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Saturday, 26 December 2015

10 thing make you disappointed in Gili Trawangan

Terawangan is a small island on the middle of the sea and it has high popularity as a great destinaton in the world, however this place has more than a million visitor every years based on how many hotel they has and always fully booked on peak season but this island have something that can make disappointed during your staying at there 

1. The quality of the road 

As we understand about Gili keeps the natural eco system but there no any improvement or great planning to fix the road as kind priority, the road was sandy and not possible passing by horse cart or  bike, this is can be a negative value for Gili Trawangan as the biggest destination which contributed to increase entry tax and hospitallity tax

It still has a problem the road connection on the north side between Gili Khumba Restaurant to Coral Beach, the guests complained about road, they need to stop biking and try to push the bike even on sun heat, it look so complicated but we hope this can be solved next years to hold the boost of tourist.

2. The horse over load

In other land a horse is a kind animal with high priority to save as a tame animal, but on this land you will find the horse work so hard, load the material over capacity, load the guest and luggage from harbour to the hotel booking, extremely hurt.

The horse work for eight hour in a day with enough nutrition and fully with food consumption, but one thing make me shock when the horse stop running the driver trying to hit it by stick, this same like they work under pressure, next planning may be this kind of service ca be change by electric.

3. The cat over population 

This island was populated by cats, you will find the cat anywhere on restaurants, bar, hotels, villas or home stay, when i have take some dinners in a restaurant they come close to me when smell a  fresh fish grill while screaming "meong meong" this make me disappointed due to the cat live a wild without any control.

The guest well appreciated about the condition of the cat tiny, smelly, dirty and low nutrition, the people on this island treat the cat as animals that can lives personallity without home to stay and food to give, it look so pitty.

4. Rubbish over quantity

Hotel and Restaurant is one of the biggest company that produces rubbish, while i accrossed Gili Trawangan to Lombok i see some pack of rubbish hang on the surface of the water make me think a crazy choice, if this island do not care about rubbish next two or three years this island will be a nothing.

The problem for rubbish still no great solution to overcoming, thry collect all the hotel rubbish to a place that located close to Les Villa Ottalia Hotel together with whole gili rubbish, the place it call " bangketan" we hoped that gili leader think seriously about this trouble to keeping the island clean and far from rubbish.

5. Night lighting not supported

Trawangan is a small island about 7 kilometres the whole and 300 hectares square but not much light on the main road, the light was an important thing when night life. 

Some hotel located on the north side do not have enough light to find out where the foot step and the bike ride although this island far from a criminality and other crimes, this may need corporation with power station who supply power to the whole island and invoiced to leader of the island that collected from entrance fee.

6. No Water Circulation

Have you visit this island during rainy season, this island floody on the main road, block the guest on activities, it make every people will stay on the room, water circulation on main was so poor, it need a water circullation every five meters and flow it to beach but the fact was contrary, the water stopped on the road make new swimming pool.

The quantity of rain is so much and they need to flow it shortly, although this island not same like Lombok, it has just 3 months rainy season but this problem should be stop it. 

7. The Boat Over Capacity

A public fron Gili Trawangan to Lombok was managed by local operators who has high priority and authorities but the problem is the passenger control, they often load the people out of capacity although they have rule to obey.

This problem day to day was decrease based on the critical and leader contributions to keep the island stick on the regular rule to save and secure.

8. The accomodation out of control

Gili island is a small island that same like a ship on the sea, they have standard capacity but now this island was established a lot of accomodation without care about eco system and capacity, the home change to home stay, the accomodation for employers was made to bungalows, this make everything talk about money and business, we wish that problem should be controlled to keep this island managed regularly.

To understand that gili is a small island that very unique and luxury, do not create like a big city fully with building and shoping area, keep this island as unique destination that no one can move it as far as now, the unique product make the people reach it.

9. Blocked Shore Line 

The shoreline is the best spot for the guest to barking and stay relax but a part of this island was established with restaurant, spa services and beach ba, they try to take the beach as a point of marketing but they actually they know that can maked the beach view blocked from the main road.

Some of the restaurant has built the permanent restaurant that hard to break it and close the beach view to the viewer, this never solve during the first Gili Trawangan was built but we wish this leader of the island will much appreciated to change the whole back to the normal.

10. Died Coral

The world under water remain died coral which push out to the shoreline, blocked white sandy beach to a beautifull place on the beach, the died coral may happen by some action like :
1. Walk on the coral reef made the coral break and bring out to the surface of the water.
2. Fish bomb was killed small fish and coral, this is was happened long time ago but now the leader has big homework to solve, Create a biorock as a place where the coral reef and this is a part of Gili Eco Trust job description, this mutual company was supported by all diving center in 3 island, the gili life depend to you and give us new jetsky idea to help environment.

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