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Gili Island is the best tourist destination to visit especially 3 gilis on the north lombok. gili means small island. Lombok phas many gili from north to the east need to be improve as tourist destination next.

Gili meno, meno island

Gili island most favorites tourist destination based on location which easier from Bali to Gili island and it has more than 20 diving spot to visit, life in Gili Island makes classical life far from modernisation, the whole activity was covered by traditional horse cart and any type of bike rent, no pollution is big think that most influence to grab the guest come to visit the paradise island.

It located on Pemenang North Lombok Regency around one hour from Mataram the capital city of Lombok, two hours from Lombok International Airport by pass the Pusuk monkey where you can see a lot of monkey playing on edge of the road.

Gili island has a company which arrange for public transportation from Bangsal harbour to 3 Gili Island the name is Koperasi Gili Bahari, it office right infront of the harbour with big sign written.

Step by step to get to Gili Island

- From Lombok International Airport you can take a private car around 300.000,-or taxi service with argometer as price standard by kilometer continue to drop to bangsal harbour, it take approximately 2 hours from Lombok Internatonal Harbour. 

- From Mataram capital city of Lombok just take a car with price around 200.000,-. It takes just an hours for all trip.

Tips to avoid unexpected problem in Bangsal

Upon arrival in Bangsal harbour, step out from your car or taxi and find Koperasi Gili Bahari where you can buy the ticket to Gili island from first hand, here the price that still valid until 2016 :

1. Transfer to Gili Air with price 10.000 not including entrance fee and government tax for 5.000,
2. Transfer to Gili meno with price 13.000 one way per person not including tax and entrance fee to visit gili island.
3. Transfer to the biggest Gili island at the rate 15.000,- one way per persons.

If you have more budget you may take fast boat service for faster to reach the island in 10 minutes and public boat approximately take 20 minutes from Bangsal Harbour to gili trawangan, do not have time to wait or you come with big group just charter one boat with price 300.000,- for one way one boat.

There are 3 gili island on the North Lombok :

The biggest island between 3 small gilis, it offers multi hotel class from five star until backpacker, every guest can choose any kind of accommodation as budget left, if you need to find low cost accommodation you can visit central area where the main activity is, from the harbour to the backside land.

The best sunset view you can see from this small island by the hill, sunset disappear on the top of Gunung Agung Bali, Trawangan is one of the best sunset view in Lombok Island.

The smallest island than all, it offers you a natural beach and calmest side on Gilis fully medium to low class accommodation to stay, but do not wish to stay on big hotel facility in this island due to no high class accommodation provide in this island.

Bird park conservation was established to differ one island to other, most tourist visit the bird park as part of destination in Gili Meno fully with more than 20 tropical bird from other land like parrot, flamingo and etc

3. Gili Air

The closest island right in front of Bangsal harbour to the west, on the east side of this island you can do snorkeling with beautiful world under water with small fish.

We are able for feeding fish on that side with small pieces of breed then all small fish will approach to get the breed, this the amazing experience that i had when i was snorkeling to that place, it spot was archive to be a place where the snorkeling trip to visit.

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