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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Gili Trawangan Weather

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Gili Trawangan is a part of Lombok Island which located on North Lombok Regency, the entire all of indonesian archipelago has tropical land with two usual weather rainy season and dry season. 

Even Gili Trawangan is a land with high temperatures but still holding the indonesian territory, the season always change every couple of years due to weather and temperature influence, on 2016 all farmer in Lombok was shocked when they have no rain until last of November to welcoming the rainy season, but the rain come through on middle of January, every each farmer predicted that those are the global warming effect, the seasons will come roll up every each year.

This seasons mostly influence to the quantity of tourists visit Gili Trawangan  sue to weather issue, but this a normally seasons then the guest will easily to predict but some of traveller still stick the planning without check the weather option.

One of the most different weather in Gili Trawangan that the rainy seasons just 3 months and the other is dry seasons, during 3 years shortly the weather always 3:9 this is because of the wind direction and small size of Gilis. And the other thing, mostly the rain come through afternoon and night time when the guest finish the day activities then this a good benefits for a people who stay in hotel, they have time to barking the sun, snorkeling activities, look around the island by bike and see more exciting place in Gilis.

Believe or not this actually happen in this island, for 2016 the rainy was started on the middle of January and let see when the rainy season will stop. 

A Fantastic Reason to choose Blue Water Fastboat Service as transportto Gili

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The huge competition through fastboat company to assist the guest transfer from bali to gili and contrary, the competition was crowded from the price and the service also the spacious place. 

Although the other company boost their promotion by online and offline but they actually forgot about reputation and service quality although they have bigger fastboat than Blue Water Express, here we embedded the fantastic teason to choose BWS : 

1. The pioneer of fastboat Company 

as the pioneers they will now more about the condition and environmental also what the guest needed during sailing by boat, professionalism come through this company.

Starting on 2009 this company was operated where there is no one fastboat provide direct transfer from Bali to Gili Trawangan, they build a connection and sales marketing from zero to hero, presented the new service, benefits and build a trust from the client to believe that the fastboat work safe and comfortable, the entire all of struggle have been paid bay now the people most chosen this company as trusted fastboat company.

2. Best service 

One of the best fastboat that provide the helpful porter to bring your luggage to ship, actually in Serangan or Padangbai they have a waiting hall to make registration and take complement like coffe and tea as a part of their service.

On sailing process we will be accompanied by the music and professional staff to explain the route and weather conditions also a cool water and fresh towel well provide it.

3. Hard to find a sit

A limited product has better quality this a motto of marketing, as we know that very hard to find a sit through this company due to the people most booking this fastboat as the best choice.

Most of travel agents trust this company to bring their clients with safe and comfortable sailing even low season this boat hard to book cause of fully booked.

4. A solid database

It has a great database to sort the booking from one years ago or other period, why database has an effect to the guest ? Some of other company forget the oldest booking and usually release it from their reports.

You may find some of the guest complain abou the transfer or miss pick up, this an usual problem that the fastboat doing but not with blue water express.

5. On time 

This fastboat well orgenized through departure and pick up service, they alway has on time duty and if has any delay , the fastboat company inform in advance. This a helpful information for the client to get right information through sailing servic

Tips to choose hotel stay in Gili Trawangan

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As the biggest island between three Gili make trawangan as te biggest destinaton in Lombok with many hotel choice from bungalow to five star hotel, every each hotel offer the best price and facilities to enjoy. How can we choose the hotel in Gili trawangan that all have a special offer which very attractive to take about, here the tips to chose hotel stay. 

1. Make sure your holiday for

There are manykind of the hotel in Gili trawangan and now the time for you to decide which one the hotel suitable for you, if you are honeymoon couple that very interested with place that far from busy, noisy and activities you mau choose Villa Grasia Resort and Spa, Desa Dunia Beda or Jambu luwuk the three hotel location on the north side of Gili Trawangan with far Location and you will think like you stay on small town and need 20 minutes to reach city area.

If you are young and need more party and entertaining you can choose one of this hotel to stay Villa Ombak, Almarik or Horizontal you can reach the central area by walk in 5 minutes, the hotel that we recommend it are up to 3 star hotel facilities, you do not to worry about facilities, service and the price actually suitable with the hotel quality. 

Finally if you come with big family group you may choose some private villa to stay like home with private pool, kitchenette and bar, we recommend Kelapa Villa, Les Villa ottalia and Gili Eco Villa the entire villa has a personal design and attractive facilities for guest stay.

2. How much the budget you have

As so manykind of hotel with multi class make the people confuse what the beat hotel to stay depend on my limited  budget, here the hotel specification through the budget to expense : 

If you have budget around 100.000 to 200.000,- you can the accomodation close to central area which located behind the harbor of Gili trawangan, the place like Permata homestay, banana leaf homestay and broken compass.

For medium budget around 300.000 to 500.000,- you will find a medium class of homestay with air conditioning and large room sized including breakfast, here the bungalows Manta dive bungalows, coconut trees and warna homestay you van find a special discount for low season up to 30% on booking.com

High class budget, this will move up to the 4 star to the dive star hotel for the best service and quality service, we really recommend villa ombak, horizontal, almarik, ombak sunset and aston sunset as your the best choice, those hotel have the best hospitallity record to serve the best performance, service and pricey, especially for booking via booking.com you will get 10% as member of booking.com customers and thise hotel always put the best deal up to 50% discount through the best online booking that booking.com

3. Stay on low season to save the cost

If you want get better deal with price much lower than peak season, please come through low season around February, March, April, May, November and October those are the best deal you can get, the price will break down until 75% than high season cost. 

