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Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Best Clinic in Gili Trawangan

Trawangan clinic is one the main facilities for the guest staying, this island was established many of clinic under Lombok Hospital Licence, they work under recommendation and allowed to open based on hospitality standard, they accepted any treatment, healthy care, check up and etc.

The all clinic work for 24 hours as same like Lombok Hospital, English speaker is one of the important thing that the client need due to majority of the client are tourist, English speaking really need but now worry all the clinic staff able to speak English with you as a great assistance.

Trawangan exactly is a small island which can reach by Fastboat from Bali, which the biggest transport well transform as the regular transport between Bali to Gili Island or Gili Island to Bali.

How Can Be ?

The transportation was easier then go to Gili Island from Lombok, Low cost and safe the time on the way to, right now the fastboat service was amazing short way to accros between two different island with 90 minutes expense.

Back to talk about clinic in Gili Trawangan which a necessary facility which the people really need it without exception.

Medical  check up was a very best services for clinic based on the tourist life style, if they feel their body feel different, medical check up is a solution that is the way the tourist or travelers care about healthy.

Especially for diving, some of client try to check the ear during diving stopped, they will always check the ear for work properly.

Here some of hotel use hospital with standard quality below :

1. Trawangan Clinic Center

It located in central area actually about 1 minutes from Horizontal Restaurant and Bar or right on west side of terawangan mosque, we call " Masjid Agung Baiturrahman" was established 2013 and they have high quality service, this can be approved the way they treat the client, they will help you to continue your treatment to Lombok if their facility not enough to do any treatment. 

This clinic was built to serve the patient for 24 hours service, cause they that the healt never waiting for the time to check.

This Clinic located on the heart of Gili Trawangan island in central area and easy to reach, the staff and doctor speak English well to explain the disease in your body or other particular virus or bacteria.

They love to handle the tourist fast and responsive to keep the high motivation and health control to the client.

What Service They accept for :
  • Dengue
  • Medical Check Up
  • Malaria
  • Ear Check ( Regular or Diving Effect )
  • Medicine ( Drugstore ) 
  • Etc for details you can tell the health condition the they will check them up
2. Villa Ombak Clinic

This the pioneer of clinic in Gili Trawangan that location on the north side of Gili Trawangan it same place with Villa Ombak the biggest hotel in the island, this clinic was so popular as the best treatment they has, but the location is far from central area and other side of Gili Trawangan that make the people take more time to do any medical check up.

Villa Ombak is a bsafe to ig symbol of Gili Trawangan, the location right facing to Sengggi Beach, long white sandy beach entering to the water.

How will the guest reach the island is ?

Many transportation can be chosen to manage your trip through the island depend on position where you are now.

Bali Island 

You can each Gili Island by take fastboat service stright from Padangbai harbor to Gili Trawangan, there are many fastboat company can you book over the day of your departure.

Flight is one of the basic and long term choice from long time ago and still be the high class option for you for traveling to Gili Island.Many domestic flight available in some ticketing outlet close to Bali area, book and go to Denpasar Airport.

Lombok Aiport

The best choice that we recommend to use private transfer from Lombok international Airport to Gili Trawangan.   This will be the huge choice for you who really do not know about the rute and road way and transfer in.

This a choice whose more safe to keep the whole trip under control and you know where you are with special guide to give the right information.

To use a private transfer is a gift, coz all the travel owner need review and recommendation to grow the company up and still holding the the great review on the top level.
The service will be a number one and the safety under control.

3. Warna Clinic 

Located on main road of Gili Trawangan make it easier to find out, as the location on central side of northen of Gili Trawangan this can be a good value to cover the client that come from north side of Gili Trawangan.

4. Lalapoe clinic

This a new clinic that location inland of Gili Trawangan, it was established to cover the guest who stay in hotel inland of Gili Trawangan, the land on the beach side was finished and this clinic has main idea to make clinic in the middle of Gili for easy reaching.

5. Dodgy Medical Center

It located behind art market Gili Trawangan or infront of Trawangan School around 300 meters from main road, this clinic was established at focus to do medical check up. 

6. Creative clinic 

It located on central side and in main road area next to Trawangan jetty or Gili Trawangan resort, it was established around 4 years make it this clinic has more experience to handle the client, consulting, medical check up and other treatment.

This the information that i can share for help you to find the clinic places, 

eni sulistiani

Author & Editor

I am an Hotelier who worked for hotel and travel agent, now i arrange my business site to help the people find the best online ticketing and trip during their vacation in Lombok.

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