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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

ATM In Gili Trawangan

As a traveler they need a facility which can support holiday, ATM is one of the best public facility which most important for easier guest to take cash money.
You can imagine how hard to bring cash money during traveling with more that 10 different places.

Reach Gili Island by Fastboat to Gili Island 

To bring a card more secure than bring cash money although ATM charge bank fee every time you take money from it, here the place where you can find ATM in Gili Trawangan :

1. Aston Hotel ATM

This located on the west side of Gili Trawangan, there are manykind of local bank ATM have set in this hotel to cover all transactions of the guest who stay close to the hotel.
You can visit this ATM place if you stay in hotel below :

Aston Hotel
Ombak sunset hotel
Levirate hotel
Bali Beach hotel
Five elements villa
Desa Dunia Beda
Karma Kayak Hotel
Gili Palm Sunset
Pandawa Hotel

There are manykind of ATM you can find to help you to take cash like Mandiri, BRI, BNI and BII

2. Villa Ombak ATM

The ATM locations in villa ombak which the biggest 5 star hotel, this the closest ATM that you can reach about if you stay in some hotel close to like :
Villa ombak hotel
Scallywags hotel
Beach house hotel
Tir na nog hotel
Black penny hotel
Trawangan Cottage
Pondok Santi Hotel
Pearl of gili hotel
Kokomo hotel
Trawangan resort
Pink coco hotel

If you stay on these hotel you can find the closest ATM in Villa Ombak hotel which can be reach by walk in 2 minutes.
Thera are 3 kind of ATM you can find like Mandiri, BRI, BNI and BII.

3. Trawangan Hotel ATM

This hotel lovatel next to Art Market of Gili Trawangan or right infront of Trawangan Bridge, there are ATM there exclusive with bank office of Mandiri.

They serve Mandiri ATM only where you can take money cash for small transaction in Gili Island.

4. Public Harbour ATM

many ATM in Gili Trawangan mostly important thing that can help everybody to manage their money for cash payment, in the whole of Gili Trawangan you can find the closest point to take the money from ATM.

This ATM in Gili Trawangan located on public harbor if Gili Trawangan right behind it.
They serve BII ATM set on D'Harbour restaurant behind the harbour. ATM BNI and CIMB ATM, you can visit these ATM if you stay in hotel like :

Manta dive
Sama-sama regae bar
Coconut dream
Gili villas
Gili exotic villa
Lumbung Cottage
Villa Nero
And othe small bungalow which located behind the harbour.

4. Good heart ATM

It located on north side of Gili Trawangan around 10 minutes from Trawangan harbour, this is the closest ATM for you who stay in :
Villa Almarik 
Good heart 
Mango dive
Villa unggul 
Gili Palm hotel
These are all the specific location of ATM in Gili Trawangan, this information useful for you to find the closest ATM from the hotel where you stay.

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