A secret "a hotel will fully the operational cost by sell the hotel room as much they can due to the operational always grab the money from hotel pocket"

4. Direct booking 

This type of booking not valid when peak season but low season well function due to the hotel need to collect the money without pay any commission to the online booking, online booking set 15% till 20% commission foe each nigh reserved and if you can do direct booking the bargain well needed to get the real price after decrease by online commission. That the benefits that we get from direct booking.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Villa Ombak Hotel Facilities

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Villa Ombak Hotel Facilities

One of the biggest hotel in Gili Trawangan with five star international standard facilities offered the best 7 kind of the rooms and indoor and outdoor facilities with awesome service of the  staff. 
There are many facilities to support their selling products and improve the monthly incomes as a hospitality business, the location was not so far from central area reachable by walk that was a points to choose this hotel. 

With the biggest hotel in the island that possible to decide our choice as travel destination, the facility was covered by standard five star and also the management will be solid and customer service will be a priority, as we know customers service is the soul of the hotel to boost their selling. Much of the hotel as bungalow or home stay has good customer service although the facilities and the room was much lower then five star hotel. 

Below are the facilities of Villa Ombak Hotel to be a reason why to choose this hotel : 

The Beach

The longest beach side right infront of the hotel around 200 meters with lounge chairs, the beach front right facing to Lombok island serve the best beach view and shown the Lombok Hill on North Side of Lombok.
Become to stay there the mountain of Rinajani with 3.726 meter is a great view on beach side of Villa Ombah on the northeast to view. 


The high class room facilities was provided a bathtub especially on Private Villa room kind, this interior room facilities serve the luxury hotel and high class life style. The staff well provided a flowers through the bathtub everyday as a part of hotel service. 


As the biggest hotel in Gili Trawangan this hotel was inspired by the local people medical claims of the island that was so far from main land, the people try to find the closest clinic in Gili Trawangan and hotel villa ombak tried to provide a clinic to cover the healthy care especially for the staff and generally for Gili Trawangan people. It a pioneer of healthy service in Gili Trawangan to serve you for buying medicine, daily check up, and other else.

Swimming pool 

Public swimming pool was provided infront of hotel for outdoor facilities with big sized to load the guest staying and private swimming located right infront of the villa Ombak private villa, this facilities was contributed just for the guest staying on private villa hotel.

Bar and restaurant 

Villa ombak has 2 restaurants that located on the beach side and garden side restaurant, the both restaurants has towards guest intention, for some guest who wanna get breeze from outside treatment and fell the beach wind blow slowly they will come through the beach restaurant but aome of the guest need more privacy of their stay, the garden restaurant was a better choices to visit. 


The first ATM facilities was built on that place, villa ombak has big contribution to make Gili Trawangan as a perfect island with complete island facilities, as we know a thousand of guest come through this island and every each person need cash money for a small hotel transactions and paying a small bill. This facilities very useful although it provides a national bank of indonesia. 

The giant chest 

To make it your holidays fun, Villa Ombak provide the giant chest board on the garden side area around 2 meters from public swimming pool. Some of the guest interesting to play the big chest board although they need their power to step up the chest games.

Water sport

There are many water spot to offer by this hotel like banana boat for a family or couple water sports, the water conditions was calm and no waves that suitable to appear the better games for the guest. 
Sky walk is a new water sports that villa ombak has, a great experience for you when your feet push up by the machine and your body seems to be on the sky. Imagine this water sports come to make your holidays fun.

Fastboat facilities 

Villa ombak has tried to spread their business come through transportation service that call ombak group fastboat this a good news for the people staying in villa Ombak, if the hotel has a facilities for transportation this is the way the hotel improve and promote their products through the guest with any kind of deals. 

Massages and Spa

Relaxing and enjoying are the guest wanna to do, by spa and massage Villa Ombak make the guest feel like home, the perfect facilities and huge body treatments woow everything look so fabolous. Any kind of massage and spa to offer like balinese massage, ayurvedic massages, body scrub, stress releasing massage and aromatherapy massage. For spa they has medicure or pedicure and other else.

Warung Bule

One of the simple traditional lombok restaurant that we call Warung, this is a prove that villa ombak try to known and bring a traditional lombok restaurant be a great hotel icon, this location was isolated from the main villa ombak hotel, the location on the south side of villa ombak. 


Villa Ombak has manifested the Lombok traditional home Lumbung through the hotel architecture, to combine the both side effects from traditional to modernity combine in a product share the best combination, outside view was so traditional but the indoors facilities was moderated. 

This the biggest hotel facilities that maybe a big reason to choose this hotel stay.

Sade Village Lombok

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A traditional home lombok that call Lumbung was protected and keep the indigenous in this small village, to keep the indigenous and origin of the sasak tradition is a part of the soul of the people on that place under the pressure of modernity come through the people staying there. The people was isolated from the people around due to the people isolated theirselves from outside effect. 

The Location 

The sade village was located on the Pujut Regency Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara around 10 minutes from Lombok International Airport or 30 kilometers from the Capital City of Lombok Mataram. The location on the Main Street with big sign fir easy reach.

this village is the oldest traditional lombok village that hold the traditional lombok home, lifestyle, association and other kind of primitive life. It protected by the government as a travel destination historical, the contributions of government was shown by the road and the promotion through it.

The people 

The people still hold the naturalist ti be a part of their life, the young man and the leader of home still shown his efforts to feed the family and kids to be a farmers with own rice field or a daily farmers, everything was so beautiful when husband back home to come over with family.

The woman spend the days with weaving songket at home with natural equipment and continue sell the product through the guest or put on some art gallery, a piece of songket take up to one week process before the product ready to sell, another thing that the guest most interesting with natural songket than modern sue to difficultness and the charming of the songket design based naturality life. 

