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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Best reason visit Gili Meno

Gili Meno is the smallest island between three small island, this place can the best destination depend to vacancy for, althought not so popular as Gili Trawangan but it has any special attractive taste to move from the place where the people visit. 

However, popularity is not the main thing to make the place to be favorites but one thing popularity make the place over visitor actually this can bothering your vacancy for honeymoon. Here the little thing that the people most visit Gili Meno than Gili Trawangan.

1. Natural Beach

Gili meno is the smallest island with low visitor on it, natural beach is one of the reason the poeple come to, not much people visit this land that means the beach still keep the naturality of human touch.

It located on the middle of two island Gili Air and Gili Meno make some people easy to see and intention to reach this small island, when you see this land from trawangan you think you can swim by the  sea but not same like your think, you need to go by boat around 1 kilometers from Gili Trawangan.

2. Bird Park Conservation

This the gili meno icon that make it special one, it located on the middle of Gili Meno and sorround it with green trees, bird park colleated more than 50 special of tropical bird with vary color, the bird are awesome. 

All bird well feeding carefully under the standard bird conservation, it come close  us approach and singing. If you are a big family with small kids this can be a better tour destination for Gili Island Trip.

3. Meno Wall

One of the best snorkling spot in Gili Meno that was called meno wall, there is a place where lot of turtle live and find out the feed for family consume, it located on the west side of Gili Meno right facing to Gili Trawangan.

This spot can reach by walking from main  street stright to the shoreline and swimming a little more to beach and meno wall present lot of turtle life around the sea and the natural beach also increase the beautiful view of this small land.

4. Honeymoon place

A lonely and a calm are a main situation that honeymoon couple need, far from party and crowded human passing, a simple and natural place i call it, just a few restaurant and hotel was built in this land that make a beautiful place for honeymoon.

The restaurant focus on central area where a place close to the harbor where the people can be easier to find, all restaurant almost overall designed natural with lumbung design and eco friendly touch.

5. Friendly People

The people in Gili Meno was populated by sulawesi people with popular name bugis, they own almost overall land on shoreline, this is about the long story of people from long times ago why bugis own the land and not lombok people.

The people in small island well acknowledge about how to think about promoting their land next to each other, serving the guest with smiling and friendly service make a sense to the traveller, they realize that the land need better promotion to grab the guest come to with special handling system.

The guest well approach by the kindness of the people and friendly people, this is the truly combine of real promotion pn direct speaking and direct serving, visit this island and you will how the people serve during your stay in.

6. Rarely Accomodation

This land has not much accomodation far as Gili Trawangan, the hotel well acknowledge like 3 star hotel and below with combination between classical and modern pack in a hotel.

Not much choice but quality number one, this the real satisfaction no betting, one the motto that i never miss it.

7. No building on shoreline

As we know that Gili Trawangan has over population from human and building like hotel and bungalow never care where the place, where the location, just focus on startegic location to catch more customer out there. 

This kind of view will never sea in Gili Meno, all a people well understand about eco system keep the shoreline as point of  attractive view and naturality, this means no restaurant and no bar permanently on the beach area, the local people will keep a naturality to lasting the people stay on Gili Meno.

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