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Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Reason to choose villa ombak hotel

Villa ombak is a pioneer of international 5 star hotel standard that located 10 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbour, it hotel most choose by travellers for the best holiday park facility. As the biggest hotel in Gili Trawangan that suitable to organise any big ceremony with long beachfront locations, parhaps the people come and visit this hotel for reunion or party staff due to land area enough to handle a thousand people. 

Any other aspects can be supported this place to be the best choice for Gili Trawangan hotel, now this hotel was add any clinical facility and diving, it has much kind of room to choose with the five star hotel facility depends to your travel destination, below are the best five reasons to choose villa ombak as your best holiday park in Gili Trawangan: 

1. Facility 

Villa ombak has a complete hotel facility to offer for guest better stay, prepared all kind of room facility like :
Air conditioning room, 
Hair dryer, 
Bath tubes 
Swimming pool
Small hut
Tv cabels
Safety box
Delivery afternoon tea for private villa
Open air living area
Semi open bathroom 
Overall facility was in, another hotel facility well update every years depends to digital technology improvement to provide a luxurious to the clients. 

As a big 5 star hotel, the costumer will think twice for their management inside, everything well organised under team work and all the staff will provide everything professionally. 

2. Multy choice 

Villa ombak has 7 kind of room with different price and kind each this can be help travellers to find the best room choice for a family to a couple or common to privacy, everything was available. 
Different than other private villa, this hotel provide private villa with truly five star facilities

Every each travellers would like to get better staying at the hotel then they need a specific hotel class to choose to avoid any disappointed when arrived at the hotel and see the hotel look like, the facility and then quality of service.
Villa ombak promised the luxury hotel stay with 2 big restaurant and swimming pool.

3. Location

It can be call the location is semi central it mean not much island activities but not so calm, you need go spend 10 minutes ride from harbour to villa ombak by bike, a central area located around 1 kilometres to the north side of Gili Trawangan. 

The location infront of the beach although they do not have the room with beach view but the beach provide for barking the sun and fully equipped with deck Nd lounge chair facing to rinjani mountain and lombok great view. 

4. Cheapest Price

For the hotel five star quality this hotel v
Can Approach the price until a million rupiah in a night, this surprise! This price will be valid for low season condition, a new trick of hotel marketing that i know. The hotel will try to increase capacity promoting to improve hotel income. Low season will be a high speculation for a hotel to try the best deal to the customer.
If you want get a better price for your stay, you can visit this hotel on low season (October, November, February, March, April) for medium season you can find variety price ( September, May and June) and for peak season the price will reach the highest ranking due to the room request over.

5. Lumbung architecture 

As one of traditional Lombok home inspired, villa Ombak try to perform the best Lumbung home design, it mixture a traditional design featuring modern interior, the design try to combine a traditional architecture that still survive from modernisation pressure architecture.
Villa ombak hotel perform the best hotel concept that brings indigenous home sasak Lumbung to be the hotel icon also to acknowledge about lombok culture via traditional Lumbung. 

Actually the architecture was not give a strong effect to the travellers but the design most pointed for presenting the Lombok Culture to the international worldwide. A small thing that travellers see that will be a big attractive to know about the story behind that.

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