The home

The material was made from anykind of wooden that shown on rice fields and the man come to pick them up as an alternative material, however the wooden cover the entire home to keep them standing properly.

The roof was made from alang-alang,  a kind of grass with long body up to one meter and has edge sharp then we need take it them carefully, this kind of grass most find out in rice fields, they ready use the alang- alang when it has dry on sun for two days until green colour change to be yellow then collected in one group for stronger holding one to each other. 

The floor was made from selected ground which not much mineral inside taht same to be the ground where they life, strong ground and hard to  break.

The life

Everybody life in a community with a village leader to obey the command, the life was isolated from modernist effect and pressure, keep the typical life from their grandma that be a better choice.
This kind of primitive life was protected by regional government as a Lombok culture.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Desa Dunia Beda Gili Trawangan

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Desa dunia beda hotel is one of the Gili Trawangan hotel which bring traditional concept originally, based on our traditional java home design that popular call Rumah Joglo, a traditional concept was bring through this hotel. 


It located on the north side of Gili Trawangan around 15 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbour by horse cart, it has a private beach front completely with sun decks to serve. All the room was separated by the grass field with green view each room and this is most privacy than other hotel. 

Far from the central area where the people most doing activities and isolated from modernity pressure make your dream holiday come true, a quietest place combined with natural building also sea view that will be a private holiday no compare. 


The classical design and view was bring us to a primitive life far from modernity pressure with high end building products, other side that we can take that  this concept was eco friendly system it using wooden material without any chemical involved to the hotel building. 

Swimming pool 

A longest swimming pool was provided right infront with salt water covered with wooden floor on sun decks side.
The swimming pool is the best place to barking on the sun sight come through the swimming pool area. 

The beach

White sandy beach located right infront of the property, the beach spread long served with lounge chair and umbrella for barking the sun, based on the honour that this hotel get from tripadvisor it makes the hospitallity business grow up, here the certification below :

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Leaving Gili Trawangan on 17 January 2016

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The hottest day on the small island walking on the sun shine road fron north to the central was maked my skin burn in under the 27 degrees, the sandy was shine to my eyesight then i need a sun glasses to block crazy hot. 

By the ticket on public boat office right infront of central areas around 15.000 rupiahs continue to wait another passenger to buy the tickets for fully 40 passengers on the boat, need a litte time to grab the boat soon due to the time was 12.30 pm, the time when the people of workers back to lombok after finished the one day shift.

The time well recommended to get better time for leave frim Gili Trawangan and do not waiting much time for boat departure, as i know that public boat was running depends to quantity of passengers they do not have any schedule time, they work from 07.00 am to 05.00 pm woow was longer than i think. 

Continue i grab the public boat under name fajar pagi, that was so amazing that the people come on board with, lot of space and the water conditions was so slim it same like that i can do swimming a lot, do not wanna to leave the island but my time was punish me out of there. 

On the boat i just sitting down see look aroun while talking with boat driver with friendly smile to stir the boat for a better ways to drive, along the way everything was so quiet but sometimes the boat shock me out when they crash a little wave infront and they make a little dancing to the left and right, special features boat dancing. 

By the public boat view i can see a little island of meno and other side island air, the boat island look so pretty much with white Sandy beach bloody shine up to my eyesight. 

Rinjani mountain was standing alone of my eyes with the top side of Lombok, blocked by cloudy and black shadow that maked more mysterious, hide a challenge, explores the route. Rinjani mountain was so green from the boat side glamorous with white cloud on the toproof. 

Senggigi hill overview by the green trees sorrounding and serve a beautiful scenery, 5 minutes before i got the bangsal harbour, the boat driver turn the stir to the backside to find a way to landing and finish accross the sea. 

A manual stir make the driver look hand free and most professional although the manual drive harder than automatic. 

Arrived on bangsal, get out feom the boat by passing a little stair to the boarding place in Lombok, one by one the people come out the boat slowly and carefully to avoid wet and protect themselves from fall down to the water. 

The bangsal harbour porter was waiting before we landing to bring the stuff from the boat to the land and ready bring to the car, unfortunately do not leaves your bag due to the man will bring it for you and asking for the money, bring by your self save the money and out of any argued with local people. 

By the bangsal harbour i try to find a taxi to take me to the LOMBOK international airport, before i got the better price i try to bargain until the price come to 300.000 rupiah that suitable for my budget, finally we got agreement for the price that i want it.

Spend around 1,5 hour from bangsal to international airport was make me sleep on the car during the time is over, finally airport was infront, bring out my luggage and register for check in cone through the office of Garuda Airline one of the best flight un indonesia, it was a part VIP flight in Indonesia. And good bye the beautiful Lombok and Gili Trawangan 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Reason to choose villa ombak hotel

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Villa ombak is a pioneer of international 5 star hotel standard that located 10 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbour, it hotel most choose by travellers for the best holiday park facility. As the biggest hotel in Gili Trawangan that suitable to organise any big ceremony with long beachfront locations, parhaps the people come and visit this hotel for reunion or party staff due to land area enough to handle a thousand people. 

Any other aspects can be supported this place to be the best choice for Gili Trawangan hotel, now this hotel was add any clinical facility and diving, it has much kind of room to choose with the five star hotel facility depends to your travel destination, below are the best five reasons to choose villa ombak as your best holiday park in Gili Trawangan: 

1. Facility 

Villa ombak has a complete hotel facility to offer for guest better stay, prepared all kind of room facility like :
Air conditioning room, 
Hair dryer, 
Bath tubes 
Swimming pool
Small hut
Tv cabels
Safety box
Delivery afternoon tea for private villa
Open air living area
Semi open bathroom 
Overall facility was in, another hotel facility well update every years depends to digital technology improvement to provide a luxurious to the clients. 

