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Buy a Souvenir is one of the traveling activity on finishing time when the overall destination have been visited, Lombok is one of small island populated majority moslem people, it has agriculture aspect with much fertile land supported especially on North side of Lombok.

Let see how green the tree on North Lombok, and fertile land in Narmada West Lombok, from that raw material on that land it created keramik, gerabah or another handicraft as second income, the people contribute their life in agriculture aspect.

Now, Lombok was popular by the greatest island we call Gili Trawangan, they can absorb more then a million guest every year, imagine how this island can be a faboulous story of your holiday in.

But a something hard thing the guest found, how can they reach the island from Lombok Mainland, actually Lombok International Airport, then follow this link transportation from Lombok International Airport to Gili Trawangan

Many art shop and other place where you can buy souvenir in Lombok, here you can check the best Lombok Souvenir should be know and do not miss it :

1. Lombok Pearl 

Everybody how popular the Lombok Pearl product in Indonesia and mostly in foreigner, it has high pearl quality in the world and most people explore this product as souveniir from Lombok. The pearls from salt water not regular water.

The pearls you can buy in the some place on Lombok with certification for details pearls information and attaches legality, the price starting from 1.000.000 till 5.000.000 depend to the quality and design, there are some place we reccommend to buy in Lombok that is in Sayang-Sayang Pearls, Teluk Nare and Some Butik in Senggigi Beach area.

2. Songket

Songket is one of traditional Lombok handicraft which take approximately three days to one weeks to finish one songket that ready to sell, it has different sign or motif, more difficult will ask for more price, difficultness as barometer of  the price, you can find the people who producted this kind of songket in Sukarara Central Lombok and some place in Kuta that is Sade, they waving personally and most women do this job.

You can visit Kuta Art Market to find songket as your souvenir, the price starting from 350.000 until 1.000.000 for a pieces of songket, but if you want to visit and know how the people in Lombok created this product you can visit Sade Village in Kuta Lombok or Sukarara Village on the Central Lombok

3. Gerabah

Gerabah is one of Lombok product that made by ground but with was selected to find the best quality for gerabah, this kind of produck you can find in Banyumulek West Lombok, it has any size from small to the big size depend to your order.

This product was imported to other land in the world but now this getting low consument due to the low promotion and network marketing, for a simple souvenir you can buy a little size that easy for you to take in your bag and the price around 50.000 only.

4. Susu kuda liar (milk from wild horse)

Actually this product come from sumbawa where you can find a thousand big horse that live on the wild land human control, the people in Sumbawa bring the milk to sell to Lombok, it come from fresh milk on the strong horse body to keep your body healthy and avoid from desease.

You can find this product in some  Lombok Mini Market with price from 200.000 per bottle, this product is limited due to quantity of the horse was decrease day to day.

5. Honey of Sumbawa

Natural honey was popular in Sumbawa and sell to Lombok Island, sumbawa has many people produce honey as main activity due to the high offer from customer, this product can be find in some place in Lombok with price from 100.000 to 300.000 in a bottle.

Sometimes this product very limited and the order will pending due to the productivity out of order, on that time you can see the price decrease out of regularly. It useful for imun and healthy.

6. Dodol Lombok

Dodol not only in java but you can find in Lombok, it produce from some fruit as same as another product but it has a different taste than each other, you can find this product in airport.

Dodol is a traditional handmade snack that often serve in traditional ceremony as a special dessert, the most lombok people known the way they can make it due to the easy processing.

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