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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Best high class hotel Gili Trawangan

The high class hotel will be measure by the price and the total amount of the room and this is can be a standard to specify the room category, those are not including private villa or home for rent.

1. Ombak sunset hotel

It located on west side of Gili Trawangan where the sunset moment catch, it has more then hundreds room with some room category, this the biggest hotel in Gili Trawangan, the balinese architecture was covered totally in whole furniture and  the room wooden material like door, window or ventilation.

The most expensive room over start at 5,000.000,- per night with room beach view facing to the bali mountain completely with long deep swimming pool facility infront of the room, meeting room and luxury restaurant well equipped completely.

3. Aston Sunset Hotel

It located next to Villa Ombak Sunset that one of the most well known hotel network that the name was so familiar for the guest, this property was built to accommodate the guest and grab the popularity of Gili island, aston hotel management was interesting to build hotel in Gili island to cover all requests from their guest to find best stay in Gili Island.

This moment will never miss out by aston and now the great aston hotel was established under the traditional indonesian home concept, hold the restaurant beach view as attractive aideto catch the guest and added a live music  to improve the hotel income focusly on sunset moment. The room price was vary depend to the term and conditions but the better time you can book this hotel when low seasons, the cheapest package well offered to find out the guest stay. 

Actually the room price start at 1.000.000 net per night on low season and peak season they can reach up to 3.000.000,- in a night, do not hesitate about facility  even the location is not possible to go swimming due to shallow water and died coral forbidden you to go on the water.

3. Villa Almarik 

The only one lotus hotel was set up from long time ago, the specific italian people come over to this villa and serve with the real italian food restaurant, it located about 10 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbour and 2 minutes by horse cart or bike. 

The best italian food well served in this restaurant with live music in the nights to set a romantic dinner by the beach, like an italian say "muy romantico" the room was so nice with big spaces on it and very lovely park set green up to our view. 
The room price most offer by travel agent under the american dollar it's about 150 dollars in a night, the price can be changed depend to term and conditions.

4. Villa Grasia

Well, when the first time i spell the name pf this hotel it make new argument in my mind, is it hotel own by the spain guy ? Actually after i asked the staff that the hotel owner come from indonesia and they live in Bali, wow. 

This hotel try to provide new hotel design with classic and modern combination on the room, put the building under 45 are of the land and 23 rooms make it the new boutique hotel with 4 star hotel facility, it has two kind of room category that deluxe cottage and family room.

The beach was so fabolous right facing with the khalik point one of the best diving spot in this island, the potential of the beach may grab the guest for restaurant or bar consumption during snorkeling activities. It located on the north side of Gili Trawangan around 30 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbour to the right side.

5. Pondok Santi

The small hotel can be categorised as hig class hotel, any reason for this, the hotel was fully with green grass garden view and located on south side of Gili Trawangan. 

The price was so great, never up never down always on 2.500.000,- this price was stop on it, the information was get from the managers of the hotel, now depend to you what the high class hotel that you choose.

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