As a big 5 star hotel, the costumer will think twice for their management inside, everything well organised under team work and all the staff will provide everything professionally. 

2. Multy choice 

Villa ombak has 7 kind of room with different price and kind each this can be help travellers to find the best room choice for a family to a couple or common to privacy, everything was available. 
Different than other private villa, this hotel provide private villa with truly five star facilities

Every each travellers would like to get better staying at the hotel then they need a specific hotel class to choose to avoid any disappointed when arrived at the hotel and see the hotel look like, the facility and then quality of service.
Villa ombak promised the luxury hotel stay with 2 big restaurant and swimming pool.

3. Location

It can be call the location is semi central it mean not much island activities but not so calm, you need go spend 10 minutes ride from harbour to villa ombak by bike, a central area located around 1 kilometres to the north side of Gili Trawangan. 

The location infront of the beach although they do not have the room with beach view but the beach provide for barking the sun and fully equipped with deck Nd lounge chair facing to rinjani mountain and lombok great view. 

4. Cheapest Price

For the hotel five star quality this hotel v
Can Approach the price until a million rupiah in a night, this surprise! This price will be valid for low season condition, a new trick of hotel marketing that i know. The hotel will try to increase capacity promoting to improve hotel income. Low season will be a high speculation for a hotel to try the best deal to the customer.
If you want get a better price for your stay, you can visit this hotel on low season (October, November, February, March, April) for medium season you can find variety price ( September, May and June) and for peak season the price will reach the highest ranking due to the room request over.

5. Lumbung architecture 

As one of traditional Lombok home inspired, villa Ombak try to perform the best Lumbung home design, it mixture a traditional design featuring modern interior, the design try to combine a traditional architecture that still survive from modernisation pressure architecture.
Villa ombak hotel perform the best hotel concept that brings indigenous home sasak Lumbung to be the hotel icon also to acknowledge about lombok culture via traditional Lumbung. 

Actually the architecture was not give a strong effect to the travellers but the design most pointed for presenting the Lombok Culture to the international worldwide. A small thing that travellers see that will be a big attractive to know about the story behind that.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Villa Ombak Hotel Gili Trawangan

eni sulistiani
The Villa Ombak Hotel was located in Gili Trawangan Island around 20 minutes from Harbor of Gili T, one of the biggest five star hotel in Gili Terawangan and the pioneer of hotel in the Gili island.
This hotel has a beautiful beach right facing with Lombok island.
It has more than hundreds room to offer with a beautiful location and 200 meters long beach view infront. The beach view  right facing with Rinjani Mountain view.

The Rooms 

The room was inspired by the Lombok home design with modern facilities, this property combined traditional and modern design architecture in one building decorations, as we know that lombok has traditional Rumah Lumbung that you can show that in Sade Village South Lombok Kuta but it still indigenous with natural wooden made and ground floor also covered by reed alang-alang as roof the all products has taken from nature. 
Villa Ombak was combined a traditional and modern come and walk together to be a new building architecture. 
There 7 kind of room they has 

1. Superior Lumbung Terrace 

This kind of room has designed with lumbung roof completely spacious terrace garden view, relax and enjoying barking the sun by hotel terrace that very perfect stay, the room location was isolated from other room hotel that make it much privacy.
The roof style was designed as Lumbung roof but it covered with wooden roof also the international hotel five star standard facility provide in the room.
The room price around 100 USD for low season. 

There are two choices for this kind of room twin room and double room exterior was covered with traditional Lumbung but interior was complex high end hotel facility, the ceiling was covered with white colour wood to hide the Lumbung acces. It has suit bathroom and not possible to accommodate an extra bed, please not that this has a private terrace.
Large double well set in the room for better sleep.
Room sized : 43 m2

2. Traditional Lumbung Hut

A traditional lumbung roof hut with garden view room completely with outdoor bathroom and private. This room not possible to accommodate an extra bed.
Open air living room stay on the bottom of the room separately and small hut berugak well set close to living area for additional relaxation and enjoyable stay.
Large double bed set on the room to give more space.
Room size : 48 m2 

3. Deluxe Terrace Room

The modern room interior was combined with simple indonesia amenities for facility, a tropical garden right facing to this room.
The room allow to add extra kid staying in the room and the bed used standard double bed. This kind or can be call a simple minimalize room that set with standard size of the room.
Room size : 32 m2 

4. Deluxe Ombak Room

A spacious room that combines a large double bead and a sofa bed set on the room corner, semi open bathroom was so favourite to take bath while feeling the wind blows from the open roof side.
A small garden put on the corner as a room view side. 

Room size : 58 m2 
The room are possible to put additional bed for an adult.

5. Family deluxe room 

A special room that provides for a family holiday with  two kids, a spacious room set a better place for kid to make a little step around. 

The best was designed with one extra double bed and a sofa bed right on the edge of the room, it completely with safety box and TV channel.
Room size : 62 m2.

6. One Bed room villa

A huge private villa was established to fully the guest required which need more privacy, a private swimming set in the right side of villa for additional view.

Open air living room and deck also a kitchenette make your stay seems like at home, every necessary was provide without asking before. 
Room size : 31 m2 

7. Two bedroom villa 

A private villa make villa Ombak aa one of multi room to sell based on necesarry, this completely perfect hotel to stay and relax. One extra large double bed for 2 adult and kid was set in this villa and a sofa bes for enjoying the time even in the room side.

Kitchenette and open air living room was be outside facility also a private pool combined with sun deck positioned infront of pool area, privacy is one thing that the client choose this kind of room.
A bath tube was amazing facility that has fully decorated with flowers on the water and refill once a day.

