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Thursday, 31 December 2015


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The good news, Lombok has found a new travel destination hidden on the North Lombok, no body know about this beach area only the local people know about that beach, it located on the Sambik Bangkol village Gangga regency North Lombok, its about 20 minutes from capital city of North Lombok Tanjung and around an hour from Mataram the capital city of Lombok ride to the north passing Pusuk Monkey Forest with the curve road design and left to the right on Pemenang bangsal 

This place as same to be a hidden paradise, new beach decoration with amazing view, the beach was so clear, no plastic rubbish on the beach and the water was so clear, and the amazing that the hill decoration as a abstrack painting with curve design as same like a dessert on the sahara. 

All the view that we see create by natural, although same like the people make it, the beach was blockes the flow by the hill with up to 10 meters high that so nice to be a picture background. 

This beach is a new discovery beach that easy location to reach, actually the position right behind the school of SMPN 2 Gangga, for easier to find just a remember the school that you can ask to the local people, everybody will know about the public service facility location that very helpful for traveller to find any destination. If you ride a motorbike you can ride direct to the beach side by passing the path way to enter the beach but for car you should park on the close to Main Street due to the road capacity too small. 

This beach has lot of name that local people call but the most popular name is pantai tebing based on design and architecture that cover the beach, the beach was using by local people for fishing and swimming by the beach cause of the location close to the village.

What to do

Swimming is the regular activity that local people use to be, the clear water wothout rubbish make a something different  than other beach like Gili Island or in south lombok.

Snorkelling, the local people use this beach as a place tha catch the fish it means the world underwater living well, where you can find lot of fish that you will see a good coral cause the both is underwater ecosystem one to each other need.

Take a picture, you will be surprise if you never visit the beach, find out the picture well exciting with the abstract painting background embedded and high accompanied with the crowd voices of waves, not much visitor come to and not lot of people knowing and still low of visitor but the natural aspect is the soul of the beach, keep going and the beach present the best views ever.


The beach still natural and just find by the media but the local people use to be a part of their life for daily activities, swimming, fishing and other else.

The road was so small and just motorbikes that able to passing the path way to the beach and the car must be park around 200 meters from the beach area.

The people still primitive, spend the time on agriculture as farmers and sailing as a fisher that the main income of them, although the beach has a beautiful scenery bit the people not really know how to improved and promoting the place as new travel destination.

This beach was open for public without any entrance fee to collect for save and keep the beach front from dangerous effect, everyone can going and leavea without any rule to follows, but we hope the next time this beach should protect from unresponsive people.

One thing that makes little disappointed for the sand, it has black sandy beach not white sandy beach, through the location facing to the ocean and close to Lombok mainland that product the blavk sand.

The cheapest hotel Gili Trawangan

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For low budget no worry, Gili Trawangan has multi hotel class that possible for you to stay longer and enjoy the Gili island natural view, here some of the accomodation with low budget need ;

1. Permata Bungalow 

This hotel has a standard room offer with fan and queen sized bed offer, it located behind the Gili Trawangan harbour around 5 minutes walk, the price start from 100.000 to 300.000,- the location right behind the central area make the best choice to stay.

2. Salsabila bungalow 

The new homestay that location on the central area, the price start at 50.000 to 100.000 with standard fan room, it has upstair room to sell including breakfast during your stay.

3. Twin Garden

A medium class bungalows, it located on the backside of main road Gili T, they have room separate with other room to block noises voices from other room, the price start on 200.000,- to 500.000,- it has air conditioner facility.

4. Banana leafs

The location was so easy to find around a minutes from the public mosque of Gili Trawangan or 10 minutes from Gili T harbour, the price start from 150.000 to 400.000 depend to the term and conditions.

5. Gili castle

The old name is Gili backpacker was so popular homestay with more people really recommend it actually for the diving students, the price was depend to bed it means they sell the room by bed from 100.000,- in a night to 200.000,- a night per bed. 

With some of cases they have got, Gili backpacker was changed the name to Gili Castle due to the rule to not sell the room by the quantity of the bed, the room just can provide maximum 3 bed in one room, the rule was so strong that we call awik awik gili trawangan, one of the very best facility is a big swimming pool to swim.

6. Broken compass

It has the same facility as Gili castle and the location right infront of Gili backpacker, they have any exercises  to do like table tennis, it serve food and drink to get fully guest services.

It has a room on second floor well equipped with facility and good service, however the location make it change, most of the gueat choose this accomodation due to easy access to central area for food and drink.

7. Woodstock

It located quite far from main road but this accomodation offer the very nice  hotel with Eco friendly system, all materials was made from wood that was inspired from the name. 

The location around 10 minutes from central area and far from the noise atea and island activities, a swimming pool was offer infront of the hotel stay, it look so natural overall kind of hotel.

Best high class hotel Gili Trawangan

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The high class hotel will be measure by the price and the total amount of the room and this is can be a standard to specify the room category, those are not including private villa or home for rent.

1. Ombak sunset hotel

It located on west side of Gili Trawangan where the sunset moment catch, it has more then hundreds room with some room category, this the biggest hotel in Gili Trawangan, the balinese architecture was covered totally in whole furniture and  the room wooden material like door, window or ventilation.

The most expensive room over start at 5,000.000,- per night with room beach view facing to the bali mountain completely with long deep swimming pool facility infront of the room, meeting room and luxury restaurant well equipped completely.

3. Aston Sunset Hotel

It located next to Villa Ombak Sunset that one of the most well known hotel network that the name was so familiar for the guest, this property was built to accommodate the guest and grab the popularity of Gili island, aston hotel management was interesting to build hotel in Gili island to cover all requests from their guest to find best stay in Gili Island.

This moment will never miss out by aston and now the great aston hotel was established under the traditional indonesian home concept, hold the restaurant beach view as attractive aideto catch the guest and added a live music  to improve the hotel income focusly on sunset moment. The room price was vary depend to the term and conditions but the better time you can book this hotel when low seasons, the cheapest package well offered to find out the guest stay. 

Actually the room price start at 1.000.000 net per night on low season and peak season they can reach up to 3.000.000,- in a night, do not hesitate about facility  even the location is not possible to go swimming due to shallow water and died coral forbidden you to go on the water.

3. Villa Almarik 

The only one lotus hotel was set up from long time ago, the specific italian people come over to this villa and serve with the real italian food restaurant, it located about 10 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbour and 2 minutes by horse cart or bike. 

