani Trekking Organizer which has long term experience to provide the whole Lombok Tour Organizer. have been help many trekker to defeat Rinjani Mountain will be a great reason why to choose this kind of Tour Agency as your trusted travel to Rinjani. 
The Great 5 Reason why to choose this company : 

A. Long Term Experience
Experience will be a great reason cause Rinjani is not as simple as you think about, there many tourist tried to explore Rinjani by themselves without any guide and just hold the information from Internet, and finally we find them come together with TNGR as evacuated persons. 

Everything that asked by the tourist will be answer as a fact of the answer as same like the story of Rinjani, The magical story, the name of animal, long term of trekking, where better spot for selfie and another thing which involves to trekking education.

B. Have Own Office in Senaru we call "Rinjani Golden"
Before trekking we really recommend that the client should stay one night in our hotel to save the time and getting briefing. one night stay will be enough to get better education and prohibited information through Rinjani Mountain.
An open air car will ready to bring you to start sport where the trekking will start offer, all kind of tools and equipment should be prepared as the guest request, any special or general will be provide on the hotel.

C. Professional Guide & Respected Porter
A Profesional has a standard guide for Rinjani Trekking and have been handle more then hundred guest. 
Another thing that the profesional guide will have respected to the porter which bring more then 25 Kg on the way up and the way down, do not thing about the porter as your worker but think that they are friends who standby to help you.

D. Complete Equipment & Green Concept
Have own equipment will be a great thing, a people who love their stuff they will always keep them clean and secure using and another thing that has a green concept to keep the environment from pollution and other thing which bad affected to the Rinjani Mountain. 
- Getting feed for Monkey 
- Never pick the Edelweis from Mountain.
- Bring the Garbage or rubbish from Top to the down 
- Never write the story in the trees or stone 
- Do not bored the animals
- Keep refill the bottle 
- ETC 

Feel free to read another article about Rinjani  5 Most Difficult Trek on Rinjani Mountain

E. Friendly and Humoris Guide
A profesional guide will be a cold and quiet one then we need to improve the service by bring the friendly guide which able to make the joke time and easy to smile in every kind of situation, this will be a great thing for the trekker. 
Feel comfort with the guide and think like a friend was so beautiful, every trekker feel free to ask many question with smile one to each other.
For booking contact 
Mobile : 081805773339
Email :
book through website with online booking system and auto confirmation. 


This Trekking Rinjani Organizer is inspired by and dedicated to my passion for Mount Rinjani, my love for trekking and sharing it as a guide
based in the village of Senaru. he provide information and inspiration to Rinjani Paradise on my home island Lombok, and will help you prepare an extraordinary travel experience.

Armed with many years of experience in guiding, They want to share and present the experience of Rinjani Paradise with our guests. Our team of welcoming and friendly professionals will always keep performing to provide you with the experience you are looking for when Rinjani Paradise

They can help you to hike and enjoy Lombok’s most stunning nature and we hope you will have an amazing and fun experience. We also provide all necessary climbing and camping equipment, food and drink and hygienic items. We are 100% committed to help maintain the preservation of Mount Rinjani.
They offer 2 kinds of Trekking Prochedural

1. Sharing Rinjani Trekking Package 

What’s Included?
  • Pick up from any location within Lombok and transfer by private vehicle to Senaru and Sembalun
  • Accommodation in a comfortable hotel in Senaru at  bukit senaru hotel , one night prior to commencing your trek
  • Quality camping equipment: tents, sleeping mats 5 cm tick, sleeping bags, camping chair, toilet tents and pillow
  • An experienced English speaking guide and professional porters
  • Visit Sendang Gile waterfall.
  • Entrance fees to the national park and Sendang Gile waterfall.
  • All meals, 3 liters mineral water a day, snacks, fruits, drinks during your trek and dinner on arrival day
  • Transfer at the conclusion of your trek to your next destination within Lombok.
  • Transfer by boat to Gilis ( Trawangan, Meno or Air ).
  • Trekking poles.
What’s Excluded ?
The cost excludes : tipping, extra porter to carry your own luggage and other private expenses.

Pickup and transfer information
We will pickup and transfer by our car with air condition available from and to Airport at Praya, Mataram, Senggigi, Kuta Lombok, Telok Nare or Bangsal and time to pickup at last 10.00 pm a day before the trekking day.
At arrival day will sleep in bukit senaru hotel in Senaru is a comfortable, clean hotel with private facilities with 2 people in a room.
We camp for one night during the trek in tents; you will be sharing with someone else on your trek in a tent.


All food is included when camping. The food is great, will give you plenty of energy, and there is plenty of it, plus fruits and biscuits.

Dietary Requirements
Being vegetarian or having other dietary requirements is not usually a problem provided you let us know well in advance. If you know there are plenty of foods you cannot eat you may wish to bring extra snacks from home so you can top up your energy supply. Please feel free to ask us for advice.

Mineral water 3 liters a day, soft drink ( coke,fanta etc ) and 3 time a day tea, coffee and milk. Alcohol drink not available.

Guide, porter and driver
Your Group trip will be led by Local Senaru experienced guide and fluent in english. Our guide are selected for their experience in Mount Rinjani National Park. You are in very safe hands with

Your local guide knows the local area well, and is a great source of knowledge about local customs and lifestyles. Driver and porters do not always speak much English but are very friendly and approachable.

Porters carry food, water and camping equipment. You should bring a small daypack to carry for items needed during the trekking day and other luggage not necessary to bring to the Mountain will store in our office.
Trip Safety
Your safety is our highest priority, our trips are designed and planned with safety in mind. Your guide and porter will be equipped with mobile phones and extensive medical kit. They always have access communication to our office 24-hour.

2. Private  Rinjani Trekking Package 

There are 2 starting Point
1. Rinjani Trekking via Senaru 

In addition to Sembalun, the climbing path that can be said to be passed to Mount Rinjani is via Senaru. This place is dominated by wilderness areas and beautiful wilderness.

Usually the hiking trail is the most crowded. The time to climb from Senaru to Segara Anak area can take around 10 hours.

2. Rinjani Trekking via Sembalun

Reporting from Kompas, Head of Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR), Sudiyono stated that this tourist hiking trail will open in the beginning of April 2019. But a survey needs to be done first.

After a survey conducted on March 16-18, 2019 by the TNGR team, the climbing path of Mount Rinjani which is dominated by savanna fields still seems difficult to pass.

Even more so when the survey was conducted, there had been an earthquake measuring 5.8 and 5.2 on the Ritcher Scale. This disaster caused the land located 120 meters before Plawangan Sembalung to collapse.

Finally the information about Rinjani Best Trekking Organizer enough then we hope the information will help you to choose best organizer.

3. One Rinjani Trekking

One of the local company which provide the best Rinjani Trekking service with more then 10 years experience, it has arrange for Domestic and international client in every trekking time.

look at the center, he is the owner of One Rinjani Trekking who just handling 2 persons from Foreign to climb to the top of Rinjani.
The Reliable Rinjani Trekking Company which offer you reach the top of Rinjani Mountain under the flexible and Professional concept, we established this company to growth different kind of the trekking company which focused for guest satisfaction and reduce the rubbish environment on the each of trekking route. Handle by a person who care with the ecosystem will affect to the environment condition next future, we believe that the rubbish revolution will begin from a mindset of a person then grow by the action which make the people realize that environment is a part of our live. One Rinjani Trekking Motto will change the Rinjani Condition step by step to reach the greatest results.

4. Lune Rinjani Trekking

5. Rinjani Trekking Club