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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Reasons to stay in Villa Grasia

Villa Grasia is one of the best boutique hotel in Gili Trawangan with the best location and beachfront.
by this content i will share with you why we should stay in Villa Grasia to spend holiday time :

1. Calmest Location 

Villa Grasia located on the north side of Gili Trawangan around 20 minutes from where noisy, busy and party area from, the location was so fabolous without any noise activities.
It seems to be a town of Gili Trawangan and suitable for the guest for families holiday and honeymoon couple to spend the time escape from city party. 

2. Snorkeling Spot

As one of the best diving spot right infront of Villa Grasia, Khalik points serve a beautiful world under water to explore it with huge animals just a simple step to the water in. 
Around 09.00 am right infront, you will see many boat stop on Khalik point as the first snorkeling trip spot to visit before  the other spot in three island, the first sign that most attractive spot to visit

3. Spacious Room

This is the only one of the Gili island hotel which has a spacious room to offer with open ceiling right to main rooftop.
The room located was close but it blocked by garden view between each building. 
The high end architecture which features modernity with classic also perform a simple hotel stay. 

4. Boutiques Hotel

Villa Grasia has 23 rooms in total with two kind of room type family room and Deluxe cottage based on this reason why the poeple chose to be a nice hotel stay, a few room make the hotel fully controlled and provide perfect also professional services to the guest stay, as long as i know that villa Grasia has a friendly staff ready to serve the best quality service like a friend even this hotel has a management to hotel standard procedure but the flexibility of service well provide here.

5. Free Bike exclusive with Light

To decrease a minuses of the location, it provides free bicycle fully maintenance during the guest stay to cover all Island activities for diner, lunch, visit central island and also for main transportation to decrease your cash expenses by horse cart. 
The quantity of the bicycle are greater than the quantity of the room that make a sense that whatever that your bike trouble it has other bike to swipe with new one

6. Fresh water swimming pool 

Start from first of 2014 villa Grasia was changed salt water swimming to be fresh water, it take 4 days to refill back the water with 2 meters high.
It has a small pool for kids that mostly choose by a family that parhaps as a reasonable the guest come to, even a small thing but it attractive to guest review. 

Another thing that this property has free wifi in common area from Lobby area, swimming pool and beachfront with jigh speed 1 megabytes in a second. 

7. Upstair restaurant 

The spacious restaurant upstair made a great beachfront views from the rooftop of the hotel, this place was booked by a group from slovakian girl especially for yoga class. 
They take the time in the morning to wait a sunrise time and also in the afternoon for the best sunset view from west side completely the wind blow slowly on the leags of trees.

8. The gym facility 

Around 2% of Gili Trawangan hotel provide gym facility exactly Villa Grasia, as villa grasia report that more than 10% guests for 2014 they choose villa Grasia as a beautiful stay cause of gym facility.
Most of them love to do exercises or they have diet program during holidays and never want to stop it before grab the aims.
Yoga class with soloist practice can be held in gym area  with simple gym facility and swimming pool view.

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