The best italian food well served in this restaurant with live music in the nights to set a romantic dinner by the beach, like an italian say "muy romantico" the room was so nice with big spaces on it and very lovely park set green up to our view. 
The room price most offer by travel agent under the american dollar it's about 150 dollars in a night, the price can be changed depend to term and conditions.

4. Villa Grasia

Well, when the first time i spell the name pf this hotel it make new argument in my mind, is it hotel own by the spain guy ? Actually after i asked the staff that the hotel owner come from indonesia and they live in Bali, wow. 

This hotel try to provide new hotel design with classic and modern combination on the room, put the building under 45 are of the land and 23 rooms make it the new boutique hotel with 4 star hotel facility, it has two kind of room category that deluxe cottage and family room.

The beach was so fabolous right facing with the khalik point one of the best diving spot in this island, the potential of the beach may grab the guest for restaurant or bar consumption during snorkeling activities. It located on the north side of Gili Trawangan around 30 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbour to the right side.

5. Pondok Santi

The small hotel can be categorised as hig class hotel, any reason for this, the hotel was fully with green grass garden view and located on south side of Gili Trawangan. 

The price was so great, never up never down always on 2.500.000,- this price was stop on it, the information was get from the managers of the hotel, now depend to you what the high class hotel that you choose.


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Party island that people call Gili Trawangan, no night without party, the place that very good for young man, spending the time on bar, listening music, watch some big match while drinking an alcoholic drink, the bar well boost stunning music to grab the young guy to come close to. 

Many restaurant serve anykind of drink with promotion price like an happy hour, happy glass, jungle time or anything that make good word to saying, but the thing you should now where a good place to spend the time with life music at night time :

1. Sama-Sama Regae Bar

It located on central area around 2 minutes from harbour of Gili Trawangan to the left side, this restaurant live music was called rasta man, technical instruments well so expert to do it.

It location on main road make it easy to find out, a fantastic muaice will accompany a long the night, the all personal have a rasta style singing by the beach with a huge voices. Accross the street on central area by hear truly Europe music under the natural singer loud to the customer. The music was made to allow you to enjoy the drink on beach bar with silent night on Gili Trawangan.

2. Almarik Restaurant

The only one lotus hotel provide lige music on the beach area serving with real italian food like pizza, spaghetti or penne. It located on the northern of Gili Trawangan around 20 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbor area.

The most music serve a melancholy style and romantic hidden on the bamboo restaurant design, if you want to enjoy any italian food with romantic diner.

3. Aston Sunset Restaurant 

A luxury restaurant try to grab fortunate by hosted a life music on the beach area, the life music was so special on five star hotel, it make everything special, it located on the west side of Gili Trawangan right facing to Bali island.

This hotel starting live music while sunset moment to grab the sunset while loud a music on the beach bar, the music well managed with great sound system to generate the best sound quality.

4. Wildan Restaurant 

A local own the restaurant try to catch the income by the night with present life music and indonesian food serve, most of guest visit this restaurant through the music and classical restaurant design. 

It located around 5 minutes from gili T harbour and it has long beach area to serve long table by the beach sorrounding with trees to block the strong wind in it. It serve some night barbecue a long the street you van choose any fish, prawn, chickens, and etc

5. Horizontal Restaurant 

The old restaurant in this island was so famous with the restaurant design, as same like restaurant it try to make any improvement to get intense from the guest to come and sit on the restaurant. 

It concept not far like it neighbours wildan restaurant, try to make new sensation by present life music, how this can be work, you can come and be a witness of the old restaurant sensation.

6. Coral Beach

A restaurant that was popular with the best pizza in this island, now it has live music to accompany us to enjoy pizza on the beach side. It located on the northern of Gili Trawangan around 25 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbour.

Best reason visit Gili Meno

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Gili Meno is the smallest island between three small island, this place can the best destination depend to vacancy for, althought not so popular as Gili Trawangan but it has any special attractive taste to move from the place where the people visit. 

However, popularity is not the main thing to make the place to be favorites but one thing popularity make the place over visitor actually this can bothering your vacancy for honeymoon. Here the little thing that the people most visit Gili Meno than Gili Trawangan.

1. Natural Beach

Gili meno is the smallest island with low visitor on it, natural beach is one of the reason the poeple come to, not much people visit this land that means the beach still keep the naturality of human touch.

It located on the middle of two island Gili Air and Gili Meno make some people easy to see and intention to reach this small island, when you see this land from trawangan you think you can swim by the  sea but not same like your think, you need to go by boat around 1 kilometers from Gili Trawangan.

2. Bird Park Conservation

This the gili meno icon that make it special one, it located on the middle of Gili Meno and sorround it with green trees, bird park colleated more than 50 special of tropical bird with vary color, the bird are awesome. 

All bird well feeding carefully under the standard bird conservation, it come close  us approach and singing. If you are a big family with small kids this can be a better tour destination for Gili Island Trip.

3. Meno Wall

One of the best snorkling spot in Gili Meno that was called meno wall, there is a place where lot of turtle live and find out the feed for family consume, it located on the west side of Gili Meno right facing to Gili Trawangan.

This spot can reach by walking from main  street stright to the shoreline and swimming a little more to beach and meno wall present lot of turtle life around the sea and the natural beach also increase the beautiful view of this small land.

4. Honeymoon place

A lonely and a calm are a main situation that honeymoon couple need, far from party and crowded human passing, a simple and natural place i call it, just a few restaurant and hotel was built in this land that make a beautiful place for honeymoon.

The restaurant focus on central area where a place close to the harbor where the people can be easier to find, all restaurant almost overall designed natural with lumbung design and eco friendly touch.

5. Friendly People

The people in Gili Meno was populated by sulawesi people with popular name bugis, they own almost overall land on shoreline, this is about the long story of people from long times ago why bugis own the land and not lombok people.

The people in small island well acknowledge about how to think about promoting their land next to each other, serving the guest with smiling and friendly service make a sense to the traveller, they realize that the land need better promotion to grab the guest come to with special handling system.

The guest well approach by the kindness of the people and friendly people, this is the truly combine of real promotion pn direct speaking and direct serving, visit this island and you will how the people serve during your stay in.

6. Rarely Accomodation

This land has not much accomodation far as Gili Trawangan, the hotel well acknowledge like 3 star hotel and below with combination between classical and modern pack in a hotel.

Not much choice but quality number one, this the real satisfaction no betting, one the motto that i never miss it.

7. No building on shoreline

As we know that Gili Trawangan has over population from human and building like hotel and bungalow never care where the place, where the location, just focus on startegic location to catch more customer out there. 

