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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Pusuk Monkey Forest

Pusuk monkey forest is a place where you can feeling the mountain temperatures here with green leafs are sorround the place, this place was populated by hundred of monkeys come from the hill and stay together along the road side.

It located on north Lombok actually on a place between North Lombok and West Lombok right on entrance place to North Lombok.

This place was selected as part of Lombok Tour due to the kind experiment to see lot of monkeys step down on the street, stay all together by the big spesies  of them, some the thing that you should bring if you want find out the amazing action of monkeys.

1. Banana

The fruits that natural nutrition for the monkeys as same like the food regularly for them, when you give this fruits shortly you will be surprise that monkey can open the banana skin and move it to their mouth, a very strong instinct the way.

2. Nuts

This food will feel like new but they always get it from the walker or rider who pass monkey forest, try to throw it to the place where they gathering for relax, the food will collect fastly by a group of monkeys, the fight one each other to find out the nuts.

3. A bottle of water

This was my great experience, one day on midday i passed the Pusuk Street try to stop for relax with one  small bottle of water put on outside bag, i gonna stay calm and relax under the trees and suddenly they come close to and grab my small water, i feel surprise that the monkey open my bottle and drink it i front of my eyes, woooooow this the first time i see this moment although a bottle of water was closed so tight.

We want share this moment to you then we recommend to pick your bottle and leave it, and wait for the moment.

One thing that you should remember do not come close to this animal due to the instinct to steal anything close to you and grab it,

Click this video to find how the monkeys life on Pusuk Forest

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