The all room kind that villa ombak sale, it has monthly record for the best seller products that can be a standard to measure the point to improve the promotion products for better revenue next years. 

Some of hotel villa ombak facility that support to the guest stay generally : 

1. Tv cable
2. Hair dryer 
3. Cable tv
4. Slippers 
5. Wardrobe 
6. Safety box
7. Minibar
8. Electric kettle 

Restaurant and Bar

Villa Ombak has a large big restaurant right infront of the hotel on the beach side, it was established in 200 meters beach. The restaurant was set for buffet or ala cart to serve diners, lunches also breakfast. 
Indonesia, western and seafood is the best main food in this villa

Hotel contacts 

Villa ombak 
Jalan raya Pemenang Desa Gili Indah Dusun Gili Trawangan lombok indonesia 
Telp : 0370 6142336
Fax : 0370 6142337
Email : info@vilaombakhotel.com
Website: www.vilaombakhotel.com

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Reasons to stay in Villa Grasia

eni sulistiani
Villa Grasia is one of the best boutique hotel in Gili Trawangan with the best location and beachfront.
by this content i will share with you why we should stay in Villa Grasia to spend holiday time :

1. Calmest Location 

Villa Grasia located on the north side of Gili Trawangan around 20 minutes from where noisy, busy and party area from, the location was so fabolous without any noise activities.
It seems to be a town of Gili Trawangan and suitable for the guest for families holiday and honeymoon couple to spend the time escape from city party. 

2. Snorkeling Spot

As one of the best diving spot right infront of Villa Grasia, Khalik points serve a beautiful world under water to explore it with huge animals just a simple step to the water in. 
Around 09.00 am right infront, you will see many boat stop on Khalik point as the first snorkeling trip spot to visit before  the other spot in three island, the first sign that most attractive spot to visit

3. Spacious Room

This is the only one of the Gili island hotel which has a spacious room to offer with open ceiling right to main rooftop.
The room located was close but it blocked by garden view between each building. 
The high end architecture which features modernity with classic also perform a simple hotel stay. 

4. Boutiques Hotel

Villa Grasia has 23 rooms in total with two kind of room type family room and Deluxe cottage based on this reason why the poeple chose to be a nice hotel stay, a few room make the hotel fully controlled and provide perfect also professional services to the guest stay, as long as i know that villa Grasia has a friendly staff ready to serve the best quality service like a friend even this hotel has a management to hotel standard procedure but the flexibility of service well provide here.

5. Free Bike exclusive with Light

To decrease a minuses of the location, it provides free bicycle fully maintenance during the guest stay to cover all Island activities for diner, lunch, visit central island and also for main transportation to decrease your cash expenses by horse cart. 
The quantity of the bicycle are greater than the quantity of the room that make a sense that whatever that your bike trouble it has other bike to swipe with new one

6. Fresh water swimming pool 

Start from first of 2014 villa Grasia was changed salt water swimming to be fresh water, it take 4 days to refill back the water with 2 meters high.
It has a small pool for kids that mostly choose by a family that parhaps as a reasonable the guest come to, even a small thing but it attractive to guest review. 

Another thing that this property has free wifi in common area from Lobby area, swimming pool and beachfront with jigh speed 1 megabytes in a second. 

7. Upstair restaurant 

The spacious restaurant upstair made a great beachfront views from the rooftop of the hotel, this place was booked by a group from slovakian girl especially for yoga class. 
They take the time in the morning to wait a sunrise time and also in the afternoon for the best sunset view from west side completely the wind blow slowly on the leags of trees.

8. The gym facility 

Around 2% of Gili Trawangan hotel provide gym facility exactly Villa Grasia, as villa grasia report that more than 10% guests for 2014 they choose villa Grasia as a beautiful stay cause of gym facility.
Most of them love to do exercises or they have diet program during holidays and never want to stop it before grab the aims.
Yoga class with soloist practice can be held in gym area  with simple gym facility and swimming pool view.

Villa Grasia Gili Trawangan

eni sulistiani
Villa Grasia is one of the boutique hotel stay which located on the north side of Gili Trawangan, you can reach this place 20 minutes by horse cart or bike and 30 minutes by walk to right side of Gili Trawangan.
This located was set for honeymoon couple and family holiday, it place far from central of Gili Trawangan, the calmest place in this island, no party and no noisy voice close to it. 


A private beach right infront serve the best side for barking on the sun, stay on the lounge chair and enjoy the beautiful clear white sandy beach.
Khalik point is one of the best diving spot in this island where the location infront of Villa Grasia therefore by the sea that suitable for snorkeling and swimming to see a variety of corals, fish and sometimes you may found any turtles infront. 

Low tides and high tides conditions that effect to this beach front, sometimes the low tides come through morning times started at 07.00 am till 01.00 this condition that not possible for snorkeling right infront but you should walk on the death coral around 10 meters to reach where the deep water is.
This condition always roll up every week depends to the weather and temperature.

Villa Grasia has a great contribution to perform the greenest garden view than other hotels in Gili Island with villa that pointer to the backside.
It has one stright road to be a private main hotel road to the back that will be the route to reach each villa.
Two villa was established on the same roof and close one to each other, one hotel building has two rooms close to.


Villa grasia has main facility like :
1. Air conditioner rooms
2. Free bicycle 
3. Fresh water shower 
4. Hot water
5. Swimming pool 
7. DVD Player 
8. Balcony 
9. Minibar
10. Safety box
To serve the guest stay, it has a Mediterranean food, indonesia food, western food which provides on the Restaurant and Bar.
Villa Grasia has 2 kind of room.