This kind of view will never sea in Gili Meno, all a people well understand about eco system keep the shoreline as point of  attractive view and naturality, this means no restaurant and no bar permanently on the beach area, the local people will keep a naturality to lasting the people stay on Gili Meno.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Pusuk Monkey Forest

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Pusuk monkey forest is a place where you can feeling the mountain temperatures here with green leafs are sorround the place, this place was populated by hundred of monkeys come from the hill and stay together along the road side.

It located on north Lombok actually on a place between North Lombok and West Lombok right on entrance place to North Lombok.

This place was selected as part of Lombok Tour due to the kind experiment to see lot of monkeys step down on the street, stay all together by the big spesies  of them, some the thing that you should bring if you want find out the amazing action of monkeys.

1. Banana

The fruits that natural nutrition for the monkeys as same like the food regularly for them, when you give this fruits shortly you will be surprise that monkey can open the banana skin and move it to their mouth, a very strong instinct the way.

2. Nuts

This food will feel like new but they always get it from the walker or rider who pass monkey forest, try to throw it to the place where they gathering for relax, the food will collect fastly by a group of monkeys, the fight one each other to find out the nuts.

3. A bottle of water

This was my great experience, one day on midday i passed the Pusuk Street try to stop for relax with one  small bottle of water put on outside bag, i gonna stay calm and relax under the trees and suddenly they come close to and grab my small water, i feel surprise that the monkey open my bottle and drink it i front of my eyes, woooooow this the first time i see this moment although a bottle of water was closed so tight.

We want share this moment to you then we recommend to pick your bottle and leave it, and wait for the moment.

One thing that you should remember do not come close to this animal due to the instinct to steal anything close to you and grab it,

Click this video to find how the monkeys life on Pusuk Forest

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


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Senggigi beach is the place where the most hotel was established there high class to low class hotel, it located on the west side of Lombok Island,

This place is one of the highest class hotel and overall of Lombok and this place can be call as the Central of Lombok Hospitallity based on facility, location and public services, this place has categorize as a beautiful place to see sunset.

Actually there some best place to see sunset moment on Senggigi area, The Hill of Malimbu is one of the sunset point that very exotic place, it located 100 meters from surface of the water, by this place you can see a beautiful Gili Trawangan Island.

Pura Batu Bolong located on sengigi area, this temple was called as a place it built on the batu bolong beach, the location on the corner of shorline make it an amazing view for sunset


Senggigi beach had lot of hotel from five star with high class facility to standard facility of backpacker, let see the sheraton senggigi the biggest hotel in senggigi area with more than 100 room they has.

Qunci Villa is one of the boutique hotel choice with long design of swimming po, this hot has very nice rank on tripadvisor , it really recommend it and other hotel like jayakarta, sengigi beach, svarga, bukit senggigi and etc.

Restaurant and bar on the beach view with special western food was provide like cafe alberto, marina square and the place you can spend time for karaoke and bar.

Public Service that all was complex from bank, money changer, taxi service, surf board hire, motorcycle hire, spa and massage overall was managed to accomodate the guest with complex facility.

Shoping or Souvenir, shop was built stright on senggig art market with vary Lombok handicraft from songket, gerabah, ceramics, and pearls too.

How to go

It located around 10 kilometers from Mataram the capital city of Lombok and 20 minutes from Bangsal harbour, this place was set as a tourism object from long times ago that fully with tourist. 

If you want to reach senggigi area from Lombok International Harbour around 1 hours drive passing Mataram to Senggigi by car or motircycle, good news, now you can reach this beach by fastboat operator from Bali to Senggigi.

What to do 

Snorkeling is the best activities that you can do with clear water and beautiful coral, this beach offer the calm waves to accompanied your snotkeling activity.

Sunset explore, as we know senggigi is one of the best sunset point to see in pura batu bolong and malimbu hill but do not leaves the great view in senggigi beach.

Explore Lombok Souvenir, Senggigi beach has art market that provide anykind of Lombok Handicraft offer, this can be a good activities to find the best lombok collection.

Diving, underwater activities was provide by Blue Marlin Senggigi, the professional diving operator under PADI licence, SSI and Scuba Dive.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

How your contributions to gili island

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Gili island is a small land with limited facilities, as we know that anything in this island has high price while compare with some products in Lombok mainland this based on sailing fee and transportaton to deliver the product from Lombok to Gili Island. 

As a small island we need high appreciated and contribute from local or tourist to keep gili island stay natural, some of contributions that need like : 

1. Don't throw anything in the toilet 

The toilet was designed to save an organic septic tank, to avoid any water block and toilet peoblem that better to put the toilet paper on rubbish bin that applies in the bath room.

2. Save water 

Turn the water off when you left the room cause we re in small island with limited fresh water product to using by hotel, fresh water is one of the beat hotel facility that most important in small island and please save the water for next user.

3. Pick any rubbish on road you pass

A small thing can be a big thing in your contribution be inspired for another one, Lombok is the island that not much carr about rubbish due to the education was low and not conservative. 

Keep your self as inspired people to follow by someone else, your small thing can be important then doing nothing.

3. Do not walk on coral reef

Coral is a part of water ecosystem where animals underwater lives and stay, keep the coral growth to generate more animals to live and stay together and do not touch the coral reef.

The coral reef was so smooth and easy break so one touch can break it and it need long time to born a new leafs.

4. Save Energy

Turn off light, ac, fan and water heater when you leaves the room due yo electricity come from petrol and you can contribute by decreasing power using

5. Refill your water

To overcome the rubbish issue in this island you can do by refill your water bottle, this can be save the money and no rubbish.

Some of the hotel declared to overcoming rubbish issue by provide water refill as a part hotel facility, so keep the environment to go green.

7. Do not pick any shells from the sea

Shell is a small thing that you may found on the beach with colorful design, but do not think that there no animal inside, the hammit crab that stay inside and when you bring to other make them killed.

Actually the shell is a place where the small animal leaves to avoid them from foreigner or predator, then please do not pick any shell as part of save environment.

8. Do not cut any tree on the beach 

As a local people call a tree "sentigi" that very important to blocking the wave and keep the sandy, the contributions pointed to owner of hotel or restaurant to realize it. When the trees cut it off it will make the sandy decrease from the land and the beaches will loss. 

The Best Clinic in Gili Trawangan

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Trawangan clinic is one the main facilities for the guest staying, this island was established many of clinic under Lombok Hospital Licence, they work under recommendation and allowed to open based on hospitality standard, they accepted any treatment, healthy care, check up and etc.

