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Friday, 22 December 2017


eni sulistiani
Launched July 2017, Patagonia Xpress is Bali’s newest fast boat transporting passengers from Bali to Gili Islands, Lombok.

Our high speed aluminium passenger boat is designed and built by PT Citra Shipyard, Batam.The vessel is 33 meter long, 6 meter wide and will carry 174 passengers aboard a dailyschedule from Benoa Harbour to Padang Bai Harbour, Bali then onto the Gili Islands and return via Bangsal, Lombok.

With comfortable air conditioned down stairs seating and ample sun deck space makes this luxurious fast boat your ideal choice for traveling beyond Bali. Patagonia Xpress is built to International safety standards with good stability and complete safety equipment including life jackets, life raft, parachute distress signal and fire extinguishers.

Our vessel is equipped with GPS and AIS technology and ship to shore radio with DSC. To enjoy a comfortable journey our air conditioned cabin is equipped with four 32” Flatscreen TVs, luxurious seating, toilets, free WIFI and our experienced and c ertified Captain, Cruise Director and crew will endevour to provide a positive experience in terms of customer satisfaction.

We also have friendly staff assigned at each destination Ticket Counter to assist your clients with their Boarding Voucher and luggage tags at Benoa Harbour, Padang Bai, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Bangsal Lombok.

Patagonia boat was managed every service will the excellent experience to sailing reach gili island project destination,  in any way you can see the picture for embasement, the guest fill like come abroad to the plane. the stair up design foe easy take off to the boat.

The Long boat around 33 meter, you will be sailing with a big ferry to crash the wave and break the wave to find a way to gili island.

A material was made by aluminum to decrease the weight  of the to speed up the power for more powerful then other,

The Rute was a big decision, cause the rute will be a reason why the guest will choose your boat as transport option to Gili Island. 

The measure and capacity are not the only reason to choose us, but we completely realize that the people need something different to give the solution to the guest. 

We have chosen the Benoa and Padangbai harbour as the best choice to landing, Benoa has an easy acces from central tourism object of Bali, we try to make a good acces to the clients.

Another pick up place you can get for free in those area : 
  • Kuta 
  • Legian 
  • Seminyak
  • Ubud 
  • Candidasa
  • Sanur 
  • Benoa

The seat was so amazing to see, very spacious, clean and comfortable, the interior design was made a relaxation from first sight.

Enjoy your trip with patagonia express and do not worry to use a beautiful boat for memorable holidays on Bali and Gili Island

This Fastboat has 3 destination in Lombok
  • Gili Trawangan, one of the biggest Gili Island in Lombok between 3 small island ( Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno dan Gili Air )
  • Gili Air, the closest island to Lombok where the people can see the original people from whole life, stay and live on Gili Island
  • Bangsal Harbour where you can find public boat to or from Gili Island, formerly this harbour is a main harbour to crossing to Gili Island. 
Noted : 

Normally the Fastboat take time to crossing Bali Island to Gili Island in 90 Minutes approximately from the Boat port then Continue to the island destination when the water condition exactly fine and there are no wind problem, big waves or raft

Another condition you may understand that not the whole time the water condition will be fine due to the environment condition which change due to the tropical season ( Dry season and Rainy season ) which affected to the water level and condition, this may take several time to cross Bali to Gili Island.  The condition is unchanged then we will spend more time then normally to keep fastboat running fluently and save also comfortable.
Due to Patagonia Fastboat has been close then change to Wahana Fastboat with the same service quality and serve from Padangbai Harbour.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


eni sulistiani
Gili Trawangan is one of the best tourism  destination in Lombok, a magical island with unique white sandy beach and a small island sorround with blue water expose. 

A million time that people always come through the place to explore white sandy beach, the best place ever without local activity like office and other traffic like a mainland. 

Much of property was made with wooden design to have the identity to perform.

A million people in the still amazing how to get the best hotel facility ever, they wan spend the total money to get the best service, coz vacation in the way you can rest your mind and body. 