Deluxe Cottage 

Deluxe cottage was designed to accommodate 2 adults on the room with one king size bed with facility above and this kind of room allowed to add one extra bed on the floor and there 20 deluxe cottages room in this property.

Family Cottage 

Family room was designed to accommodate a family with 2 adults and 2 kids with one king sized bed and one quenn sized bed.
This room located on the backside to avoid any voice that may effect to other guest stay in other room. 
It allowed to put an extrabed in the room for a kids. 

Hotel contact

Villa Grasia Resort and Spa
Jln Pemenang Dusun Gili Trawangan Desa Gili Indah North Lombok
West Nusa Tenggara
Telephone: 0370 6129977
Email : info@villagrasia-lombok.com
Web: www.villagrasia-lombok.com

Restaurant and Bar

It has a special Mediterranean food featuring with indonesia food and western food with calmest beautiful restaurant beach view. They serve fresh vegetables that sailing from Lombok to Gili Trawangan 
The bar especially serve western cocktails at all with one of great promotion that happy hour by one get one free start at 05.00 pm to 07.00 pm

Special offer

Villa Grasia has afternoon tea that part of complementary start from 04.00 pm to 05.00 pm that serve on the restaurant, coffe and tea also snacks ready on the restaurant to accompany your relax days.
Breakfast is one of the main complementary room costs that daily serve with buffet or ala carte starting 07.00 am to 11.00 am.
For ala carte it serve on the first floor of restaurant and buffet serve on second floor restaurant with beautiful beach view from top of hotel building.


eni sulistiani
The extreme lombok fighting festival usually held when celebrating some ceremony even the independent ceremonies, special welcome culture or show up, this has much appreciated and participate from lombok people to capme and join this festival. This moment was popular in a kingdom celebration to prove the quality fighting, survive and defeat the enemy in long times ago. 

Back to history, a mutual story that a kingdom will held a performance to entertain the king and their special guest  as a welcome show by selected fighter to perform the greatest show, stick fighting that popular with name peresean was so usual for sasak ethnic, some of amenities that the Lombok sasak should prepare before fighting start :


A wooden stick that made from rattans with one meter high and covered with black plastics cover to avoid breaking on fighting, it has diameter one centimeter for easy holding. 
The sticks was prepared by the EO (event organisers) when it break they have a new one to change without stop the games. 


As seem like a war, this stick fighting provide a shield to avoid and protect the strikes from the enemy, every fighter should have a shield to protect themselves, blocking the strikes, hides to improve new trick and any kind of fighting metode should put on it, the shield made from strong wood with under a kilogram weight and it has handle place on backside of the shield for easy control it. 


Actually in this event the referee we call pekembar the man that has authority to manage the games or take a decision that not much different like other games sport like boxing, but in this games they wear a traditional Lombok Costume. 
A decision from pekembar should be considered by the judges even it easy or hard decision to take about. 


The music has an important effect to the fighters as a great spirit to start the fighting, the music will be a sign that the game start with a gamelan traditional sasak art music and when the games reach the high spirits the music come through the fighters spirit and made fighters dancing with traditional sasak dancing style. 
To be an independent fighters that should  perform the Lombok dance as order to fight, dancing effect can be decreased the enemy spirit. 

The rules of stick fighting 

This game was running for 10 minutes each round usually but some in other villagers has different time decision of the round but not much different with other.
It has 3 round at all and the referee has authority to stop or continue the fighting depend to the term and condition. 
1. The fighter should be naked breast without any cotton to cover it.
2. The fighters should use the stick and shield and do not use hand or foot as strikes.
3. This fight not allowance to bring other tools exceptionally stick and shield. 

This event is a somekind of the way the Lombok People respect to their hero and memorise overall all struggling to survive Lombok as a great kingdom.
Lombok stick fighting has some the best fighter with name under the greatest indonesian action actor as Kamandanu, Tong Bajil, Ken Arok and other fighting name that mostly popular to call under the name about. 
Every village has a fighter to represent the   Best performance on the battle to be a vice of villagers, bring the greatest village home.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


eni sulistiani
Lombok word come from the word that seem means like pepper it means small but strong, there are many different culinary through out indonesia archipelago, from the all indonesia ethnic and culture born a hundred traditional culinary based on different flavour and natural product. 
Like a simple question we can guess about the culinary of indonesia archipelago based on the culture like Babi Guling come from Bali and many other culinary from other island.

Some of the popular indonesia culinary mie goreng and Nasi goreng are the biggest Indonesia culinare well known in foreign countries and around the world, those are the icon of indonesian culinary.
All flavour and other ingredients take from natural products.
Nasi goreng was made from the original Indonesia rice completely with some eggs and spicy sauce, the portion was measured that enough for an adult portion.
Mie goreng was made by handmade noddle frying for 2 minutes till the colour was change to yellow colour and stir with Indonesia flavour with some slice of fried egg on the top. 

We do not attached Nasi goreng and mie goreng in Lombok culinary due to the name was acknowledged and sell in every small stall in overall Indonesia island. The culinary of Lombok that will we subscribe that truly Lombok culinary; 

Sate Bulayak Narmada

This culinary come from Narmada regency of west lombok, it made from a small slice of beef cutting and collecting on a stick continued to grill by traditional wooden additionally by a cooking rice cover by leafs of coconut trees we call Bulayak and completely with traditional spicy Lombok sauce.
To find this culinary not must to visit narmada but you can find in a small night market or stall overall lombok island.