The all clinic work for 24 hours as same like Lombok Hospital, English speaker is one of the important thing that the client need due to majority of the client are tourist, English speaking really need but now worry all the clinic staff able to speak English with you as a great assistance.

Trawangan exactly is a small island which can reach by Fastboat from Bali, which the biggest transport well transform as the regular transport between Bali to Gili Island or Gili Island to Bali.

How Can Be ?

The transportation was easier then go to Gili Island from Lombok, Low cost and safe the time on the way to, right now the fastboat service was amazing short way to accros between two different island with 90 minutes expense.

Back to talk about clinic in Gili Trawangan which a necessary facility which the people really need it without exception.

Medical  check up was a very best services for clinic based on the tourist life style, if they feel their body feel different, medical check up is a solution that is the way the tourist or travelers care about healthy.

Especially for diving, some of client try to check the ear during diving stopped, they will always check the ear for work properly.

Here some of hotel use hospital with standard quality below :

1. Trawangan Clinic Center

It located in central area actually about 1 minutes from Horizontal Restaurant and Bar or right on west side of terawangan mosque, we call " Masjid Agung Baiturrahman" was established 2013 and they have high quality service, this can be approved the way they treat the client, they will help you to continue your treatment to Lombok if their facility not enough to do any treatment. 

This clinic was built to serve the patient for 24 hours service, cause they that the healt never waiting for the time to check.

This Clinic located on the heart of Gili Trawangan island in central area and easy to reach, the staff and doctor speak English well to explain the disease in your body or other particular virus or bacteria.

They love to handle the tourist fast and responsive to keep the high motivation and health control to the client.

What Service They accept for :
  • Dengue
  • Medical Check Up
  • Malaria
  • Ear Check ( Regular or Diving Effect )
  • Medicine ( Drugstore ) 
  • Etc for details you can tell the health condition the they will check them up
2. Villa Ombak Clinic

This the pioneer of clinic in Gili Trawangan that location on the north side of Gili Trawangan it same place with Villa Ombak the biggest hotel in the island, this clinic was so popular as the best treatment they has, but the location is far from central area and other side of Gili Trawangan that make the people take more time to do any medical check up.

Villa Ombak is a bsafe to ig symbol of Gili Trawangan, the location right facing to Sengggi Beach, long white sandy beach entering to the water.

How will the guest reach the island is ?

Many transportation can be chosen to manage your trip through the island depend on position where you are now.

Bali Island 

You can each Gili Island by take fastboat service stright from Padangbai harbor to Gili Trawangan, there are many fastboat company can you book over the day of your departure.

Flight is one of the basic and long term choice from long time ago and still be the high class option for you for traveling to Gili Island.Many domestic flight available in some ticketing outlet close to Bali area, book and go to Denpasar Airport.

Lombok Aiport

The best choice that we recommend to use private transfer from Lombok international Airport to Gili Trawangan.   This will be the huge choice for you who really do not know about the rute and road way and transfer in.

This a choice whose more safe to keep the whole trip under control and you know where you are with special guide to give the right information.

To use a private transfer is a gift, coz all the travel owner need review and recommendation to grow the company up and still holding the the great review on the top level.
The service will be a number one and the safety under control.

3. Warna Clinic 

Located on main road of Gili Trawangan make it easier to find out, as the location on central side of northen of Gili Trawangan this can be a good value to cover the client that come from north side of Gili Trawangan.

4. Lalapoe clinic

This a new clinic that location inland of Gili Trawangan, it was established to cover the guest who stay in hotel inland of Gili Trawangan, the land on the beach side was finished and this clinic has main idea to make clinic in the middle of Gili for easy reaching.

5. Dodgy Medical Center

It located behind art market Gili Trawangan or infront of Trawangan School around 300 meters from main road, this clinic was established at focus to do medical check up. 

6. Creative clinic 

It located on central side and in main road area next to Trawangan jetty or Gili Trawangan resort, it was established around 4 years make it this clinic has more experience to handle the client, consulting, medical check up and other treatment.

This the information that i can share for help you to find the clinic places, 

10 thing make you disappointed in Gili Trawangan

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Terawangan is a small island on the middle of the sea and it has high popularity as a great destinaton in the world, however this place has more than a million visitor every years based on how many hotel they has and always fully booked on peak season but this island have something that can make disappointed during your staying at there 

1. The quality of the road 

As we understand about Gili keeps the natural eco system but there no any improvement or great planning to fix the road as kind priority, the road was sandy and not possible passing by horse cart or  bike, this is can be a negative value for Gili Trawangan as the biggest destination which contributed to increase entry tax and hospitallity tax

It still has a problem the road connection on the north side between Gili Khumba Restaurant to Coral Beach, the guests complained about road, they need to stop biking and try to push the bike even on sun heat, it look so complicated but we hope this can be solved next years to hold the boost of tourist.

2. The horse over load

In other land a horse is a kind animal with high priority to save as a tame animal, but on this land you will find the horse work so hard, load the material over capacity, load the guest and luggage from harbour to the hotel booking, extremely hurt.

The horse work for eight hour in a day with enough nutrition and fully with food consumption, but one thing make me shock when the horse stop running the driver trying to hit it by stick, this same like they work under pressure, next planning may be this kind of service ca be change by electric.

3. The cat over population 

This island was populated by cats, you will find the cat anywhere on restaurants, bar, hotels, villas or home stay, when i have take some dinners in a restaurant they come close to me when smell a  fresh fish grill while screaming "meong meong" this make me disappointed due to the cat live a wild without any control.

The guest well appreciated about the condition of the cat tiny, smelly, dirty and low nutrition, the people on this island treat the cat as animals that can lives personallity without home to stay and food to give, it look so pitty.

4. Rubbish over quantity

Hotel and Restaurant is one of the biggest company that produces rubbish, while i accrossed Gili Trawangan to Lombok i see some pack of rubbish hang on the surface of the water make me think a crazy choice, if this island do not care about rubbish next two or three years this island will be a nothing.

The problem for rubbish still no great solution to overcoming, thry collect all the hotel rubbish to a place that located close to Les Villa Ottalia Hotel together with whole gili rubbish, the place it call " bangketan" we hoped that gili leader think seriously about this trouble to keeping the island clean and far from rubbish.

5. Night lighting not supported

Trawangan is a small island about 7 kilometres the whole and 300 hectares square but not much light on the main road, the light was an important thing when night life. 

Some hotel located on the north side do not have enough light to find out where the foot step and the bike ride although this island far from a criminality and other crimes, this may need corporation with power station who supply power to the whole island and invoiced to leader of the island that collected from entrance fee.

