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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Leaving Gili Trawangan on 17 January 2016

The hottest day on the small island walking on the sun shine road fron north to the central was maked my skin burn in under the 27 degrees, the sandy was shine to my eyesight then i need a sun glasses to block crazy hot. 

By the ticket on public boat office right infront of central areas around 15.000 rupiahs continue to wait another passenger to buy the tickets for fully 40 passengers on the boat, need a litte time to grab the boat soon due to the time was 12.30 pm, the time when the people of workers back to lombok after finished the one day shift.

The time well recommended to get better time for leave frim Gili Trawangan and do not waiting much time for boat departure, as i know that public boat was running depends to quantity of passengers they do not have any schedule time, they work from 07.00 am to 05.00 pm woow was longer than i think. 

Continue i grab the public boat under name fajar pagi, that was so amazing that the people come on board with, lot of space and the water conditions was so slim it same like that i can do swimming a lot, do not wanna to leave the island but my time was punish me out of there. 

On the boat i just sitting down see look aroun while talking with boat driver with friendly smile to stir the boat for a better ways to drive, along the way everything was so quiet but sometimes the boat shock me out when they crash a little wave infront and they make a little dancing to the left and right, special features boat dancing. 

By the public boat view i can see a little island of meno and other side island air, the boat island look so pretty much with white Sandy beach bloody shine up to my eyesight. 

Rinjani mountain was standing alone of my eyes with the top side of Lombok, blocked by cloudy and black shadow that maked more mysterious, hide a challenge, explores the route. Rinjani mountain was so green from the boat side glamorous with white cloud on the toproof. 

Senggigi hill overview by the green trees sorrounding and serve a beautiful scenery, 5 minutes before i got the bangsal harbour, the boat driver turn the stir to the backside to find a way to landing and finish accross the sea. 

A manual stir make the driver look hand free and most professional although the manual drive harder than automatic. 

Arrived on bangsal, get out feom the boat by passing a little stair to the boarding place in Lombok, one by one the people come out the boat slowly and carefully to avoid wet and protect themselves from fall down to the water. 

The bangsal harbour porter was waiting before we landing to bring the stuff from the boat to the land and ready bring to the car, unfortunately do not leaves your bag due to the man will bring it for you and asking for the money, bring by your self save the money and out of any argued with local people. 

By the bangsal harbour i try to find a taxi to take me to the LOMBOK international airport, before i got the better price i try to bargain until the price come to 300.000 rupiah that suitable for my budget, finally we got agreement for the price that i want it.

Spend around 1,5 hour from bangsal to international airport was make me sleep on the car during the time is over, finally airport was infront, bring out my luggage and register for check in cone through the office of Garuda Airline one of the best flight un indonesia, it was a part VIP flight in Indonesia. And good bye the beautiful Lombok and Gili Trawangan 

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