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Lombok is a small island next to Bali to the east but this island has a traditional handicraft that made from raw material that take it from harvesting of agriculture product, the people of Lombok make the handicraft as second income not a main, actually the people has main income from agriculture and government administrative.

Every each place in Lombok has traditional handicrafts but some of them very popular and can be a commodity product for export as same like songket, gerabah, ceramics and also pearls the overall is one of the biggest lombok commodity that every one try to buy just for souvenir or collected in home as a unique handicrafts,

1. Sukarara

It located on the Central Lombok Jonggat Regency 20 minutes from Lombok International airport, if you like to collect any kind of songket naturally with Lombok design. 

Although the handicrafts still using a manual systems therefore take more time to created new songket and ready to sell but the design and difficultnees involves to the price a pieces of songket, sukarara is a central of Lombok Traditional Handicraft has come to be the best place  to visit by the guest for shoping activity.

2. Sekarbela

It located on Mataram the capital city of Lombok, if you are the people who need a pearl, sekarbela is the right choice,  you can a lot of shop stright on the same line sell anykind of pearls from fresh water until salt water pearls, the price starting from 500.000 to 5 million rupiah depend to the quality product.

For easier to serve the buyer, it shop provide credit card and dollar payments payment, although this place has good popularity but we can not avoid any competitor born to get any marketing plan as same like the pearl in Sayang sayang, Teluk Nare and other place that promote with new level price as the way of take the intention from the buyer.

3. Banyumulek

It located on Kediri regency around twenty minutes from Lombok International Airport, this place is a central handicraft for Gerabah and ceramics, some of the hotel buy a lot of handicraft from this place to put as hotel facility like astray, tube, etc 

hotel is part of the way to promote the product to the buyer on hotel stay and promote about Lombok Traditional Handicraft, while you visit this place you can see overall the processing and you will how long they need to make a product ready to sell.

4. Beleke

It located on central  lombok to the eastern under Praya Timur regency, this a central of handicraft especially for rattan raw material, this product exports to the some place in Europe like chair, table, box and other else.

This handicraft was improve their by embrace the local buyer with furniture product that was so simple and lasting, the prices were do friendly. Classical design based natural eco system. 

5. Cakranegara

This is a big Central Lombok market, all small shops in Lombok majority take the product from this place due to economical price and negotiable, you can buy aby souvenir like t shirt or some cloth that embedded with Lombok Culture.

It located on cakranegara regency actually it a central of garment comidity in Lombok and this is a central of Lombok market fully with shop and administration government office.

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