6. No Water Circulation

Have you visit this island during rainy season, this island floody on the main road, block the guest on activities, it make every people will stay on the room, water circulation on main was so poor, it need a water circullation every five meters and flow it to beach but the fact was contrary, the water stopped on the road make new swimming pool.

The quantity of rain is so much and they need to flow it shortly, although this island not same like Lombok, it has just 3 months rainy season but this problem should be stop it. 

7. The Boat Over Capacity

A public fron Gili Trawangan to Lombok was managed by local operators who has high priority and authorities but the problem is the passenger control, they often load the people out of capacity although they have rule to obey.

This problem day to day was decrease based on the critical and leader contributions to keep the island stick on the regular rule to save and secure.

8. The accomodation out of control

Gili island is a small island that same like a ship on the sea, they have standard capacity but now this island was established a lot of accomodation without care about eco system and capacity, the home change to home stay, the accomodation for employers was made to bungalows, this make everything talk about money and business, we wish that problem should be controlled to keep this island managed regularly.

To understand that gili is a small island that very unique and luxury, do not create like a big city fully with building and shoping area, keep this island as unique destination that no one can move it as far as now, the unique product make the people reach it.

9. Blocked Shore Line 

The shoreline is the best spot for the guest to barking and stay relax but a part of this island was established with restaurant, spa services and beach ba, they try to take the beach as a point of marketing but they actually they know that can maked the beach view blocked from the main road.

Some of the restaurant has built the permanent restaurant that hard to break it and close the beach view to the viewer, this never solve during the first Gili Trawangan was built but we wish this leader of the island will much appreciated to change the whole back to the normal.

10. Died Coral

The world under water remain died coral which push out to the shoreline, blocked white sandy beach to a beautifull place on the beach, the died coral may happen by some action like :
1. Walk on the coral reef made the coral break and bring out to the surface of the water.
2. Fish bomb was killed small fish and coral, this is was happened long time ago but now the leader has big homework to solve, Create a biorock as a place where the coral reef and this is a part of Gili Eco Trust job description, this mutual company was supported by all diving center in 3 island, the gili life depend to you and give us new jetsky idea to help environment.

Thursday, 24 December 2015


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Lombok is a small island next to Bali to the east but this island has a traditional handicraft that made from raw material that take it from harvesting of agriculture product, the people of Lombok make the handicraft as second income not a main, actually the people has main income from agriculture and government administrative.

Every each place in Lombok has traditional handicrafts but some of them very popular and can be a commodity product for export as same like songket, gerabah, ceramics and also pearls the overall is one of the biggest lombok commodity that every one try to buy just for souvenir or collected in home as a unique handicrafts,

1. Sukarara

It located on the Central Lombok Jonggat Regency 20 minutes from Lombok International airport, if you like to collect any kind of songket naturally with Lombok design. 

Although the handicrafts still using a manual systems therefore take more time to created new songket and ready to sell but the design and difficultnees involves to the price a pieces of songket, sukarara is a central of Lombok Traditional Handicraft has come to be the best place  to visit by the guest for shoping activity.

2. Sekarbela

It located on Mataram the capital city of Lombok, if you are the people who need a pearl, sekarbela is the right choice,  you can a lot of shop stright on the same line sell anykind of pearls from fresh water until salt water pearls, the price starting from 500.000 to 5 million rupiah depend to the quality product.

For easier to serve the buyer, it shop provide credit card and dollar payments payment, although this place has good popularity but we can not avoid any competitor born to get any marketing plan as same like the pearl in Sayang sayang, Teluk Nare and other place that promote with new level price as the way of take the intention from the buyer.

3. Banyumulek

It located on Kediri regency around twenty minutes from Lombok International Airport, this place is a central handicraft for Gerabah and ceramics, some of the hotel buy a lot of handicraft from this place to put as hotel facility like astray, tube, etc 

hotel is part of the way to promote the product to the buyer on hotel stay and promote about Lombok Traditional Handicraft, while you visit this place you can see overall the processing and you will how long they need to make a product ready to sell.

4. Beleke

It located on central  lombok to the eastern under Praya Timur regency, this a central of handicraft especially for rattan raw material, this product exports to the some place in Europe like chair, table, box and other else.

This handicraft was improve their by embrace the local buyer with furniture product that was so simple and lasting, the prices were do friendly. Classical design based natural eco system. 

5. Cakranegara

This is a big Central Lombok market, all small shops in Lombok majority take the product from this place due to economical price and negotiable, you can buy aby souvenir like t shirt or some cloth that embedded with Lombok Culture.

It located on cakranegara regency actually it a central of garment comidity in Lombok and this is a central of Lombok market fully with shop and administration government office.


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Trawangan is the biggest island on three paradise island in North Lombok with thousand or million visitor visited every year, it contribute to decrease unemployment, increase regend income and heal the social and culture generally for indonesia and eapecially for Lombok Island.

Bring a big stuff on our luggage may a big problem when we do traveling but what will be happen if you want to spend a little of your money to save for next destination, it a great if you have a big money to spend, just bring a few dress and credit card and everything will be perfect but this siutable for a traveller have got money a lot. 

Terawangan serve any kind of thing that the guest want it from bike, surf board, snorkeling equipment, money changer, water sport and etc everything it same like perfect island to cover all the thing you need during your stay, so what you thing about my suggestion "bring a little thing to save the budget" this is look very complicated for some people they will say holiday is fun, finish all actually for the people who has great planning, here the thing you should bring to Gili Trawangan :

1. Snorkeling Equipment

Gili Trawangan has more than 10 the best place for snorkeling from shoreline to the middle of the sea, buy foot or buy boat everything promises the best view to explore, snorkeling equipment should be a simple thing you've to bring although you can hires in Gili Trawangan,

Imagine if you stay longer then what your planning before due to the water conditions and great views that you explore, a snorkeling equipment is a great thing to help you to enjoy the time, you can hire a package of snorkeling equipment at price 75.000 in a day but if you bring from home this money can be save.

2. Surf Board

Trawangan has a place where the people can do surfing it located on the southern of Gili Trawangan actually cloae to kokomo restaurant, the waves are suitable for the people on beginning class with small wave embarrassing.

Some of young Australia always bring a surf board to enjoy the afternoon time with surfing in Gili Trawangan, the local operators hires surf board with price 100,000, for 2 or 3 hours.

3. Under water Camera 

The regular camera was a important thing for travellers to catch the beautiful view, on Gili Trawangan as a menories to remember, with a beautiful view to explore some of the people never forget their camera to catch every moment holiday and every atep they work, all that amazing view or inhabitual action ready to catch.