Sate Bulayak narmada from that name i can share why the people should call light that, lombok has the original people that much understand about trademark although they stay on the small primitive island, they keep the name with narmada on the last to explained about where this product come from, 
sate means some slice of beef that collected by stick and grilled on wooded fire on control. 
Bulayak is a cooked rice that covered with coconut leafs. This process take long time time to get better rice cooking and strong structure.
Narmada is one of the west Lombok regency that located on the east side of 
Mataram and have the potential fertile land that better for agriculture.
The sauce made from some pieces of young pepper cutting and Lombok spicy sweet sauce. 

Sate Rembige

One of the Lombok Culinary that made from young beef, white onion, pepper, soya sauce, this culinary was made in Rembige close to Mataram around 10 minutes to the north.

Sate Rembige has special treatment on the grill process, the flavour should ready first and sink the beef cutting to the bowl that fully mixed with the flavour, wait for 20 minutes. This is a traditional techniques to made the flavour absorbed to the whole beef no exception. 
Sate rembige will serve with the cooking rice that covered with banana leafs the popular name is lontong, the taste will be a crispy and sweet spicy.

Nasi Puyung

This is kind of nasi was popular especially in central where the nasi Puyung come from, nasi Puyung was made from selected rice, chicken meat sliced and very hot sambal, when you eat this culinary you will feel like a fire in your mouth, the portion serve a standard portion that make you not much full but not too small.

Nasi puyung has branches warung in some place overall Lombok like international Lombok airport, Mataram and praya. 

Sate Ikan Lombok Utara

The new Lombok culinary that made from selected fish, this culinary was inspired from the people on North Lombok which has a lot of fish but they do not know how to sell the fish in other kind, typically this culinary same as sate but the fish mixtures with coconut, the sliced young coconut mixed with fish meat together and grilled on wooden fire.

Firstly this culinary was popular in Lombok Utara only but some of the owner of this culinary tried to improve their marketing to Mataram to get better consumer and in fact she is surprising when see the anticipation and attention from the people in Mataram to try and satisfied with the culinary. 
As we now that Mataram is capital of Lombok where the place dully with central medical, central Lombok administration, central of education and central of business based on that reason we can try our fortunes to add new aign of business with new products to sale. 

Finally the all of culinary was from the some place of Lombok that most popular now and easy find where you can get. 

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eni sulistiani
Lombok has a traditional wedding ceremony that still indigenous and still holding bu leaders of the villagers from generations to generation, although the modernity still have hard pressure to release the culture unpredictable, it probe like some Lombok people use prasmanan as their common ceremony and use kecimol as music than Gendang Belek. The transformation have been done in Lombok Culture to serve the interested ceremony that keep the cultural. 

This ceremony was established by the local people when the kingdom era still running and it continued until now but some of the highest budget for this ceremonial was released due to ability of the people economic that not supposed about, from this time i will explain about the wedding ceremony that started from the young man and woman make a new partnership and other unwritten rule that to obey :

1. Midang 

This a particular of approach for partnership between man and the woman, this process will be done for night, the man will visit the woman home at night to do conversation and approached to close the connectivity from heart to heart, this process actually still using until now and this an interesting moment that the young man waiting for. But this process can not for the whole night due to the each village has the rule for this moment, the man can not visit the girl until 10.00 pm, this rule was strongly keep the woman secure from other issue. 

Unwritten rule most powerful that the law of indonesian right fue to the all villagers respect and responsibility what they hold about, if some of the visitors try to break the rule by continued visit the woman home until the time that stop and the host will bring out from the women home and they will forbid the man to come for next time, in fact we will see the effects of this rule that to understand about sleeping time and to respect with the woman parents for tomorrow activities. 

2. Kidnapped the woman

The extremely process that the man will kidnap the woman by night and bring out from man family that no body will know about where the woman bring to, this process without or with parents agree about his daughter choices is not can be break the process, actually this process was agreed by woman and man to make a huge statement to get married. 

From the first night until the third usually they will stay on man family without sleeping together and the family should be protected a couple from unexpected accident from them, after two or one days the news will come to the both family that his family was kidnapped and will get married soon.
After that news was acknowledged by the both family a couple will be pick them up continue to bring to the man family by villagers this time usually after 3 days stay count from the night kidnapping. 

The man family will prepare anything to inform the woman family about the happy news that call Nyelabar, nyelabar is a moment when the man family or leader villagers inform the woman family about the marriage process and they built a communications for the next ceremony that waiting for.

3. Asking For Wali and Maskawin

Asking for wali in an islamic wedding process the the man family will ask the woman parent especially her father to visit the akad nikah as a wali for his daughter, the wali position can be changed with other closer family based on a reasonable like death, in foreign countries, sick or have problem on mentality, another option they can use Wali Hakim based on term and conditions. 

For Maskawin under the woman mother authorities for how much the Maskawin asking is no need bargain for the total amount, if the woman has the first wedding or bachelor state without any wedding before it the Maskawin depends to her mother but for second and next depend to the woman directly. Maskawin is a gift from the man to the woman as wedding gift even with gold, silver, money, land, home or car,

4. Akad Nikah 

After the get Wali from the woman family and the Maskawin has the total amount the it time for the man family to prepared 
Anything for akad nikah ceremony that fully appreciate from the whole village to be a witness of wedding, this a great islamic process for wedding and this moment that will allow a couple to be man and wife and the bridge and bridegroom get a book of wedding or buku nikah that be a wedding prove by religious and laws of government. Finally time for main ceremony.

5. Nyongkolan 

Nyongkolan is a main wedding ceremony that fully with villagers activities, by the night all young man and woman come through the home ceremony to prepare the ceremony for tomorrow, this time for villagers to present their self one to each other, in the night villagers cooking, frying, grill or prepare any for the whole night, a music come through this moment, all wedding invitation was sent 3 days before ceremony by the name pesilak or menyilak, it means that the leader of villager to inform the wedding ceremony will done on the specific time fron home to home that not using wedding card like now. 

