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Sunday, 28 February 2016

2 side that much contrary in Gili Trawangan

Back to the story, long time a ago Trawangan was a place where you can find a lot of coconut trees, this a place where the captives bring for plant a coconut trees and try the agriculture potentially for Gili Trawangan land this activity was held since the president Soeharto still lead Indonesia in 1985.

Now Trawangan was different than before, the tourism object was so promise it and a beautiful beach absolutely beautiful, this development was not balancing with the road conditions and social class of local people, those are not come together.

One side that infront of Gili Trawangan was fully with hotel and restaurant also infrastructure was built well to serve the guest arrival. 
The view of the beach was so perfect with clear blue water combined with white sandy beach everything was so amazing.

Trawangan was so fabulous island with the huge view from every step you walk, look around the whole island made a memorable experience.
To see the Trawangan from the beach side was so great, fully equipped with facilities and guest information. The only one of Gili has a hillside up to 30 meter where we can see a beautiful sunset.

Inland of Gili Trawangan, the situation was so contrary with beach front, the local people spend the time for cow farming and harvesting coconut trees, these are the indigenous local people activities instead of work for hotel and restaurant.

Let come inside to find the truth, all building need to manage better to attract the people come to see, the road was not manage carefully, you will find the rubbish manner never solve, overall think need to realize about, every people will think about economic and commercial effect then just equipped the beach front only without think about inland.

A natural view like garden view, green grass and coconut trees stay surrounding the inland and this situation generate fresh open air circulation with wind blow freely.

Many cows and lambs stay on the large garden and rice fields inside of Gili Trawangan, everybody will think that Trawangan is a modern land with high class life style but see inside to prove, what is the truth.

The modernization come through the people on the beach area but the local people of Gili Trawangan still keep the indigenous of life style, fishing, catching fish is one of daily activities. 

These are two different thing that most people do not know about that during traveling to Gili Trawangan.

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