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Sunday, 28 February 2016

3 Times most beautiful in Gili Trawangan

A long of your activity and journey in Gili Trawangan remain the tired body and boring schedule, but do you know what the time that most exciting ? Where the time can be call as exclusive time than other.

Trawangan is a small island just for holiday but what about for you in job or inspection, the time can be the same like in your home if you think always about the job, take rest and push your breath continued to walk out of your room. Here the best time that most spectacular in Gili Trawangan :

1. Morning Time

Some of the guest well very lazy to wake up in the morning time with a reason that they are on holiday not on job, this not all right cause it time to spying the sun rise on the mid of Rinjani Mountain. Step by step the sun born in up to shine the earth, give a light to the human and over all the environment.

Morning time which you can breath the best air with 100% of oxygen from nature as we know this island out of pollution, no car, no motorist system that can influence the air circulation, wake up early not always means wake up for duty but wake up for a bonus from nature.

2. Afternoon Time 

During the day all the people around Gili Trawangan has spend their time for island activities like snorkeling, diving, cycling, kayak, banana boat or fishing time. Now we come to the time for relax and see the beautiful sunset on the west side of Gili Trawangan.

You can spend the time by the hill, some restaurant or bar while taste the beautiful cocktail, sunset come down through agung mountain bali and splash the beautiful red colour on the sky, this a huge natural fenomena. A camera you need to catch the beautiful sunset.

3. The Night 

This is the time for life style, you will be shown the various guest costume die to the night is where the people can spend the time for fun, dating or dinner.

As we know that a lot of restaurant in Gili Trawangan serve anykind of food from western food to oriental food and everything come together on the central area of Gili Trawangan.

Some of the guest spend the time on the bar while watching big match and waiting for party night, the guest always take a party as a time to find a girl or boy to date, spend the time for fun

These are the most exclusive time that more important for you to stay in Gili Trawangan.

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