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Talking a lot about a small gili island will never finish about a beautiful beach, the unique thing we get and another attractive side to explore. A long that may journey i just now about sone of the most popular beach like senggigi, kuta lombok, Gili Trawangan, Gili air and Gili meno and most of the people will visit that place only, have you ever hear some of the island with a beautiful beach view and just a few people going there this actually low of visitor it mean untouched by human, by the way got shortly here the island that i talking about : 

Gili kedis

A small gili island that located on sekotong beach, and this is a part of gili secret without any population and no body stay there, the gili signed like a love and when you arrive there you will think that you had a private gili. 

A very small island that you can see and just stand up on the middle and you will see the whole around the gili, there no entrance fee you should when you get in to this island, it located about 1,5 hour from Mataram the capital city of Lombok to the Tawun, during arrival on tawun we should find the boat to sailing for gili kedis the price around 200.000,- per boat with 10 passengers for return transfer. 

All your efforts to find this small island will pay out when you arrived to see a beautiful love signed, pink beach and a beautiful blue shiny water, do not forget to bring your snorkeling equipment to train and explore a beautiful world under water of Gili Kedis

Gili Sudak

It located close to Gili Kedis around 5 menit from Tawun harbor a place where we take a private boat to Gili Kedis, before we reach Gili Kedis the boat driver will drive to Gili Sudak the closest island to, the location was so close but bigger than Gili Kedis. This place was including the price for the both island so no need to pay anything more.

The beautiful world under water and the calm water no current make the visitors will try to swimming and snorkling out there, many kind of colorful fish apply there and many species of coral to add more beautiful view on this gilis. After reach and explore Gili Sudak the boat driver will continue to drop us to the next Gili Love or Gili Kedis

Gili Kondo

From west lombok we turn our stir for drive on to East Lombok exactly in Sambelia regency, it about 2 hours from Mataram, Gili Kondo are low of visitor due to the location and it no population there or no body live on that island and if you go there it same like just you are the only man stay there, actually there are some accomodation applies there but we need to reserve in advance due to limited hotel, if you want to stay night there you will serve with powdered shiny sand. 

One of the unforgettable experience that you can get that you can touch and swimming with fish a different colour which stay close and approach to you, for reach this gilis we should find padak Guar harbor a small place in Sambelia regency where we can take a boat to Gili kondo and hire a boat with price of IDR 250.000,- for ten passengers return transfer.

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