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Lombok island has many beach to visit as travel destination in the world, it has beach from north side, west side and south of Lombok but from the all beach i will give you the good information what the best beach that better than other beach in Lombok.

This place should be visit during your holiday time, it has great view on the beach, the best sunset view, and other category to be a reason to spend your holiday time or weekend.

1. Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is most popular beach on the south Lombok with clear green water and calm place for escape from busy life, when the first time we hear the name everybody will think about Kuta in Bali but Lombok has Kuta but not so well-known as Kuta in Bali.

This beach is a central beach activity in Kuta Lombok due to facility like accommodation, restaurant, cafe and shop you will find on the edge of the road, this beach is a location where the local people celebrate Bau Nyale Event starting between February to March.

There are a different thing you can enjoy in this place :

- The Central facility and activity in South Lombok for restaurant, cafe and shop to fully your necessary during your stay

- Calm area where you can stay relax and enjoy the beach view

2. Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan is closest beach to Kuta Beach, just spelling tanjung an without to say a for double, it has two kinds of sandy beach on one place, smooth sandy and pepper sandy beach with big size as a pepper.

In the part side of this beach you will see the big umbrella stone, it was amazing stone like umbrella, this place very nice for take any picture under the giant stone.

Two aspect make it better option :

- The great giant stone as central of visitor sight for take a memorial time in this beach.

- Two different sandy beach type that smooth sandy beach and pepper sandy beach

Selong Belanak beach was popular for surfer although the wave not so big size just enough for beginner but the sea condition make this beach as good choice for family holiday with kid, a calm water with shallow condition no hard current.

The location on the curve beach with small hill block the wave in front make this view more exciting with the best sunset view by the hill.

Top reason to visit this beach area :

- Is great for family holiday due to water condition and no hard current for swimmer while stay on the water especially for kid

- Better place to see sunset view by the hill surround it.

- Best recommend for honeymoon couple in Sampiak Villa Selong Belanak

4. Mawun Beach

This kind of Lombok beach was very virgin beach or we can say untouchable by any visitor, to reach this beach is little bid hard for location. You need to walk on the hill trek then climb the hill and get down until you reach this place.

Whoever if you want find the best thing it need your struggle and sacrifice then the beach will not disappoint us, you will the beautiful beach with a small wave embrace it, the beach born from the middle side of two hills.

Why visit this beach area :

- Virgin beach untouchable before that means everything will look so natural to see, you will discover a new different thing
-  calm and tranquil area

5. Pink Beach

It located on the East Lombok actually around an hour from Lombok International Airport to the east side, one that amazing place to see a beautiful pink beach where the beach has pink color.

For activity you can explore world under water with snorkeling with calm wave, visit this beach make unforgettable memory.

Here you can find more exciting picture 

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