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Lombok tour is one of the best activity that we can do to know more about Lombok and the best place for social and culture of Lombok, basicly this tour to acknowledge more about Lombok.

Lombok Tour selected the place where the best to visit for traveling although the tour for Waterfall Tour or City Tour, there are some the best place for Lombok Tour 

1. Pusuk Monkey Forest

There are a lot of monkey populated in Pusuk Forest, it located 10 minutes from Bangsal Harbour or 30 minutes from Capital City of Mataram, the unregularly habit that you see, the monkey stay relax and enjoy on the edge of street waiting for human feeding with some peanut.

The guest can prepare some peanut or banana for feeding the monkeys, pusuk is a part of tropical Lombok forest, there are curves road like snake we passed before we reach the place where the monkey is, from this place you will be able to see a beautiful Gili Island.

2. Waterfall 

Due to many waterfall those created by the natural on feet of Rinjani Mountain give the new intention from the guest to visit that beautifull waterfall, there some waterfall have selected as the best tour destination based on the beautiful view.

lombok waterfall

Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep is the choice from Lombok Tour to see, Sendang Gile is the biggest waterfall to see with second stair waterfall, the combination of stair on the door as big sign to differ with other waterfall in Lombok.

3. Taman Narmada 

This one of witness of Lombok story which now has created as a park to relax and enjoy the time with green park. It located on Narmada regency around 10 minutes from Mataram the capital city of Lombok and 40 minutes from Lombok International Airport. 

Taman Narmada was made a place for a local people to find the Lombok Culinary and some Lombok Traditional food, Sate Bulayak that is the best Culinary on this Park, sweet spicy sauce well mix and finishing with  rice covered in palm leafs. 

However, this food was so popular and the local people keep us Taman Narmada icon to keep the great tasty of Sate Bulayak Narmade.

4. Sade Village

A traditinonal home Lombok you can see here, it located on Kuta Regency right inside the village, a traditional home of Lombok we call Lumbung, it created by fully wooden furniture and the roof was made from alang-alang is leaf where you can find a lot un Lombok rice feel and the floor was by the selected ground.

The local people collect any entrance fee to enter this location around 50.000,- and you can see the eco friendly home, classical life and the traditional activity, the government contribute to keep this village as one of tour destination and will improve the people income through tourism object.

5. Sukarara

It located on Central Lombok around 20 minutes from Lombok International Airport and 25 minutes from Mataram capital city of Lombok, this place was established as Praya Icon for songket, one of the best where the majority of people work for make songket, a traditional Lombok cutton.

Songket is hand made manually, they need 3 days to finished one songket and ready to sell, the price starting from 250.000 depend to value of difficultness, the people sell this songket in one place in sukarara for easy people to find.

6. Sayang sayang pearls

After long journey, traveling hard and tired that time for finishing the tour by looking for souvenir from Lombok, the pearls of Lombok was so popular and the best one in indonesia, the best pearls completely with certificates you may found in Sayang sayang pearl, it located one the city side of Mataram close to Cakranegara. Finishing the journey by hunting Lombok Traditinal Souvenir.

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