The night before ceremony we call bedang that the time to prepare the whole facility, equipment and tools for wedding ceremony, here the important thing to prepare about : 
1. Bridge and bridge make uper
2. Costume 
3. Wedding facility 
4. Gamelan or music for nyongkolan
5. Home decoration 
6. Other tools and equipment that support to the wedding. 

The main day we waiting for, the guest welcoming by the host and say congratulations for wedding, the whole ceremony will take much long time till the all guest finished the main dish that serve by buffet lunch, in the afternoon around 04.00 pm that time for Nyongkolan to visit the woman home with many villagers.
Nyongkolan will perform a gamelan music follow it, a traditional dancer, bridge and bridegroom traditional and other followers that hold various fruit basket, a beautiful view will shown on the main roads watched by the people across the road out. 

The loud music of gamelan and the bridge follower will stopped in the place that close to woman home that time for bridge and bridegroom to asking for allowance and blessing from their woman parent.
Finally a couple of wedding back home from the long ceremony.

Friday, 8 January 2016


eni sulistiani
The moslem majority population in overall of Lombok, the lombok ethnic we call sasak they actually the origin lombok people that have residents hereditary, the lombok people has occupied some a potential land that very productive to plant and grow the agriculture products.

Lombok has the total population around 3.166.686 people based on census 2010, 85% of that come from the indigenous people and several of them come from other land like java, bali or sumbawa but they stay for long time and getting married with sasak people.

Wedding Ceremony

Lombok has rich and indigenous culture that can you show in common lombok culture for wedding ceremony. The popular wedding style with unexpected name here the ceremony process is it :

1. Visit the lady "Midang"

The familiar approach of the man to the woman in the night time to enclose one to each other, the sasak people set the strong rule that midang will have to finish at 10.00 pm if more the girl parents will be bring you out of the home.

2. Kidnapped the girl

This an extremely wedding process, when the girl agree to married and the man will kidnap the girl from her parent, the girl should stay on parent home no exceptional. The the man will bring the girl out from home and stay in the man friend or closest but not in the man house or man parents, this believes to avoid any accidents will be happen by other man to grab the girl.

3. Main ceremony

The couple will be pick them up by the man family and bring to his home to continue the process, the leader of the village we call pelingsir will discuss about the wedding process from the gift to the girl Mas Kawin and the gift to girl family after the all has been submitted and time to celebrate the akad nikah that will shown by villagers. It prove that the couple bridge was allowed to be husband and wife based on government rule or religion attitude.

Finally the main ceremony is to celebrate the ceremony we call Nyongkolan, in this time you can see the truly lombok costumes and classical music "gamelan" the kind of ceremony not much different with balinese culture from the kind of costumes and typically of the music.

Bau nyale festival

Another ceremony that you will see just in central lombok that we call bau nyale that celebrate on the middle of march when rainy season, every central Lombok people will visit seger beach to catch the worms by the nighy even the people make a tent to save from night wind.
From the short story that Putri Mandalika was so beautiful and some of the princes of the kingdom in Lombok interest to marriage with her, putri Mandalika has authority to choose the best prince that better for her, finally she deeply think that if she choose one of them that will create a big war between the kingdoms and she decided to jump to the seger beach and fastly she transformed to be colorful worm we call "nyale".

Peresean festival

The truly fighting will blow up your adrenaline, this habitual action show you the great stick fighting, this games between two fighters with stick that made from rattan.

This games running for 3 rounds which lead with the referee that call pekembar, there are two thing that prepared about stick and tameng and also your psychology to ready for get strong hit landing through your body, bleeding, hurt and tired will come and embrace you.

This festival was made as a part of kingdom history from long times ago, it happen when the people wanna go for war, trick if fighting will be practical before they go for battle of war and for respect from the hero the Lombok people keep this moment as part of Lombok Culture.

Lombok has lot of place for tourism objects overall the lombok side from beach, waterfall and the better place to stay. Lombok culture was influenced by Bali culture and Lombok culture, the both created acculturation one to each other, the culture still embedded in Lombok culture from costumes, religion ceremony, culture ceremony and many more.

Traditional Home

A traditional lombok home is one of the remains of history and culture of Lombok, a very hard to find a traditional Lombok home cause the strong modernity pressure make it out of the culture.

Lombok has traditional home that we call Lumbung that the whole wooden made, a traditional Lumbung home that can we see in sade village Kuta Lombok, well the people live in a community that live together in a land area.

Live together, help want to each other that is a primitive life. The man still use agriculture products to fully the live necessary and the wonan stay at hone to weaving songket that a manual handicrafts for sarongs on of the traditional Lombok products.

Traditional Handicrafts

Traditional handicrafts is a part of the historical culture of Lombok that a thousand of unique product that be influence by balinese culture, sasak cultures, arabic or China.

Sukarara is a central of weaving songket handicrafts that located in central Lombok actually 10 minutes from the capital city of central Lombok Praya.

Banyumulek is a central ceramic and pottery it located on west Lombok.

Most of the Lombok people has harvesting the agriculture as the main income and products more than 75% lombok people work as farmer and others remain work for government departments but still have agriculture as secondary income and the rest do selling business.

The balinese people still hold the fertile land in Lombok as narmada, one of the best source of water irrigation, the main of bali culture in Lombok has to be apart of torism object in Lombok, narmada is locates on the feet of Rinjani Mountain, this locations much influence the weather in this region.

The all of somekind Lombok culture that hold strongly to keep the the indigenous and the original Lombok culture with all potential meaning.