What about world underwater, this more and more beautiful thing to explore then on land, blue coral, white tip shark, salt water turtle, fish with any different colour will look so fabulous, never want to miss it, bring your underwater camera and ready to explore it, underwater camera was hired for 300.000, in a day use very expensive is it.

4. Diving Suit

Normally this is not an important thing to bring cause of not many guest like to do dive and not part of their hobby but this advise aiming to the people who planning to dive on Gili Island, bring your diving suit will be a great thing to do, some of dive shop sell applied diving suit for sell as we know that the price was very expensive, the better choice is to bring the thing from home.

Sive company offer diving classes including equipment to wear and ready for tank, but sone time the quality of our diving suit much different with what we own this is will affect to the comfortable to dive. 

This island has more than 20 diving spot to visit and applied more than 15 diving company to cover all of your diving licence.

5. Torch or Flash Light

Gili trawangan is one of the island that far from crime dri government contribute and local people helping to keep the island calm as we wanted, some of the road inland not enough light to shine the road then you need a torch to help you To find right way. 

And for some guest who stay in central area will no worry about this, the light bright strongly to help your step. 


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Sunset is a great time to capture the nice sun view upon the time is, the photographer explore the best sunsets point to collect the best view as great background or wallpaper. 

5 thing that you shoul bring and prepare before take this moment :
One prepare a camera with high resolution to avoid blurry on picture catch, this moment are difficult and rarely to find then never lost this moment

Two bring your tripod to acces your spot video and fhoto most comfortable and focus, this capture need high focus to keep the monen catch right on the spot.

Three set your camera on manual for easy use while on capturing the picture, manual mode is easier for ti do zooming or onether option.

Four, if the place is a popular place to see sunset then find the other spot to differ your fhoto creation, give analogy that your spot must be different with other as your sign of your creation.

Five, you should come early to the place to prepare and find the better spot before the people using, the time before will be most plenty time to recognize and to imagine the higest quality picture to catch and different with other people fhoto,

Here the some place you can see the best sunset point : 

1. West of Gili Trawangan 

The biggest gili island that be the best place to see sunset view right facing to Agung Mountain Bali, all the guest waiting for the best sunset moment while drink some cocktails on lounges chair and drop swing to the water in.

The biggest hotel in this island provide a sunset music with yummy cocktail, Villa Ombak Sunset has a swing well put infront of beach restaurant.

For a better spot to view sunset on Gili Trawangan hill with around 30 meters high that possible to see the both exotics moment sunset and sunrise, take this moment on high place make it a perfect shot.

2. Top of Rinjani Mountain

As a part of trekking ending this place the best for see sunset, it about 3. 726 meters the sunset will look so close to embracing us. 

This place also has treeking action to catch sunrise on early morning although we just have 40 minutes to stay on the top due to capacity of oxygen and extreme temperatures. 

The moment sunset and sunrise will very excited in highest place in Lombok, on the west side view of Gunung Agung mountain well faboulous and the east side Gunung Tambora well refreshing your eyes.

The hardest of your effort to climb this mountain will getting paid by the best sunset and sunrise view on the top of the mountain

3. Pura Batu Bolong

This place presented very nice sunset view on the west Lombok with a different magical spot, this place located on the corner right facing to the sea much more like pura tanah lot in Bali. 

Batu bong means the hole of stone that you can check the natural place, the best spot you can find while behind this place with pura batu bolong as a background to show the exotic featuring natural high view picture.

4. Senggigi

Senggigi is the west side of Lombok mainland that the beatiful place to see sunset moment, the location was so gratefull on the west.

This place is a closest beach for a local people to enjoy the beach and sunset in Lombok.

5. Gili Air

This place has very nice sunset view scrolling on sea side of gili trawangan, although this place not as crowd as trawangan but the calm place and tranquil approach us while sunset time.

The calm waves and the voices of swallows bird singing to welcoming the dark night, this a pieces of heaven that was created, sunset on this places look very wonderfull and well served naturally.

5. Sire Beach

This beach not much hear but as like we know this place very wonderfull, it located on the north Lombok around 10 minutes fron Tanjung the capital city of North Lombok. 

Sunset moment well shot by three island background, you can imagine the subset slip down between 3 gilis present the red shadow to the sky above shining calm to the earth, well so faboulus.

6. Gili Nanggu

A small Gili as same like Gili meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan but this island has only 12,5 hectares and this is a protect island with good natural under water never touch, you can see the beach so close to the shoreline. 

A sunset point is one of the great moment you can see in this island, sunset well shining through this island with tranquil place, this island was issues that sold island by the business man from Jakarta and the government still clarify this issued.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015


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Trawangan is a protective island with 300 hectare square and populated with more than 100 family staying in the small island, as well we know that the island out of pollution, car and motor bike remove from this island to keep high value of the island for visitor.

As your visitor, how your contribute to keep the island clean to keep the Trawangan as the best tourism destination for next generation, if you thing this island enough for a generation only it means the people will take the potential product of the island then finished proudly, 

All the action, activity and license has controlled through Awik-Awik Gili Trawangan as a High Local Rule that should follows by the people who stay or make a business on the island, this valid for local persons or tourist for stay, you stay and you should follow the rule.

Gili Trawangan is a part of three island which located in the north side og Lombok Island with Tanjung as Capital City, a popular island with non motorize island

How can you reach this place from Lombok international airport, this is  the recently question that i had from some of my clients. follow this link to get information for Transportation from international airport to Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan Awik Awik was made to control the secure of the island and to control the business improvement for keep over population and over businessman, one of the best aiming for this rule to keep the people of Trawangan keep their business longer and professional. Here the thing that forbidden in the Gili Trawangan :

1. Stealing 

One of the scary rule that the people set in Gili Trawangan island is stealing with scary punish, the rules valid for local people and tourist also, if someone that found steal anything on this island they will be bring around the island with big sign that written " I am a thief " they will see by the people on the whole main road on shoreline, everybody watching and will remember your face.

How a big the punish is it, the leader of the island as shame the thief by showing on public watcher then they will bring out from the island and never allow to visit the island anymore.

This fact i have seen like the people showing on the picture, a tourist steal an iPhone and the people found him when they doing. 

2. Prostitution

Overall of tourism object fully with prostitution cause of a part of support facility but this not doing well in Gili Trawangan, the leader of island still handle strongly the Moslem right and rule, from this point you can see there is no local prostitution that allowed in this island.

