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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sade Village Lombok

A traditional home lombok that call Lumbung was protected and keep the indigenous in this small village, to keep the indigenous and origin of the sasak tradition is a part of the soul of the people on that place under the pressure of modernity come through the people staying there. The people was isolated from the people around due to the people isolated theirselves from outside effect. 

The Location 

The sade village was located on the Pujut Regency Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara around 10 minutes from Lombok International Airport or 30 kilometers from the Capital City of Lombok Mataram. The location on the Main Street with big sign fir easy reach.

this village is the oldest traditional lombok village that hold the traditional lombok home, lifestyle, association and other kind of primitive life. It protected by the government as a travel destination historical, the contributions of government was shown by the road and the promotion through it.

The people 

The people still hold the naturalist ti be a part of their life, the young man and the leader of home still shown his efforts to feed the family and kids to be a farmers with own rice field or a daily farmers, everything was so beautiful when husband back home to come over with family.

The woman spend the days with weaving songket at home with natural equipment and continue sell the product through the guest or put on some art gallery, a piece of songket take up to one week process before the product ready to sell, another thing that the guest most interesting with natural songket than modern sue to difficultness and the charming of the songket design based naturality life. 

The home

The material was made from anykind of wooden that shown on rice fields and the man come to pick them up as an alternative material, however the wooden cover the entire home to keep them standing properly.

The roof was made from alang-alang,  a kind of grass with long body up to one meter and has edge sharp then we need take it them carefully, this kind of grass most find out in rice fields, they ready use the alang- alang when it has dry on sun for two days until green colour change to be yellow then collected in one group for stronger holding one to each other. 

The floor was made from selected ground which not much mineral inside taht same to be the ground where they life, strong ground and hard to  break.

The life

Everybody life in a community with a village leader to obey the command, the life was isolated from modernist effect and pressure, keep the typical life from their grandma that be a better choice.
This kind of primitive life was protected by regional government as a Lombok culture.

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