There are some five star hotel in Gili Trawangan was made as a symbol to grab the people to stay on, but the facility did not marching what they called five star hotel, here we attached 5 the best five star hotel in Gili Trawangan. 

1. Villa Ombak Hotel 

Villa ombak is one of pioneer of five star hotel in Gili Trawangan, it standalone between many hotel in Gili Trawangan under it facilities.
There are no other choice for the tourism who dreaming to stay on five star hotel, just the only one Villa Ombak. 

It hold the certification for 5 or 10 years a way without any competitor to born as a competitor, they stay calm down to watching the guests come and stay.

This hotel was shown the Lombok Traditional Home we call "Lumbung" as the hotel concept, a local home concept transform to the VIP hotel, this is the to long lasting the culture and to promote the Lombok culture to guests. 

This hotel located on the south side of Gili Trawang right facing with Senggigi beach in Lombok, they has Long Beach Front accompanies with beach restaurant, you can cek direct to Villa Ombak Gili Trawangan Hotel

2. Ombak Sunset Hotel 

This is a second home of Villa Ombak, it has built to re-completely the something less in Villa Ombak

When you arrive on the door side, you will imagine how powerfull this property to build, a billion dollar was spend to get better result. 

The interior artistic was made by curving the wood as same as Ballinese Handmade, the thing of the hotel was so special. 

Long swimming right infront of the beach to be additonal facility will make very satisfied, any other option are Ombak Sunset is the first hotel build the magical Swing on the beach front to be a sunset backround, this was so viral on social media especially instagram. 

After this booming then continues another hotel follow the idea, Remember that another business owner will try to copy what you do to avoid a fall down to the big hole. Check Details >>>>>>

3. Pearls of Trawangan 

Pearls beach hotel is one of the best hotel in Gili Trawangan, the concept with eco trust to use the bamboo as hotel material like roof, table and  seat.

This hotel was so easy to find from Bangsal Harbour in Lombok, where you can take public service to and from Lombok.

The hotel location on the south side of Gili Trawangan right after Villa Ombak Hotel, the hotel was so beautiful, they put the hotel room by the beach view for most enchanted. 

The location we call Semi-Central cause there is not much activity on the beach side but has easy acces to central side to find restaurant, bar, harbour  and night market Check Details >>>>>>

4. Pandawa Hotel 

Pandawa Hotel it located on the west side of Gili Trawangan, we call sunset point facing to Agung Mountain.
This kind of Hotel was managed by Villa Ombak Management, the name was take from the name of God of Hindus People. 

The hotel was simply desing interior and exterior but really recomend it for the people who want stay relax and enjoy the time while holiday on. Check Details >>>>>>

5. Aston Sunset Hotel 

Aston sunset is one of the hotel network in indonesia, they want try to grab the other guest in Gili Trawangan to be a high level competitor for other big hotel.
It located on the west side of Gili Trawangan same  as it name Aston Sunset, what the different of the hotel then other, it has restaurant on the beach side and life music everyday. 

The extremely different, this hotel was so professional to handle the guest cause they are kind of hotel network with many other branch in indonesia. Check Details >>>>>>


eni sulistiani
There are more than 300 hotel built in Gili Trawangan to serve the visitor to stay and most comfortable stay, all the hotel stay was designed with vary design architecture, most of them located in front of the beach where the place hunt by the guest with huge project.

The variable we will enter to our category of Lombok Society Classification, it is about the hotel which located on the beach side :
  • They have long beach area for best lounge and relax
  • The Beach are possible to Swim
  • The beach has not a public area
  • The beach complete with lounge chair 
There are many hotel on the beach side Gili Trawangan, but what will be happen if the beach are so short and do not possible to lounge or swim on the sea, this mean the beach able but not possible, as the guest need a long beach side ready for lay down under the sun shine.

