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Gili is a small island which located on the middle of the sea, it was created by natural from million years ago from erosion and reduce the sand quantity from mainland, finally the effect to separate a land with other, this is a geography theory about the way the gilis was created by.

Lombok has lot of gili sorround the shoreline from north to the east, but overall of the gilis there are just 4 gilis the most popular and well known in the world based on the quantity of visitor to visit the gilis, here our description about :

Gili Terawangan

Gili Terawangan is the biggest between 3 small island meno and air, it about 300 hectares and 7 kilometer around the whole island, it well known about the island with multi hotel classes and the main city of young man for party on the beach side, this island provide a complete travel destination even this island generated the biggest income for government from taxes and entrance fee like visa for traveller.

With shortest way to reach this island from bali, it change the people mind, just spend 2 hours on water cruise you can reach the island, overall the guest want to see and stay in Gili Trawangan for single of day but location, condition and the facility make it every people want to stay longer, what the interesting side of the island, is it a truly escape from the city and select the little pieces of heaven on the middle of the sea, no pollution is a valuable motto that make the island sky rocket and famous to whole the world.

When the first time you arrive on this gili island the sweety cat over populated with wild life around Gili Trawangan without any protection or watch control, they life around with tiny body look so pity and there no dog live in this island, based on the experiment this about the high temperatures that not suitable for dogs. 

Gili Air

The closest Gili Island from mainland lombok as far as your sight, just 10 minutes reach from bangsal to Gili air by regular boat or familiar to call public boat, some of the attractive spot that people interested to visit this land, it most populated by local people than other Gili island, the local rule still stick the the local people to increase or decrease the hospitallity business in land it prove by more than 50 percent of the hotel own by Local people. 

Gili air was so popular by diver due to fish point right on the east side of it, world under water serves lot of fish various color from different species, this spot was selected as the snorkeling spot should be visit for snorkeling trip 3 island, another point this island is a place where you can see sunset moment, grab your camera stand on your tripod to focus take the best sunset moment in Gili air.

Gili Meno

The smallest Gili island that most tracked by the honeymoon couple to set their ceremony on calm and tranquil place, this situation will be a great project for travel agencies to put the moment as marketing point to sell. It is the only one of the gili has salt water lake on the middle of the island completely with bird park conservation which provide many kind of tropical bird as parrot, flamingo and other more. 

This island has a massive turtle point it located on the west side right facing to Gili Trawangan, the diver call meno wall. Look as the most interesting island and one thing that will never miss the natural beach untouched along the shoreline, the three of part of gili island can be choose as your travel destination as young man that like live party should be visit Gili Trawangan, the honeymoon couple most visit Gili Meno and the people need a connection to the local people to know about gili story and something hidden about you can visit Gili Air. 

Gili Nanggu

The isolated gili island it located on sekotong regency west Lombok, the smallest gili island with wonderful world under water was issued as one of sold out land in Lombok it about 12,5 hectares and serves with protected beach and under water by human.

You can reach this island from the capital city of Lombok Mataram continued drive on to the west to Lembar ( The public lombok harbour to Bali) where you can find a big ferry service to Bali Island approximately about 27 kilometers then strightly go by boat will take around 35 or 40 minutes from Lembar to Gili Nanggu, 

The calmest island but not much different with Gili Trawangan, Gili meno or Gili Air but one of the main different thing about the private, not much of facility and accomodation as other gili but for water sport, snorkeling and other activity are available, as long as i stay there the island not completely improve the visitor for coming and explore, it suppose to keep natural and calm situation actually this can be call a private island. The sunset moment was very exciting view to see while relaxing on the beach area.

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