Most Gili Island populated by Moslem people who stick the Moslem rule to the habitual life, this can be shown by 2 biggest mosque on this island that able to load thousand of Moslem.

3. Walk on Coral or Throw Ancer anywhere

Walking on coral reef that was forbidden cause kill the life circumstance of coral, this rule has makes to keep the life of coral reef, this rule pointing to the diving activity and snorkeling especially for under water activity.

Trawangan get the popularity from a beautiful world under water, they need contribute from the local or government to keep the world underwater, Boatman must throw the anker where the place was set up as boat place.

Gili Eco Trust is the one of company who keep care to coral as a place where the fish live and find a food, it work hard to avoid any activity that worst for coral, for other long contribution all the diving company have to pay the Gili Eco Trust invoice as the way the human contribute to nature.

4. Consume or sell drug

Approximately ten years ago the people in Gili Terawangan allow to consume any drug in the island, without any rule to stop it, but now everything different due to the government rule that want point is " consume or sell drug is crime " this make everything change on this island.

The biggest problem to differ between consumer and seller this the big home work for the police overcome, clarify and finish. And now enjoy your best holiday without consume any drugs that forbidden to consume like narcotics and any kind of that.

5. Do Not touch turtle

Turtle is one of the amazing life underwater, it was a natural life and stay cool on the water, this animal was so interesting for us to see the way it swim, eating on coral reef and stay cool though we come close to during our diving licence. The Gili island keep the turtle life circumstance by create turtle conservation that located right facing to meno wall in Gili Trawangan,


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Gili island located on the middle of the surround with beautiful white sandy beach on the whole side, the road was covered by sandy problem anywhere but on 2015 the road was fixed for pass by bike or horse cart that is one of the goverment contribution to promote gili island by fixed the road.

10 years ago gili island was fully with bungalows in front of the beach, no five star hotel was established on that island especially in Gili Trawangan, many spaces that fully with palm trees far from the condition right now. 

Here, the most facility that Gili Island has to fully the guests necesarry :

1. Hotel 

Hotel is the main facility that Gili Island has especially Gili Trawangan has multi class hotel from bungalows to five star hotel and it filters the guest from low class until high class guest with maximum budget.

Some of five star hotel that you can find in Gili Trawangan like Villa Ombak, Villa Ombak Sunset and Aston Sunset Hotel the overall of the villa has room up to hundred room with perfect facility. 

Gili Trawangan has four star hotel in different location and design, here the four star hotel, Villa Almarik, Villa Grasia, Pearl Beach Villa, and etc.

And for low class accomodation has big competition on Gili Island and the location on same area behind the public harbour, their room reservation depend on walking guest and still improve the facility and booking source from off line system to online system.

The bungalows has standard facility as a fan, bed, breakfast and indoor bathroom. The price starting from 100.000, till 300.000,- here some of bungalow as ultimate choice with low budget.

2. Restaurant and Bar

Central area is a place where the all restaurant sell any product, many kind of restaurant with various menu to add more choice for guest, the restaurant has special offer each night to improve income every night.

The beach house and scallywags Gili Trawangan was popular with seafood Restaurant, Teritotia with special italian food, tir na nog is the best beach bar party and many more.

One of the biggest public facility where the people sell their product in small stall we call "night market" they offer indonesian food to western food also any kind of barbecue.

3. Money Changer

Central area is the best place where you can find money changer is, this facility was made to cover the guest who bring the other currency to change, it very usefull for the guest for any aim.

4. ATM

The new modern facility was supply 5 years ago for easier to take money cash, no need to bring money cash to this island only bring your card and everything you need you can buy.

5. Ticketing Office

Ticketing offer to serve the flight ticketing, touring ticket, airport transfer and local activity for snorkling trip, fishing trip and etc. it has a simple office but very completely different with local office in mainland Lombok, but do not hesitate when you the cover but they work with high personallity and professionality.

6. Clinic 

Now more then 5 clinic was established in Gili Island as a part of contribution to make Gili Island as a perfect Island and the guest no need to go to Lombok to check up their healthy.

Actually this clinic very important for diver who want to check ear during diving activity.

7. Diving Company

Gili Island has more than twenty diving spot with vary view each spot. The diving activity is most travel destination for a diver, right now on 2015 more than 20 diving company was built to manage the diver who want to learn about diving class or continue their diving lesson.

Blue Marlin is the pioneer of diving company on Gili Island at it located in the central area close to harbour about 2 minutes from the jetty, all the diving company work under PADI licence, SSI scuba Pro.

Saturday, 19 December 2015


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Gili Air is the closest gili island between three tiny island ( Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno ) to Lombok. It reach by 10 minutes from Bangsal to Gili Air.

It about a kilometer to the west from bangsal harbour, The closest Gili Island with fully with local people population from Bugis to Lombok people own the land, from the story before this island was so popular as same Senggigi booming as the best tourist destination but day by day the popularity move on to Gili Trawangan where the people going to. 

The thing that different thing than other two island :

One, this island most populated by local people not same like other island Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, the people just stay for a while and out of there, most local population influence to the way the people manage this island

Two, Easy to find fresh water, Gili Air located closest to the Lombok make a big fortune that the people can get fresh water easily due to the pipe from Lombok was connected to Gili Air, fresh water is a big thing that can change the mind of people to stay on the island, this is not same like Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno.

Three, easy acces is the priority just take 10 minutes from Bangsal to Gili air that same like the time when you go to Gili Trawangan by speed boat, a guest most consider about the time on the way then the time for stay, they will chose the fastest then spend lot of time on the way.

Four, fish point was selected as a snorkling three island spot that operate by local company like gili bahari, private boat, gilis reservation and etc why this place has win as snorkling the best spot, fish point present the best fish community with many species of fish  with different color and one that very amazing that you can feeding fish with a little pieces of bread. 

Five, the local people contribution that very helpful, they protect this island more than other island, the trip and other tour were managed by local people as a part to heal the people and avoid unemployment, this thing can help the government to increase the personal  income.

Six, sunset moment was very nice ann sunrise too, many people capture the moment for the both moment with a very nice result with greet background cover it. Most of te people stay relax and enjoyfull while waiting for sunset moment, they want to find out the best spot to catch the different moment appear.

Seven, awik awik or local rule was so strong and must obey by all the people especially for local and visitor, like an example the people from other island can not catch the guest from Gili Air without any licence to allow sailing through Gili Air.

Eight, accomodation well manages strightly, out of shoreline and keep natural this means you can see the shoreline from main road without blocking by bar or restaurant, it a comfortable thing if the people can see the beach far from building side that worst for sight.