There are 5 the best hotel on the beach side with  4 classification that really enchanted and valuable thing that the people need

1. Villa Ombak Hotel

The pioneer of 5 star hotel in Gili Trawangan will offer you a beautiful beach view by Hotel side, it located on central are facing to Lombok Island, This property located 10 minutes walk from public harbour Gili Trawangan.

They offer the lombok traditional home lumbung for hotel design and interior, bring the authentic lombok home through the hotel design make the people will appreciate to know the true story of Lombok Island by staying and enjoying the facility indeed.

Villa ombak has a long beach side which always clean up everyday, there are no rubbish will be left at the morning time or sunset shine,  a long beach side will be a favorite hunter, however the hotel location was not so far from central or harbour.

By the way, hotel already set the beach for lounge in a day time and a part of the has managed for out door cinema as popular we call open air cinema. Check details >>>>>>>

2. Pearl of Gili Trawangan 

Pearl of Gili T is one of the best hotel which built with gili eco concept, it transform the bamboo material be a huge hotel.

As long as we see, this hotel has a long white sandy beach right in-front of the hotel combine with beautiful bamboo restaurant close to, a great dinner will serve by the beach side under the night sky.

A blondy hair same as the wave voice every night scroll it, need a place to enjoy your honeymoon, this hotel will be the best choice.

Pearl of Gili Trawangan is one of the beautiful beach you can see although this hotel location next to ombak villa, the beautiful long beach shine in middle of the to witness the sun rise up to the rinjani mountain. 

White sandy beach is a perfect perform in the morning time, then sometimes this hotel always managed the breakfast menu on the morning time. Check Details >>>>>>>

3. Horizontal Hotel

There are many hotel located on the beach side like another, from bungalows hotel, motel, restaurant, backpacker, but there is no perfect beach as same as Horizontal Hotel. 

It change name to be THE -H- HOTEL the beach was so large side to the front of the beach, a half side to set the restaurant by the beach and half more for lounge chair, woooow this a perfect holiday in perfect place.

Horizontal Hotel be a part of our hotel choice for beach side is not wrong choice for location and a perfect view, all the day the guest always spend time in front of this hotel for snorkeling time, the water condition never low tide, always high tide every moment you go, snorkeling open every day. Check Details >>>>>>>

4. Ombak Sunset Gili Trawangan 

How about this big five star hotel, it come to our choice cause the perfect and beautiful beach was born a great idea to embrace sunset moment.

Long white sandy beach can hold a thousand of people, every sunset time every tourist come to visit this beach side to see the sunset moment and take a picture under the swing as a great background.

Ombak sunset was very popular in social media with their swings, a symbol of gili trawangan has been iconic in a people for traveling interest. Check Details >>>>>>>

5. Trawangan Dive  

Trawangan dive is a simple hotel we call like 2 star hotel which focus to offer diving under water, but the beach situation absolutely beautiful and easy to access.

This hotel are closest to Bangsal Harbour then other, it location close to Gili Trawangan Harbour. this property has been built for long time ago cause or that the name was so familiar to hear that.

The beach look so empty cause not much activity you can see except diving and snorkeling, every guest enjoy the beach side for snorkeling, paddle boat, swimming  and football by the beach

There are many hotel bigger than trawangan dive but they do not have a beautiful long beach side for lounge and relaxation. Check Details >>>>>>>

some other hotel on the beach side but they do not have a beautiful beach but fully with restaurant on the beach, no time and no place to grab sun shine on the beach, here some hotel on the beach side
  • Aston Hotel has beach but has been built a restaurant.  
  • Blue Marlin Hotel, the beach fully with restaurant
  • Kokomo has a little beach to enjoy it
  • Scallywags the beach fully with restaurant and short place 
  • The Beach House fully with restaurant
Any other hotel by the beach has the same condition like the hotel above, if you really want get hotel with beach but not only beach, you may chose the 5 better option, we optimism that you will never disappoint with our recommendation.