This an eight thing were so acurable to measure the capabality of your destination choice.

Friday, 18 December 2015


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Gili Island is the best tourist destination to visit especially 3 gilis on the north lombok. gili means small island. Lombok phas many gili from north to the east need to be improve as tourist destination next.

Gili meno, meno island

Gili island most favorites tourist destination based on location which easier from Bali to Gili island and it has more than 20 diving spot to visit, life in Gili Island makes classical life far from modernisation, the whole activity was covered by traditional horse cart and any type of bike rent, no pollution is big think that most influence to grab the guest come to visit the paradise island.

It located on Pemenang North Lombok Regency around one hour from Mataram the capital city of Lombok, two hours from Lombok International Airport by pass the Pusuk monkey where you can see a lot of monkey playing on edge of the road.

Gili island has a company which arrange for public transportation from Bangsal harbour to 3 Gili Island the name is Koperasi Gili Bahari, it office right infront of the harbour with big sign written.

Step by step to get to Gili Island

- From Lombok International Airport you can take a private car around 300.000,-or taxi service with argometer as price standard by kilometer continue to drop to bangsal harbour, it take approximately 2 hours from Lombok Internatonal Harbour. 

- From Mataram capital city of Lombok just take a car with price around 200.000,-. It takes just an hours for all trip.

Tips to avoid unexpected problem in Bangsal

Upon arrival in Bangsal harbour, step out from your car or taxi and find Koperasi Gili Bahari where you can buy the ticket to Gili island from first hand, here the price that still valid until 2016 :

1. Transfer to Gili Air with price 10.000 not including entrance fee and government tax for 5.000,
2. Transfer to Gili meno with price 13.000 one way per person not including tax and entrance fee to visit gili island.
3. Transfer to the biggest Gili island at the rate 15.000,- one way per persons.

If you have more budget you may take fast boat service for faster to reach the island in 10 minutes and public boat approximately take 20 minutes from Bangsal Harbour to gili trawangan, do not have time to wait or you come with big group just charter one boat with price 300.000,- for one way one boat.

There are 3 gili island on the North Lombok :

The biggest island between 3 small gilis, it offers multi hotel class from five star until backpacker, every guest can choose any kind of accommodation as budget left, if you need to find low cost accommodation you can visit central area where the main activity is, from the harbour to the backside land.

The best sunset view you can see from this small island by the hill, sunset disappear on the top of Gunung Agung Bali, Trawangan is one of the best sunset view in Lombok Island.

The smallest island than all, it offers you a natural beach and calmest side on Gilis fully medium to low class accommodation to stay, but do not wish to stay on big hotel facility in this island due to no high class accommodation provide in this island.

Bird park conservation was established to differ one island to other, most tourist visit the bird park as part of destination in Gili Meno fully with more than 20 tropical bird from other land like parrot, flamingo and etc

3. Gili Air

The closest island right in front of Bangsal harbour to the west, on the east side of this island you can do snorkeling with beautiful world under water with small fish.

We are able for feeding fish on that side with small pieces of breed then all small fish will approach to get the breed, this the amazing experience that i had when i was snorkeling to that place, it spot was archive to be a place where the snorkeling trip to visit.


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Buy a Souvenir is one of the traveling activity on finishing time when the overall destination have been visited, Lombok is one of small island populated majority moslem people, it has agriculture aspect with much fertile land supported especially on North side of Lombok.

Let see how green the tree on North Lombok, and fertile land in Narmada West Lombok, from that raw material on that land it created keramik, gerabah or another handicraft as second income, the people contribute their life in agriculture aspect.

Now, Lombok was popular by the greatest island we call Gili Trawangan, they can absorb more then a million guest every year, imagine how this island can be a faboulous story of your holiday in.

But a something hard thing the guest found, how can they reach the island from Lombok Mainland, actually Lombok International Airport, then follow this link transportation from Lombok International Airport to Gili Trawangan

Many art shop and other place where you can buy souvenir in Lombok, here you can check the best Lombok Souvenir should be know and do not miss it :

1. Lombok Pearl 

Everybody how popular the Lombok Pearl product in Indonesia and mostly in foreigner, it has high pearl quality in the world and most people explore this product as souveniir from Lombok. The pearls from salt water not regular water.

The pearls you can buy in the some place on Lombok with certification for details pearls information and attaches legality, the price starting from 1.000.000 till 5.000.000 depend to the quality and design, there are some place we reccommend to buy in Lombok that is in Sayang-Sayang Pearls, Teluk Nare and Some Butik in Senggigi Beach area.

2. Songket

Songket is one of traditional Lombok handicraft which take approximately three days to one weeks to finish one songket that ready to sell, it has different sign or motif, more difficult will ask for more price, difficultness as barometer of  the price, you can find the people who producted this kind of songket in Sukarara Central Lombok and some place in Kuta that is Sade, they waving personally and most women do this job.

You can visit Kuta Art Market to find songket as your souvenir, the price starting from 350.000 until 1.000.000 for a pieces of songket, but if you want to visit and know how the people in Lombok created this product you can visit Sade Village in Kuta Lombok or Sukarara Village on the Central Lombok

3. Gerabah

Gerabah is one of Lombok product that made by ground but with was selected to find the best quality for gerabah, this kind of produck you can find in Banyumulek West Lombok, it has any size from small to the big size depend to your order.

This product was imported to other land in the world but now this getting low consument due to the low promotion and network marketing, for a simple souvenir you can buy a little size that easy for you to take in your bag and the price around 50.000 only.

4. Susu kuda liar (milk from wild horse)

Actually this product come from sumbawa where you can find a thousand big horse that live on the wild land human control, the people in Sumbawa bring the milk to sell to Lombok, it come from fresh milk on the strong horse body to keep your body healthy and avoid from desease.

You can find this product in some  Lombok Mini Market with price from 200.000 per bottle, this product is limited due to quantity of the horse was decrease day to day.

5. Honey of Sumbawa

Natural honey was popular in Sumbawa and sell to Lombok Island, sumbawa has many people produce honey as main activity due to the high offer from customer, this product can be find in some place in Lombok with price from 100.000 to 300.000 in a bottle.

Sometimes this product very limited and the order will pending due to the productivity out of order, on that time you can see the price decrease out of regularly. It useful for imun and healthy.

6. Dodol Lombok

Dodol not only in java but you can find in Lombok, it produce from some fruit as same as another product but it has a different taste than each other, you can find this product in airport.

Dodol is a traditional handmade snack that often serve in traditional ceremony as a special dessert, the most lombok people known the way they can make it due to the easy processing.